PC Immortal King Chest

Items and Crafting
Has :

706 Armor

187 Strength
95 Dexterity
70 Vitality
79 Resist All
+256 Armor

3 Open Socket

Thank you very much!
Still trying to figure it out. =)
Bump, looked today, prices were all over the place, so not sure if I got a bad one or not? Put it up for 500k and hope, eh?
I take it the Dexterity Roll was my Random Magic Property so mine is junk?
So I assume since I got a Dexterity roll on my IK Chest I should go ahead and just Salvage it?
around 5-5,5 mil
unzerio, if you could check AH with that spec you ll know what the price is ranged. why ask the forum?
Because when I checked the chest piece, there was a large range of prices. Didn't know if I would have got a bite on here or not and get it sold. Gave it to my Barbarian friend to help him get 4/5 set. Trying to get him piece #5.
when you search for the barb piece. you can ditch the dex. look for the str and vital only. ar is always there.
Thanks for the idea. Guess I was just curious and rushed to the forums much too quickly. People on here are so much more knowledgeable than I am in so many different ways, a lot of the skills I picked up on Witch Doctor are from coming to these forums and reading every post meticulously and then practicing it in game.

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