Can a PS4 match a GTX 670 / core i5 PC?

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God of War ascension superbowl video does part of this video coming to the end look like CGI?

Also is GOW a better hack and slash than D3?

You mean to prove something with this post?
I want to try and answer. No. and dont ask again damnit!
02/22/2013 02:35 PMPosted by JJLXL
really disappointed.

Wait for the 2nd and 3rd Gen games on the PS4. It'll get better.

ya I'm sure it will get better. and graphics aren't everything of course .. I'm more interested in the titles myself.

in any case, I'll probably only buy one new console this year so I'm going to wait to see what M$ has to offer before I dedicated myself to Sony. I want to believe that M$ will blow them out of the water but i'm a little concerned that they're going to put a huge focus on some kind of kinect 2.0. we'll have to wait and see I guess.
I dont know anyone or company who uses photo shop on a console. Pc processing power will always out perform any console weather a mac or pc GTX 570 does 1.4 ish TFLOPS. Does that mean my graphics card is weaker than PS4? I cant say because the announcement is just numbers for right now until the software can utilize that processing power.
Computers will always be more powerful because we can always upgrade parts within a PC to make them faster, assuming we have a big enough case and the motherboard can handle it. Consoles are consoles, and can't be physically altered without possibly ruining the system.

I can't believe people would argue otherwise.
^ but the thing is the PS4 has 8GB OF GDDR5 RAM

No PC has this.

Plus light OS and no Direct X and very optimized games.

Won't a PS4 then atleast match a GTX 670 + core i5 PC?

Probably not. Memory that isn't being used is completely useless, which is why most people have no need for anything over 8GB (maybe 4) system RAM. Let me rephrase that for clarity. If you only use 4GB of RAM total, there's no difference between anything higher. This applies to memory of any kind.

The only things I'm aware of that even use so much video ram, are trying to play multiple monitor 3d or like downloading all the high res texture packs for Skyrim. The reasons for the former, are because of the sheer number of pixels that need to be pushed out per frame, more so if you enable certain types of antialiasing.

The main wins that consoles get is the ability to optimize in such a way to do more with less. In terms of sheer power, most consoles, at the time of release, are already behind the high-end PC components available at that time.

02/22/2013 03:18 PMPosted by Something
I dont know anyone or company who uses photo shop on a console. Pc processing power will always out perform any console weather a mac or pc

Macs use the exact same hardware as any pc, especially since they moved to x86. In fact, macs are technically a subset of pcs if you use the actual meaning of pc: personal computer. You'll never see me buy a mac precisely because they charge more for the exact same components.

Name me be a single PC game looks better than a good looking PS2 game in 2000 or a a good looking 360 game in 2005.


Which released in 2007 and no PC can run until something like 2009? LOL


Which released in 2007 and no PC can run until something like 2009? LOL

COD 2 looked better on my PC then it did on the 360 in 2005. can't really remember 2 many other games but I specifically remember comparing those games at 360 launch and the PC version was superior.
So wait its atleast safe to assume the PS4 can outpower or match a GTX 480 and Core i3?
Why does this matter? Diablo 3 in 2012 is not Crysis 2007. PS3 should handle it ok so should PS4. They tried to make diablo 3 look good but they also tried to make sure it could play on many PCs not just very high end machines like Crysis (at highest settings).
Try playing a game that makes dual and even quad video cards Crysis at >1900x1200 with max everything...and tell me the PS4 will be able to match...

I've rarely been overly impressed with console graphics [in comparison] to current PC graphics. But again, you can't necessarily compare games for if a game is written to take full advantage of a system, its going to look amazing. Most games are geared for the non "elite" gamer crowd, those who only have 1 lousy video card, lol. (he he).

Diablo 3 is a good example. It looks great for an RPG and well, it just looks pretty good...but they could have done so much more, except for 1/2 their audience wouldn't have been able to play the game.

EDIT: the specs do look amazing, just like when the ps3 came out. But it still won't be a PC, for those true "gamers" out there.
02/22/2013 02:25 PMPosted by JOHN
^ but the thing is the PS4 has 8GB OF GDDR5 RAM

And the Genesis had blast processing.

I encourage your trolling though. This is wonderful.
lack of DirectX ... this is actually a weakness...
Well yes, poor console HW can run smoother without DX.. but, have you ever seen detailed comparison between console graphics and PC graphics ?
Not to mention tesselation, TXAA, etc.

8GB gddr5 ram ... great .. you know that ram is also for the GPU, right ? GDDR5 has been here since GTX 5xx series. 8GB ? for what? Mine GTX 580 never ever used whole 2GB.
The GPU doesnt have enough horsepower to fill in 8GB GDDR5.
It's just high number, a marketing stuff.

People without basic hardware knowledge will never understand.
Howcome is GT555 with 2GB memory 40% slower than GTX560 with 1.5GB memory ... ;)

To the point, yes PS4 might run games as fine as high end PC. But it will never ever look as good as highehst settings on PC.

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