Report Spam Error 45008

Bug Report
Can not decline gold sellers friend request .
And I hate friends !
Please make them go away .

P.S. will some friendly player run me through ubers so I can get a Hellfire ring
Getting the same error for two days now.
same happening here, I can't even stay in trade chat anymore because of all the bots

Blizz I thought you fixed this issue months ago, what the hell happened?
Same here, really frustrating with the spam in EVERY chatroom
I'm having the same issue. It's very annoying not being able to report the spammers. The only thing I see on chat are their spams now. One of them even added me. <_<

I hope blizz acknowledges they know of the issue. It's very frustrating.
They don't care, gold spammers and bigots are welcome in Diablo
so much spam please do something its really annoying
Same error in EU servers. Spam has back again (about buying gold or leveling) stronger than before
I get the error 45008 when I try to send a spam report. And when I report it as a stalker and send it, I will get the 300n error sometime later.
So it is not only spam messages that get an error, but other reports as well.
Edit: I forgot to mention it - it's EU for me as well.
Same error here and several other people talking in chat about this. In the meantime, gold spammers really get on our nerves. Blizzard ... are you going to fix this sometime?
Error 45008 when reporting spam. I can't follow up trading or chat with friends anymore normally... not to mention those friends requests...
The problem with the spam bots is getting out of control :S
The general and trade chat are unusable. Pls Blizzard the problem of the game are not legendary buffs or such things but the bots who control the market and slowly turn Diablo into a pay to win game...
Yesterday I played for only an hour and I had to see about half a dozen goldseller spams. Please, hurry up, so we can report this scum as fast as possible.
03/01/2013 10:15 AMPosted by Liogela
We are in the process of looking into why this error has come back again. Thanks for the reports.

And, since March, still no resolution or an update on getting this fixed. When are you going to fix it?
I to just got this again. I saw a thread with the same issue last decemeber. Hopefully they can fix this soon.
The damn gold spammers are aware of this bug and are in full force today! So frustrating! Please fix soon.
Yup. Error 45008 when attempting to Report Spam, for the past couple days.
Error 45008 during report spam from friend request. and Error 3006 from report harassment from friend requests.

Been happening for a couple days now.
This is back.

My "blocked" list is empty and I am unable to remove the FR.

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