Any way to force movement using the keyboard?

Witch Doctor
My hardcore WD just died to what I deem to be a bug. I know that we can hold ground and shoot from range. What about the opposite, can we force a movement without shooting out anything?

There was this group of mobs, so I did the usual SH, AC, but when I wanted to move, I kept raining down toads. Used SW to break out of the jailer affix, still rained toads, SV got activated and still rained toads. End up my screen had multiple streaks of RoT falling without mobs or objects (at different sides of the screen), and my toon just stood there at the exact spot. I mean, seriously standing on !@#$ in the middle of mobs just to cast RoT at the 4 corners of the screen?

I remember my Monk had a dashing strike bug before too, but when the life goes to zero, I could start a new game and the HC Monk is not dead.

Qn: How do we use our keyboard to move, without attacking anything?
Absolutely. Bind a key to "move" in the options (mine is "x"). I use it all the time when i'm in CM/wiz mode to reposition myself for better freezing.
Ok thanks, I'll just give HC one last try then.

So in your case, it will be "x" + "left mouse click" to force a movement in that direction? It will keep moving until it reaches that spot? And if you hold down your mouse button, you will just keep moving, and can change direction while shifting the pointer relative to your character's position?

Just making sure I understand you completely. Thanks.
bind it to space bar.

as long as you have space bar pressed, you will move in the direction of mouse without holding down any mouse buttons.
ok thanks guys! one final attempt at hardcore for me.
like others have suggested:

Bind it to space bar.

I have my thumb on spacebar for movement, my pinky on shift key, so i can shift click to att. and my 4 skills on ASDF. Have a skill you use the least on the A.

I never click to move anymore.
I bind to Key Pad Zero.

Press to move....SO much better than click to move.

What key you bind to does not really matter, whatever is comfortable for you.

I just wish they would let us bind the first two skills to keys...I would not click at all!
I use mouse scroll.
02/22/2013 11:17 PMPosted by ImpKing
I use mouse scroll.

I like this one, very logical! Mouse scroll is otherwise useless in game play.
Finger either on the fire button, or forcing a movement. Can't do both at the same time.

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