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The error 0 blocked me to sell the items in the action house. Also, the error 31048 blocked me to buy the items in action house. This serious problem has been over 5 days. In addition, sometimes it shows my stash is full which is not true. I wish this problem can be solved in the next maintenance. I really need help.
same thing happened here. but I can buy stuff.
Same here- can not buy or sell for days in the hardcore AH
Had an update yesterday and am getting error 0 again when I try to sell. Same issue happened after patch 1.7 cam out where I couldn't sell stuff in the auction house for about 3 days. Blizzard really need to start reviewing the update's and patches before release when they stuff things up.
Yep same here. The gold AH has been giving me issues lately but I just started getting this particular error. RMAH seems fine.
I'm in the same spot with the 31048 error in AH. Can't buy or sell.
Well here we go again! Why oh why can't you get a database administrator that can get this fixed? The AH worked fine for about 15 minutes until I started posting auctions and now the same errors that have been occurring for OVER A MONTH are back! What is going on in the AH? It is absolutely not usable for me! I can't buy anything (error 31048) and I can't post anything for auction (error 0). Also the completed tab shows the wrong amount of items as 50, no matter how many items are in the completed section. Where did the AH go? Please please please please make this a priority and get it fixed? Thank you.
Another note on 31048 error. When I look in my "completed items" list it's completely empty, but the tab at the top still says 50, like the system still thinks my CI is full.

Please fix this. I can't buy or sell anything.
I am getting the same error.

Does anyone know of a work-around? I tried removing all completed items and ending all auctions and relogging and that didn't help.
Yes~ This.
Please fix this as its even MORE frustration to - Waste - time finding the perfect item and not be able to purchase it... I dont mind waiting for days to see it in my inventory xD

This is happening to me too, 3 days now. I just tried clearing out my entire AH list and it still is happening. Please get this fixed blizzard. I want to keep doing my runs, but with no money coming in and nowhere to put items it is rather pointless.
[UPDATE 2/28] Thanks for everyone’s patience while we continue to investigate the issues regarding errors 0 and 31048. We believe we have found what has been causing these errors and we are working on a resolution. Due to the nature of the issue, such a resolution will need to be implemented with a client update which we hope to add to an upcoming patch. We are very sorry for the inconveniences these errors have caused and once more thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

So they found the cause 4 days ago, and this is something that everyone will continue to be affected by this problem until they "HOPE" to get a fix out in the next patch. meaning at least another three days of not being able to do anything. great.
They don't care, if they did, it would be fixed in ONE DAY. AH is one of the main features of D3, and people spend REAL MONEY on here...Blizzard makes money on this, this should be the highest priority fix...and they set it aside for the next patch, and who knows when it will come out.
This is crazy my ah has been down for 4 days now wtf blizz
Mine is fluctuating from 50 to 47 and I can not buy or sell. My brothers account is working fine same network. This is a sporadic account related issue
I have just begun experiencing this problem, I really hope this won't be ongoing another week. It's almost like being locked out of the game. No income, no upgrades.
I am having this issue for few days now
Will this be fixed today(5th.Mar)?
A sticky says it requires a client update, but when they will release that update?
I have been not able to use gold AH since early in last week, and my stash is going to have a blowout.

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