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Witch Doctor
I already know my OH is going to be my primary aim for upgrade atm, but while I'm farming and saving gold which craft would be the best investment I'm thinking gloves or Ammy. Thanks for any input :) Heres a link to my profile
Ammy > Gloves > bracers > shoulders.
Thanks, I figured that would end up being my order. Now if I weren't to get a crafted upgrade prior to getting my mojo, is there a legendary or set piece that I should buy over the bracers or are rares going to be my best bet?
If you are keeping innas pants then there isn't a legendary that is going to beat a nicely rolled pair. If you are going to drop Innas for something like a nicely rolled rare or blackthornes, then you might want to consider lacunis.
I'd def go for the blackthornes and lacuni's like the above poster stated. You can get a decently priced double sock blackthornes with no resist. The Lacuni's are a bit pricey but worth it. I grabbed my gloves and shoulders within the first 5 attempts. Ammy took a lil but longer and a bit pricier since it costs brim and gems.

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