Monk 'bugs', maximus proc

Bug Report
I've been noticing this a lot with this spell: Wave of Light - Explosive Light. It'll pass through a mob, they'll flinch or show an animation that they were damaged but suffer no actually damage from it.

The biggest cases of this is when I am fighting the little devilkins, goblins, or mobs on different levels of stairs the monks will clearly pass through the mobs and never suffer damage. This is extremely aggravating on the goblins as it's wasting dps in a sense when it's my biggest dps move.

Also noticed this with SSS from time to time, a mob will be in range and take 3-4 strikes from the move, they won't flinch or receive damage and only take damage from the initial 2 strikes. Severally cutting down on the dps of the move.

As for mystic ally, I've been noticing the followers don't go out of their way (at least my enchantress) to attack a goblin anymore, which is a god send. On the other hand it seems with the mystic ally, and the maximus demon they still will quite literally run through an elite pack and hostile mobs just to tickle the goblin returning to either me or the enchantress and then going to the hostile mobs. Which as you can assume is rather imitating. And I don't see why they don't have the same attack parameters as the followers (if they were changed), because they shouldn't be attacking a neutral mob until I move to it.

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