Steal one item from the profile above you.

@jomammy. Probably those lacunis for the vit/cc/int.
At oviousley those blackthorns double int roll. Very nice dps booster without loosing a ton of ehp on innas.

Your force
@Veda - going to have to go with your Vile Ward, I'm trying to scrape together as much extra INT as I can!
@simaya I want that echo
@JellzRoc Don't quit, stay on with the wizard alliance. Oh, and your Tal Rasha chest would be nice.
@Un1ver5e Witching Hour.
@tensor -> if i would have to take one.. it will be that amu

probably the tals chest or inna pants so I could have more ways to fiddle around with my stats.
@ Phal

Witching hour hands down.

Bracers. No doubt.

Edit: forgot that I was on US forums. Here's my profile:

Your helmet
@Robert. I'd be happy with either of those rings. Very nice.

Your wizard's amulet, easily. Freaking quadfecta.
@BDF your EF.. its nice :)
@mauigreen - your trifecta ring - The Goliath?
@ yoda

your nat ring. if i could only pick one.
@thunder your VW
@Paranoyed i would take your Litany, very nice ring

Your AB gloves!

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