Lets roll some hellfires! offline

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starting up now.
i'm down for a run if you've got the space for 1 more

scratch that, sorry guys, good luck!
zerofecta#1. We have 2 spots.
Damn it Pho...why you always gotta play weekday mornings.

I need an Int hellfire for my WD!

Pho I'll be on all day tomorrow if you're doing this and I can tag along. I have some keys too (just need some from Act 1) to contribute. My HF ring SUCKS! Thanks!

zerofecta #2
zerofecta #3
24CD! woot.
2 CD hellfires in 1 day. WTF?
Pho I'm on all day today if you're going to be doing this hit me up!
did you give up?
edit: oh just noticed u did get a pretty legit one gratz
Haven't given up. I've been out of town and working. The HF you saw was an old one I rolled a long time ago.

I'll probably start up again this Friday.
Anyone want to uber?
Stuck at work Phat...woe is me.
I can hang in MP10 - I will bring one of many portals I have - invite me in at about 6pm tonight PST
sad day. not a single uber run.

I sold my unity, so I really need to get rolling on some hellfires. Tomorrow morning. Be there.
I'm down to join in on the fun =) Milkman#1964

On a side note, I've started to just collect the mats for HF ring... I 'm betting on re-itemization improving on rolls for HF rings. I 'll atleast wait for next patch before crafting.
Phat cant you do night times
ill try to be around for a couple tomorrow ~

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