Trying to decide on a new wep please help

Witch Doctor
I'm kind of lost on to which to get i used d3up but it seems wrong

Mana Knife

385-1014 Damage
281-594 Psn
46% Damage
176 Int
79 Crit Dam
2.8 LS
1 open socket

or a Rare black axe

534-1003 damage
281 Min
377 Max
24% damage
59 Int
128 Vit
45 Crit Damage
2.8 LS
1 Open socket

Current DPS is 84k and EHP is 419k

d3up says that Mana will result in 117k DPS 442kEHP, the axe will bring me to 106kdps and 472k EHP. I figured the axe would bring more dps because of Zuni Boots and Tal Ammy heres a link to my toon
If you're going to go with one or the other definitely go with the MCK. I'm a huge MCK fan because they're such a great combination of damage (high int, crit damage, socket) and survivability (high int, life steal). I've used a MCK the majority of my playtime on my WD. I only recently invested in a black weapon, mostly for my 0 dogs build because I need something a little faster than the MCK.

My playstyle has always benefitted from faster weapons so I've never used anything slower than the MCK (1.4 aps) so if you were going to go with the black weapon (or if you were going to get both) I wouldn't recommend getting a spear, mace, or an axe. I'd recommend a sword, dagger, or ceremonial knife so you'll have at least 1.4 aps. I went with a black damage sword with 7% IAS on it so it's 1.5 aps and it also has CD, LS, and OS.
I sported black weapons as long as I could but the manaja ended up being too good to pass up.
I had a 1k socketed mana for a long time. It is a great weapon. It took me a while to find the black weapon I have now which out dps'ed my manajuma knife. I would go with the MCK out of your 2 options.
Ofgortens by how much did that fury outdps your old manajuma's knife, just wondering.

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