ideas to help improve my monk

im doing 140kdps-170kdps and with blind its like 240kdps there are dex gems in my armors and stuff the stupid profile isnt updating it lol im a beast for the most part already but willing to take ideas on what i need to improve my dps and i know i can use more res also witch im slowing working on
You need more AS. I'm pretty sure your spirit gen isn't fast enough to utilize all the skills when you want to.
Also the buffed DPS won't matter since anyone can get to massive DPS with it anyway.
You only have 2x fire res and using OwE is a waste.
Either stack the same res only or go for AR only w/o OwE.
You may sacrifice some Vit to gain more res.
You should upgrade both of your rings with Avg Dmg (min max combined number should be above 80), CC, AS, Dex and res.
And you need to have CC on the ammy for sure.
thanks for the input i will have to save up im using what i am cuz of well cheap stuff and im trying to craft better stuff as well

and craft a better amulet pls, you are already stat heavy, you need IAS CC more then ever.

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