Please recommend me an RTS with low APM req.

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I know you guys might recommend me to go play turn based strategy games instead but I just want to play some nice RTS games with a low "actions per minute" requirement.

My history of RTS games are
1) Red Alert 2
2) Yuri's Revenge
3) Age of something very old game..
4) Warcraft III ROC and FT

Out of all those games, I got the most out of Yuri's Revenge. That was the point in my life where I could actually play competitively with most top players since I was practicing the game almost everyday, my APM was pretty high.

In WC3, I never got far as I was more into the custom games. The competitive play was too much of a hassle for me to handle.

I tried the trial version of SC2. While it is fun, I can't play it on any other speed other than medium or fast. I don't know how I managed to play YR at fastest game speed back in the days.

But yeah.. I am hoping to get into some RTS game with a more "user-friendly" environment or maybe even a strategy game with a mix or RTS and TBS? I heard that shogun 2 GOLD is coming soon... No idea if that would be my thing?

I kinda have a thing for sci-fi or fantasy themed games so that would be a plus. Any recommendations? Or should I stick to Starcraft 2 and just play it as a below average player lol.

I was hoping for a strategy game where things like formation, choke points, map control plays a part. Where SC2 fits the sci-fi theme I really love, unfortunately it feels too fast paced for me.. I can hardly keep up with most players.
warlords battle cry is a fun series.
anno 1701, 30 apm is enough
sc2 requires 100 apm, its quite easy
warcraft 2 and sc broodwar.

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