Need help with upgrade !

Witch Doctor
I want to know what should I upgrade next,

I have
622 to 762 all res
40k hp
1.63 ap
30 cc
and around 300 cd

here's my profile :

I have 30 mil to spend on gear, so I want to know what would be the best upgrade I could get that would give me more damage, if possible more res and hp.
You have a nice Wd the only gear that really stands out to me is your pants and wrists.
if you do not need the MS get a rare pants like my swap outs with 700+armor 2 socks and the int/vit/res u have now mine are like 747 armor 2 soc 69 ar 112ish int 47vit my low roll.been looking for the same with pick up ratio. and your wrists could have 6cc and some more armor for sure.
Well, I bought 2 pants,

400k for yellow pants with 2 sockets, 67 all res, 612 total armor, 150 vit and 95 int.

I also got some cheap ( 1.2 mil) int innas, 80 in, 8 as, 400-450 armor

does it worth the +10k dmg, for all this lost res and armor ? or is it better to use the rare pants ?

Also, I think that my hp is too low ( 32k with innas, 37k with rare) and I want more res ( I'm in 650ish). So I want to know what should I change to get such a buff.

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