CM wizz need Meteors.

Sorry I take it back your build is ok but not superior to sns with eb
02/26/2013 11:18 AMPosted by JellzRoc
Sorry I take it back your build is ok but not superior to sns with eb

To each their own.
You don't need higher end gear to reach 2.73. Okay easier let's say 2.51 then. You are missing IAS on both of your RIng, no wonder you have low aps. It's the way you build your gear, it's not universally "impossible", actually it's cake lol. And don't tell me IAS+CC Rings cost 500M. Just drop that really high Intel from Rings, IAS matters more than Intel. Much more.

I know you will reply smth like "don't teach me how to gear". But it's the truth.
02/26/2013 11:26 AMPosted by Villain1117
Sorry I take it back your build is ok but not superior to sns with eb

To each their own.
Wow, way to just give up. Earlier in this thread you had some conviction in your principles. Even though you didn't back that up with knowledge or information, you had heart damit.

Now you're just a limp rag, easily yielding to the slightest challenge to your statements. You sicken me.
Someone wants drama ~
OP, respectfully you're not quite considering the deleterious impact of running Meteor. And I run pretty much any Meteor build that's been done. The bigger issue is that you're cutting out a substantial chunk of your DPS from Explosive Blast (which is a free action) for a skill that does a lot of splash damage. And the splash damage nice, but you're biggest issue is the procs. That comes into play with reseting cooldowns and, more importantly, dealing damage out with Shocking Aspect. Meteor only gets 1tick/s, versus 6 tick/s for Energy Twister. That makes any available opportunity that you're taking away from casting energy twisters for Meteor means less ticks/s. That hits not only your CDs, but your bottom-line damage. It's not a simple trade of one skill for the other. It may "feel" like you're dealing more damage with Meteor, but you need to time yourself. This is the only objective and troll-free method.

The usual standard method of doing it is timing yourself killing Ghom. This test is desirable, since the conditions are largely standardized and you see how much damage you're dealing to a single target. I did a very quick MP7 Ghom Test for you with my gear. I used the standard SNS with Slow Time (Time Warp). I killed Ghom in 63s. If I swapped out Explosive Blast (Chain Reaction) for Meteor (Molten Impact), my kill time dropped to 80s. That's a DPS multiplier difference of 7.7x, versus 6x. The Meteor Build is still respectable as far as damage goes, but it's not going to out-perform standard SNS.
this thread get dumber by the post

think it's time to do an aph

I don't have to contribute anything to post here though.

See ya!
@dajusta: There's no need to call the OP an idiot. I think it's better that we help explain to him why he's not dealing more damage with Meteor. I bet the OP genuinely feels he's doing more damage, but unless he times himself (like I did above) he's likely seeing the large splash damage of meteors and assuming he's faster. Sadly that's not the case. So many players, even on this forum, just don't understand why Energy Twister works so well, especially with Shocking Aspect (our biggest damage booster). In fact, if you have two CM/WW wizzies, it's fun to have one wizard drop their Frost Nova spam and just spam Energy Twister (the one not running Bone Chill). Talk about a massive DPS boost! :)
Come watch my videos. I posted 3 comparing EB to meteor.
It drops your DPS, and your LoH, and your freeze.

Don't drop EB, drop teleport if you want meteors.
at 2.73 aps, your attack turns take less than 2/5 a second lol. but w///e
Try to alternate between just Meteor and FN, you see a lot of interruption. It's not 2.73 flatly, you also have server lag and frame.

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