The Salvation of Diablo 3: A Guide by Gosu

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Nice post. Loved all the examples provided.

Sadly tho, I don't feel it's a matter of them not realizing these issues. It didn't even take a week for a few million players to realize this on their own. If blizzard did know it, well, that doesn't bode well for the future either.
I think it could have been said in about 1/4th as many words, but these ideas are shockingly good for just one person to have come up with them.

I admit my eyes glazed over and I stopped scanning once I got to the class-specific changes, though.
Wow. I really enjoyed the first few sections then had to get back to work. I'm probably never going to finish reading this, but based on the early material, this is excellent stuff. Sadly even the 10% I read is 10% more than anybody at Blizzard will ever read.

To think, what if Blizzard valued community input and harnassed all the great ideas? It almost makes you want to round up a couple guys like this, put them in a room in New Zealand, and see what kind of ARPG they would come up with.
I'm not sure all of everything you have stated is accurate or logical cause my eyes are going crosseyed from reading. HOWEVER, amazing guide sir, well done.

I think the biggest problem with diablo 3 is that people didn't know what was what. I was incredibly confused about so much wtih the mechanics that it took a long while before i got it. I think people got angry cause they didn't get it, me included.

But thanks i'm sure a lot fo people will use it me included.
Well done, no hate or insults, covered the points and gave constructive feedback.
I have only read the first of the 4 sections. If 2, 3 and 4 are anything like the first one, you definitely have the right ideas. When most people post about what's wrong with this game, they totally trash Blizz and make themselves look like morons. I think that this post shows that there are some very reasonable fixes to some major problems in this game.

Nicely done, looking forward to reading the rest of your ideas.
This post is really well written.

I want to say that it's way too long, but then I thought to myself - *It's long because it literally goes over every problem and solution for D3*

When it takes literally pages and pages and pages of typing to really get to the core of it all, it's tough to swallow.

+1, whoever you are. You have done us all a great service.

Going to be posting a link to this in the next Ask the Devs *itemization* Q&A.

Maybe the posters in this thread can come up with a few suggestions or very crucial points in this thread which we can then transfer to the Itemization Q&A (with Credit to Gosu, of course)
I haven't even logged on in 2 months but after reading this I figured I would add in my 2 cents since I did play it since may 15th to jan 11th , I actually had more fun reading this post than playing the game , it just shows how broken it still is , back in the day I would have been the first one to come to this games defense but after almost a year , and piling on more broken gameplay and addons to an already beta game seems silly , they ignored the core issues for far too long and have pushed many players away , if Blizz was to fix even a 10th of what you posted here OP I would probably play it again but it is still in sad shape so I will leave it in the box for a few more patches at least.

Here's hoping Blizz can pull off a miracle V (oO) , peace out again.
I hope you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read. Please do me a quick favor by asking yourself one simple question: Do I want to play Gosu’s version of this game? If the answer is yes then please leave your constructive comments below, make sure to keep the thread active and up-vote it. With your help, Diablo 3 can become the game it was meant to be.

Long live Diablo 3.

Hey, is that you, David Brevik?
It took me a few hours to read this, and I am happy to say that I read nearly every single word. I skimmed over the WD stuff because it really didn't interest me as much. WD is really the only class I don't play all that much.

I support this, and I am simply blown away. You've said all the things I've been thinking, and more! Blizz needs to hire you and put you at the head of their idea/dev team.

They would go really far, having you on their team. It's refreshing to see someone who cares so much about the game that they would go to these lengths to accurately and articulately explain not only the problems, but potential solutions in expansive and elaborate detail.

Kudos to you, Gosu!
I love D3 as well and I thought your post was very interesting. Admittedly, I didn't wade through all of it, but I agree with what you said about overpopulation of items and the uselessness of some legendaries. Hopefully (and I'm sure it will) your well-thought-out post reaches the powers that be and they take a good look at it.

Diablo Developer 1: So one of our CMs pointed us to this post on the forums. It was really long, and apparently has a bunch of great ideas to improve the game.

Diablo Developer 2: Did it mention increasing main stats to above max values right now?

Developer 1:

Developer 2: Oh, oh, do they want some more "fun affixes" like shooting axes from a mace that also then shoots swords?

Developer 1: Nope.

Developer 2: Well...I guess we could just add commas to the AH, and maybe throw a few extra filters there. That oughta make 'em happy.

Developer 1: ...*sigh* I wonder if Valve has any job openings.
Alright read everything and i'll give a quick summary on what I think.

A lot of your ideas are great, some over powered, some unreasonable and in the end I don't think Blizzard would ever create your version of Diablo 3.

Would I want to see your version? 80-90% yes.

Will Blizzard rise to our huge expectations for an awesome game? No. Bashiok already warned us not to expect much and a lot of us failed to do that (including me).

I'll come back to D3 every once in awhile but I'm waiting for more potential games like Grim Dawn and perhaps Marvel Heroes and see what they have to offer.

Anyways good post but at the same time depressing because I know that it is just a dream that will never come to reality.

This is fantastic! Great work! )))
Holy freakin +1

Too bad Bliz will TL:DR this
Great job man, +1

Great ideas brother. I enjoy the game in its current state but even 1/4 of these thoughts would take it to another level. Neph power system is very interesting as well as many of the monk ideas. Well done!
I bookmarked this, only read the first section but there was enough quality suggestions to ensure I read it all.

Amazing post. I would play this version of d3 for years to come!

Now only to hope that blizzard are actually thinking along the same lines and do something in this direction.
I keep thinking about this post as I'm mindlessly grinding
Someone please make a TLDR summary so it gets more attention

Not it!

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