Lets roll some hellfires! offline

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21 machines ready for MP10 :)
Damn... that's a lot of machines minori...

Phat, I also sent you a friend request.
I'm game anytime, I'll ping you next time your online... Have a few portals kicking around...
I'll plan to be doing this during weekdays primarily. I've farmed up another 10 portals.
I'd like to get in on this. Something different for me to do. If you think I can handle it. Haven't really tested it out much on mp10. Cheers!
Gonna run some ubers today. Anybody that wants in, post here. We'll share portals. Looking to start around 0930 west coast time.
i've got a few
I'm in if this is 9:30pm... other wise I'm at work during day.

I'm planning on starting in 15m. I've got one person.
im around im in the middle of a build change tho so I may be a bit squishy T_T not sure how bad tho
run#1 done. tried crafting a dex ring for my monk. fail as usual.
run 2 done and back to str rings.
Gonma be around in a couple three hours?
4man now, 3rd run done.
I have 6.

Haven't really been into hellfire farming, but I'll run some with the homies tonight when I get home...
4th run done. 4 rings, only 1 dps mod between the 4 of them...
space for 1 more?
5th ring, no dps mod. this is a bad day for RNG.
Pho what tDPS would you allow a person to run with you?
there is no minimum. as long as you arent complete dead weight. done with 6th run. breaking for lunch. dunno if i'll be running more ubers today.

edit: 110k paper without soj and no ef though is close to being dead weight, lol.

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