RMAH Balance: $0.00

Bug Report
There's an item I've been stalking and I'm switching to the RMAH to check on it so I could bid on it and b.net is telling me that my balance is 0.00.
What the !@#$ am I supposed to do now? I have to go to work, I can't make a bid, and I won't win my item. How am I going to compensate me for this?
RMAH is acting up again for me. Can't load payment method. listing is very slow. gives me a Zero Balance. Same thing as about a week ago. Please fix.
!@#$ing %^-*!@#s. They had one job. Make a game that works. They $%^-ed that up too.
God damn piece of !@#$ing %^-* game.
I have the same issue, and similar to PokerOgre, had had the issue about a week ago before it cleared up.

The request to update RMAH balance times out (no error code) when I switch to it from the GAH, (incorrectly) showing a $0.00 balance and giving me access to auctions. However, if I exit the AH and then return to it, entering the RMAH directly, I do not receive a timeout dialog, but the balance still attempts to retrieve for 30 seconds before displaying a zero balance. Occasionally, and based on no pattern I have yet figured out, I get the "Error 3006" timeout message, after which the AH sometimes closes or returns to the GAH. Once, I received a "successfully updated account balance" message, but the balance display was still zero. Subsequent attempts returned the same timeouts as before. Rapidly transitioning from RMAH to GAH back to RMAH sometimes allows me to bypass the 30 second wait, but the balance remains zero. On one occasion after doing this rapid switching, entering the RMAH gave the successful switched AH message, but this is followed a short time later by the 3006 timeout message.
Im having this problem right now

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