best balance of DPS / EHP?


Curious what a top-tier barb's DPS / EHP looks like. Not a GODLY barb, like Joch, or whomever else, but someone who's gear totals between 700m-1b. Similar to mine i suppose.

I am thinking 150k (unbuffed, no passives) and around 700-800k ehp?
I think you can do better than that. I remember when I did someone named KillaKush's gear, it was around 900m in value. 150,000 damage per second, 1.2m EHP.
I think mine is a good balance. 150k or so base DPS, 85k HP decent resists and melee/range reduction. Good armor. Some Lifesteal and LOH.

With Enchantress and Battle Rage I push a bit over 200k DPS.

I think my gear cost about 400m total, but that's considering I've been playing on and off since D3 went live.. some pieces I paid a lot more for 6 months ago than they're worth now.
Ah that's because you're rocking some pretty sick blackthrones gear along with the pwniness of a skorn...

the barb's i've been seeing with !@#$%-inducing numbers have been mostly skorn users..... i've never tried skorn.... is it worth it? Seems hella slow.
i have about the same dps / little more hp compare to OP; i think it is a good balance for me so far.
02/25/2013 09:50 AMPosted by acrimonious
150,000 damage per second, 1.2m EHP.

He said BALANCED acri...JEEEEEZE! ;)


I keed I keed...
in total my gear is about 500m. i have 157k DPS (with soj) and 700k EHP. obviously my dps could be much higher and maintain EHP if i shuffle some things around, but i think ive done pretty well. props to Pho for helping me gear. as u can probably see i look like his twin brother who didnt really amount to anything lol
Slow doesn't really matter when stuff dies in 2-3 hits. In MP8 with a good crit trash is 1 shotted.
It's really just walk up, cleave rend overpower.. and everything's dead.
1.2 to 1.5 million crits are not unheard of in wrath.

You'll never clear a map of enemies faster than whirlwind, that's a given.
But it's MUCH MUCH better for playing in groups of 3 or 4.
With rend and lifesteal you just stand and deliver and never die.

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