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Gosu : You are god! You should be the freaking Game Director of Diablo3

Travis : I don't think you even read or understood what Gosu said... I just can't wait see that "Item Blog" you talking about because Gosu have made the most complete suggestion thread EVER and you seem to ignore him telling us you have way more awesome ideas. Wich, to date, wasn't even close to be as GOOD as Gosu's ideas.
I would have rather each act been treated as a "tier" so to speak and you spend some time grinding in each tier before moving on to the next. That's exactly what we had at launch. I just think the complete randomness of loot exacerbated the issue because players weren't finding what they needed to progress to the next "tier" as quickly as they would like.

I guess you can consider Monster Power some sort of tiered system now, but the issue is still present that the difficulty does not necessarily equal the reward unless the game is made entirely trivial.

Which in turn just completely contradicts the whole "challenge" aspect of Monster Power in the first place. It's it's not profitable to challenge yourself, players won't do it.

Kinda disagree with the tiered difficulty approach as once you reach the next act the previous act would soon be pointless to return to. Eventually you'd be on the highest tier in act 4 and running it like act 3 runs making the game super stale (act 3 being the most favored act to farm is still an issue obviously -- act 1 inferno needs to be a bit more challenging by adding more monster abilities and perhaps harder monsters).

Monster Power is a great idea but sadly wasn't' done in a way that would make players WANT to challenge themselves for chances of higher rewards. In some ways higher mp is good, but in most things lower mp is the best which is a bad idea. However, having better rewards for higher mp levels would make people try to bypass the challenge the use the RMAH/item flip/bot and so on which is kinda lame.

So I'd say make most things balanced when it comes to efficiency but add incentives to proceed to higher mp levels. Also poorly balanced skills kinda wreck challenge but that's a different discussion.
Thank you Gosu.

Everything you've typed has been a thought inside my brain since the beginning.

I hope that this post will shake the foundation of the developers as much as I think it will. When was the last time a Dev posted that much in response to anything anyway?

I don't do the forum thing much at all so I don't really know how that works but the point I am finally going to make here is THANK YOU.

Cheers to Gosu, a real dedicated Diablo fan who gets us all, and just wants to see a good game become great.
I am a big fan of D3 and really appreciate the work from serious and hard-working support team.
It's great to see the blue continue taking comments seriously and put thought into the issues.

Here are my comments -

Challenge and Skill Diversity:
There are certain classes that can do mass killing in mp 10 easily without much top gear. However, there are some classes, no matter how hard we work on them, still cannot own mp 10. All my characters are not at the top and far from godly. However, my barb and wiz can solo kill 100 to 200 monsters at a time (with exp bonus) in mp 10. WD, Monk and DH, I dont think they can ever do anything quite similar. I hope they can have some stronger skills to support mass killing just like barb and wiz do in high mp games. On WD, weapon is the only way to get life-steal. It's very frustrating for WD players who want to use a non-lifesteal weapon.

Legendary items:
The 2 handed weapons are still lack of love here. Skorn (and manitcore) dominate too much in high mp games. There are quite a few fun 2hand weapons I wanted to use but it's just not practical in high mp games. On one-handed weapon, rare wand, staff (and offhand) sources are not usable... just too behind from the Chantodo set.
Also, shields deserve more buff (for classes other than barb). I found shields are fun to use but too much constrains in high mp games. Tal Rasha set bonus need changes badly.
@Travis Day: You just totally improved my perception of Blizzard by about one million percent. Thank you for not only looking at this thread, but also reading it, and providing extensive commentary.

Keep it up and you'll win us all back in no time. We're suckers for you and just wanted to know you still loved us

Please read this again, Travis Day. You deserve it.
I posted this b4 in

a) have a surplus of dps adding stats. eg: we all have trifectas merely because we CAN have trifectas. but assuming we had 20 good affixes that can substitute for any of the trifecta stats, that means instead of 3 out of 6 slots being desired, we'll be looking at 20/6

b) why is cc/ias so important, because its tied into resource generation and dps.

so some suggestions are.

a) all the %skill based damage things . bump it to like +150% cold damage (frost burns).

b) elemental effects do things.

c) huge ap/fury/spirit/hatred generation mods. make them mutually exclusive with cc/ias on an item. eg: +50 spirit each time you deal a damage quantity equal to your dps value

d) more dps affixes. eg: crushing blow

e) super buffed thorns. eg: thorns on amulet deal the equivalent of 100% cdmg, make it proc loh/apoc

f) make bleed huge: make it proc loh/apoc (maybe even something like: every 100 points of bleed for 6 seconds contributes a 1% weakness debuff on monster, so so after 12 seconds of 1000 points of bleed, the monster starts taking 20% more damage from all sources).

same with defensive stats.

in otherwords, assuming stacking each type of affix is a build, let there be like 20 ways of getting to 500k dps, 2mil ehp or 700k dps, 1.5m ehp

(eg: build 1: stacks ias/cc/cd/pri/ar/armor/vit)
build 2: stacks ias,cc, bleed, pri, ar, armor/vit)
build 3 stacks ias,cc, bleed, thorns, pri,ar,crushingblow, armor,vit)

and of course to do this without invalidating/diminishing our current gear, so do it via eg (imbues, enchants, enhancements whatachmacallits, talismans, sphere skill tree with caps on affixes via plvl point buyins) and if that makes the game too easy. give us act 5-8 and mp11-20 and plvls 101 to 1000

eg: killing purples gives you potions that you can enhance your gear, if your gear doesn't have that existing stat, then it can roll it. (so it keeps trifecta gear valuable, and if its already trifecta, it can get some one the new affixes (eg; crushing blow, fatality, misery... define your own affix)

basically , complexity/diversity creates depth, but not needless pain in the !@# stuff like stamina.
also, with all this "improvements" to itemisation, pls also don't forget we need things to do in diablo.

like someone says, diablo3 is a racing game, but it only has 3 tracks. (a1,a2,a3)... thats boring.
02/28/2013 06:58 PMPosted by Travis Day
Legendary and Set items

Please give a way to upgrade lower leveled legendary/set items to a higher item level. Also improve the poorly designed legendary/set items as well.
02/28/2013 08:06 PMPosted by Ðragonslayer
You !@#$ with to many elements and you sour the formula resulting in Auction House 3.

I am dying from the laughter.
In any event I totally understand and read through their PR speak. Don't expect the change the game needs. Just expect more band aids. Diablo 3 will never be a better game than Diablo 2, or PoE, or Tl2 or any classic ARPG really. It will always be a terrible terrible game.

And if that's the case, then I must ask:
Are you playing this terrible, terrible game? And if not and you don't expect this game to become any better, then why are you here and you haven't moved on?
Cooldowns on the potions did that.

Potion spam was not unnecessary and was part of a winning formula in d2. I'm sorry you can't see that but that's not my problem.

The "winning" part of the formula for D2 revolved entirely around social interaction, not around being able to drink hundreds of potions back to back.

As a way to be able to safely add a cooldown to potions AS WELL AS allow the player to periodically regain health, globes were introduced.

I'm sorry, but you are entirely wrong in that aspect and I can actually back up those claims here...

Jay Wilson: We changed the health model, so that players don't rely on potions. Instead they can pick up health power-ups from enemies. It doesn't change the basic way the game plays, but it gives it a little bit more depth. You don't have one answer to healing in combat – "I'm in trouble, I hit a potion." Instead, "I'm in trouble, there's a health globe over there, and there's a 20-foot demon standing between me and it." That's a really interesting situation for the player, but it works with the same complexity of interface and gameplay that we had.

IGN: Yeah, that's exactly what it felt like, with really easy enemies I was breezing through them, wading in, getting that massacre bonus, killing 20 guys at a time, but then I got to some guys that were electrified, a little tougher than the others, and there were no health orbs. When are you gonna drop them? My health is down to a sliver, am I gonna pop a health potion now? It's a very different feel from Diablo 2, and I wonder if the player base is going to want the same feel from before, or if they're going to embrace this new style of combat.

Jay Wilson: Sure. We've done a couple of things along the way as we've gotten feedback, that people want some more outs. We did put health potions back in, but they play a very different role. You can't spam them like you used to, you can only use them about once a map. The purpose of those is to take the edge off the loss of health. I don't have health, or I've got half health, do I want to use a health potion, or do I want to risk it? Ooh, I've got 10% health, it's not even a decision. That's a really interesting decision, and it makes potion use a fun part of the game.

Globes were added as a mechanic to combat portal / potion spamming.
MVP's are not employees of Blizzard Entertainment. We are players just like you.
Nothing I say is Official word from Blizzard, everything is of my own conjecture.
I don't have moderation powers and I am not a Blizzard Representative.
No, globes were created as a method to COMBAT potion spam...Potion spam is seriously an unnecessary mechanic that needed to go.

Not sure if globes were created to combat potion spam.

Also not sure that globes DO combat potion spam. Cooldown does.

Potion Spam is Stupid though.

potion spam in D2 was not so effective because health potions did not heal instantly they took time.
However, that only worked for the Health potions. Rejuve potion spamming did/does work in D2, and nothing combats it.

Personally I dont care if we use "time to heal" or "cooldown" as long as healing STARTS instantly when the first health potion is drank.

As to health globes, well they are kinda equivalent to health shrines, either works.
02/28/2013 08:12 PMPosted by Drothvader
It absolutely was implemented as a console consideration. It's extremely console friendly. It's great for that though.

No, globes were created as a method to COMBAT potion spam...

Potion spam is seriously an unnecessary mechanic that needed to go.


Potion spam was the most stupid thing ever. It's not because D2 has been played for so long that it was perfect...

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02/28/2013 02:45 PMPosted by Gosu

Perhaps they should find a way to differentiate them a bit more rather than scrap it like they did elemental damage/resists. Not saying you said to scrap it. Quick example...frozen enemies remain chilled once unfrozen, chilled enemies take more damage from cold for duration of chill along with slower movement, blinded enemies have a lower chance to hit for a duration after regaining vision, stunned enemies take more damage while stunned or have dodge ability removed during duration, knockback is just fine I think(maybe have ways to increase knockback length), slow could perhaps lower not only movement speed, but attack speed and reduce dodge chance as well. Just a thought. I know those do a few of those things but I was just giving full examples.

That's fine and all, but then you have to take into consideration the amount of impact that each of these affixes has on the way you play the game as opposed to the other affixes that are competing for those affix slots. We don't want to run into a situation where affixes have little to no affect on the way you play the game.

"frozen enemies remain chilled once unfrozen, chilled enemies take more damage from cold for duration of chill along with slower movemen"

There are a great number of implied mechanics in this idea. Implied mechanics are things that many players will not understand because there is simply no visible explanation for the mechanic. outside of its visual function. Where would you describe to someone how such an affix actually works? While I don't think the idea is a bad one in essence, it makes one wonder how even experienced players would understand it without having to look it up.

No doubt you have to factor in how these affixes would play out but there are a few ways just off the top of my head in how you could implement them. Examples
1) Frozen/Chilled is tied to other "cold" affix/suffix. Such as an item has to roll + to blizzard for frozen/chilled to also be able to roll. Hence it would make sense and not be randomly rolled in.
2) You could have most of these types of affix/suffix to be limited to uniques/legendary items. For a few examples:
Medusas Gaze Helm: +couple mods and has chance to turn enemies into stone.
Shield of the Sun: Upon successful block, attacker is blinded temporarily.
Zeus's Long bow: Adds lightning damage and a "shock" that stuns target for "x" duration.
Frost Giant Axe: Increased cold damage, high chance to freeze target, increased chill duration, + cold res. - fire res
3) You could have them randomly roll on all and do as I will suggest later and just tie it into a stat sheet somewhere. Read further for more information.

As for being able to figure out what the actual impact is...there's also a few ways you can go about it.
1) As you said, force players to have to look it up, which D3 and many other games have done in some aspects as is. I don't think it's that big a deal but hey, why not provide the info if you can.
2) You could actually compile a "compendium" that's accessible in game that is similar to D3s journal for locations/monsters that actually contains more detailed information about the game in all areas.
3) Here's the blasphemous idea for many, do something similar to path of exile where your stat sheet shows each individual skill and all that special information that is tied to each.
4) Just simply add it to the stat sheet. For example
a) Frozen chance: 5%
Frozen Duration: 5 seconds
Chill Duration: 5 seconds
Chill Increased Damage: +5%
Chill slow on enemy: 2%
b) Blind chance: 5%
Blind duration: 5 seconds
Partially Blinded enemies chance to hit: -5%
Partial Blind duration: 5 seconds

Obviously not the best looking or potentially worded the best, but I hope it's sufficient to get the point across. Your thoughts?

This is what i have been looking for.. Looks like the Dev team want somthing different form D2 but in any game they only so much you can change... using element as a damage type or defense type has always been the foundation of any damage ... more focusing on element type of style playing would bring balance to the game without blizzard changing the whole game just emphazied more on elemental aspect of the game.. i know it has some effect but DPS is taken preceden tover anything... more elemetal game playstle would truely add more depth to D3.
Character Customization

Your system idea for Nephalem Power Stat is basically a roundabout way of suggesting we re-implement the Diablo 2 skill system. The old skill system was fun, back in the day, but I think it’s honestly dated in today’s landscape. People fondly remember making tons of characters and trying out different builds, and while I have a lot of those same fond memories, I also remember that usually the end result of my time investment in my “cool new character” was complete and utter disappointment.
Today the availability of web sites or posts about character builds would mostly overshadow any of that old character rerolling. You would read a post saying someone else tried the build that you had imagined would be amazing, only to find out it was awful, or you would find out it was great and build it also. The skill system today allows people the flexibility to try out things they enjoy without penalizing players who want to experiment with new ideas. The only difference is if their idea doesn’t pan out, you didn’t waste hours leveling a bad character.
Character customization is fun. People want more ways to feel different from their neighbor, and we want to help provide players with more options in this regard as well. There are lots of things that we have discussed and some ideas we have for long term system additions to the game to help in this regard. One of them which I mentioned in another post is the plan to eventually introduce a system to allow players to customize their character appearance more. Another system we haven’t talked about before is the long term plan to change the way the Paragon system works to allow it to offer more character customization in the form of actual power. The details of that system are still being worked out and players probably won’t get their hands on it for quite a while. We do agree that customization is important and we want more ways for players to both express themselves and differentiate themselves from their friends and other members of the community.

It isn't really the D2 skill system. This is more like the Vanilla WoW skill point system. With Gosu's idea, you increase specific aspects of how your class works, most likely to match your skill build/gear in case you're lacking a bit of something. Even if you guys make the stats added really small, it would be well worth it if it had a noticeable impact on the gameplay. I think that would be a great step towards letting players customize their characters and could possible dig up some of the lesser used builds.

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