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I can log into the game and visit the auction house.. But if I try to join a public game or even making a new game.. It says "The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server". Now i can't play Diablo for 3 days straight. sigh..

Anyone? please help... T_T
It could be your anti virus, I uninstalled mcafee internet security and I never get disconnected anymore.
Looks like another victim of the AT&T backbone.
Oh i tried to disabled my McAfee firewall just like u asked me and i manage to play diablo at last! after 3 days of boredom... i manage to stack up 5 NV.. but after that i was disconnected and the same message pops out saying about the "client connection issues..........etc". I'm not sure if i should uninstall my Mcafee, but if i do uninstall it, which antivirus software do u recommend me?

EDITED: Actually after i uninstalled my MCAfee, the outcome is still the same.. Any other solutions..? :(
It is not a problem you or Blizzard can fix. If you hop through AT&T routers (which you do per your traceroutes), you are either getting lag spikes or disconnects and mass packet loss.

AT&T is supposed to be working on this issue by upgrading their service, so hopefully within a few days things will be better.
I've never had a problem in all the time I've been playing D3 until about a week ago. I do not have AT&T. I have satellite internet, which always has a really good connection. Lately I've been having this issue and I don't know why is has very SUDDENLY started happening. Everything on my computer in the same. It's getting really frustrating. D3 startup even had the nerve to say my video card was out of date, which is not possible. Should I just say screw it and buy my own laptop? Does anyone have any good ideas to actually get this to stop happening? Like I said this just started happening all of the sudden with no provocation.
Same issue, on AH or Playing. Tracer rout shows ATT in the path.
Interesting that you mention ATT being the source of this issue.

My tarcert tests always fail at hop 15, and ever hop after. For me my contact with ATT starts at hop 15.

I guess I'll go yell at my partner, then. He works for them. Not that I expect it'll get my anywhere, but venting can be fun!
Look at the date that I posted this thread, not even a single blue has come to solve this issue. I have not been playing D3 for almost 3 month now because of the "Disconnection Client" issues.......... this is really bad.... Bad service....
this problem.. i have this problem i dont have any antivirus programs.and i hate diablo3 for 3-4 days because of ''disconnect client....'' .when i begin to play about each 3 minutes ''disconnect client..'' again again again... i cant play game about three days..pls fix that problem..
I have been having the same problem and am hoping that is resolved very soon.

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