The Salvation of Diablo 3: A Guide by Gosu

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The Auction House is interpreted as a fully necessary source for the majority of your upgrades. Again, this problem is caused by poor itemization. Unfortunately, Blizzard is trying to patch this leak with BoA items. I don’t believe that BoA items in general will harm the game, but I do believe that the over implementation of them could cause serious damage to both the item hunt as well as the fun that can come with trading and scrounging for upgrades amongst the community. I don’t think the current BoA system will harm the game in any meaningful way.

Thank you.

Just to add my own thoughts to this, I think the current BoA recipes are fine, because I believe it's just a temporary solution that gives Blizzard a little breathing room while they try to fix the real problems. It's the over implementation that I'm worried about.

A lot of players like to play self found, which is fine, most of my Barb's gear is. It's just a different way to play the game, a way to give yourself some added challenge and incentive. But that way of playing should be a reward in and of itself. Do these players want to find their own, better upgrades? Of course they do, just like every one else. But the current itemization really hinders this.

But again this is Diablo, and playing self found is a personal choice. Trying too help those players with too many BoA recipes affects EVERYONE playing. It affects the people who like to trade, the people who like to stream and give away items, the pvper's, min-maxers, everyone. It affects the nature of the game.

I'd like Blizzard to come up with a better solution then just adding BoA items to the game. For example, try fixing the anemic quests with a way to give players a one time shot at upgrading their items.
This blizz post is something I know a lot of people are looking for, it answers a lot of questions and does show you are aware of the situation. Thank you. and thank you Gosu for your post to cause it.

I do feel that there is a lot of room here and the game can be 'saved' and I know everyone here feels the same way, otherwise we wouldn't be here reading this thread. I still feel that itemization can resolve a lot of things and the ideas of Legendaries being game changers is compelling.
02/28/2013 06:58 PMPosted by Travis Day
Your system idea for Nephalem Power Stat is basically a roundabout way of suggesting we re-implement the Diablo 2 skill system. The old skill system was fun, back in the day, but I think it’s honestly dated in today’s landscape. People fondly remember making tons of characters and trying out different builds, and while I have a lot of those same fond memories, I also remember that usually the end result of my time investment in my “cool new character” was complete and utter disappointment.

So I guess in a roundabout way D3's current state mimics your feelings on creating characters back in D2:

The end result with the time investment in developing D3 was a complete and utter disappointment with the end result.
Finding your own items has been a big frustration for me in enjoying the game. I have found a few items that really excited me because they helped my characters improve their abilities. However, the vast majority of items I find, be they legendary, rare, or blue magic ones, are very disappointing and inferior to what I am already using. This includes items from the artisans and merchants, though I've had some limited success with these. So, I am left to spend time in the Auction House trying to sell my inferior items to get enough gold to buy something exciting. This is time away from adventuring and killing monsters: the real enjoyment I find in playing the game. I feel that in this way, the rewards system is really broken. At least in Path of Exile and Torchlight 2 my characters are rewarded with items relevant to my class and that improve their abilities. You can really get excited about the loot in those games. I have little interest in farming gold so I can sit around in the Auction house trying to buy exciting items. I was encouraged by the developer comments that they will improve this aspect of the game. Please make it so we can find exciting loot at all levels of the game. Thanks for listening.
d3 is fine.
03/01/2013 11:53 PMPosted by Pawo
d3 is fine.

is it tho?

Is there anyway you can make a video about this thread? its really interesting and has a lot of key points of "how to improve D3" or maybe "How D3 can be for seen in the future" thanks
i really think Blizzard is overthinking all this or just trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes and you dont want ot give people what they want you got to GIVE PLAYERS ONLY WHAT THEY NEED.

they are being very dramatic about how they say super simple but ludacris ideas ----"We want peopel to find there own gear" hmmmm how does blizzard make a buck? they just giving us a free game?
you dont want players to find all there gear then there is no point for the AH

i think they really need to look into the doiversity of random properties.....

if anyone falls for these dramatic explanations of simple idea's like -- We want players to play together(but we dont want to put a game lobby in so you dont have ot use our AH) i feel so sorry for them....

sad sad sad :( :( :(
Writing for your PHD or something?
Its probably not 100 pages on paper but still.

This game needs to be salvaged and re done. People are filing out faster than supersonic.

The PS4 version will kill another portion of the PC community.
And good lord knows how much more chopped up this game will get per patch.
Maybe some improvement in skills system ?
this is the best post ever in this forums.
Is clear that the op is not a hater but someone who is helping this game to get back in the throne.
+100 from me. i have around 1000 ph i will continue to play but this post should stay on top and i suggest you put it in all region forum too because somebody will pay attention
Gosu is completely on point. (Tho I don't want the removal of stun and freeze and the like, as I actually do use and like those, and think that elemental dmg has lots of potential). But I had to bump for justice and that a blue has actually responded to a thread like this.

+1 my good man
Is it coincidence that the OP and the Dev were both in my guild in WoW but not at the same time? SHIPS PASSING IN THE NIGHT?!

I don't think it was....I think it was destiny O_O

Well, it's nice to finally see a blue come out and say (in a very long round about way) "Yup, we botched D3 from day 1 and are kinda struggling to fix it".

This is probably the most accurate and well done analysis of state of the art D3 I have ever come about. I agree with you in any single point.

One thing you did not mention, which I would personally feel would be a great addition to D3 is bringing back D2 runes or jewels, this would add a lot of value to "slotted" items which are now just dull because regular gems are not diverse at all!

Please Blizzard, just go over all these points and implement them one by one! Or just hire gosu and let him take charge of the dev process for D3.
Gosu has my vote! Great suggestions! I hope that the dev's all at least read this, I'd love to play your version of this game.
Hi Gosu - I think you have some compelling ideas, that would be fun to discuss. I host a YouTube channel and on it a podcast called, "The State of Diablo 3."

I usually have a variety of guests on it, and I think it would be fun to have you come on and chat with us about your ideas more. I am sure my viewers and the D3 community would like to hear you on the show.

You can search RTG on iTunes for it, or you can find it on YouTube here:

I will also try to add you in game, I am Sibcoe#1756

You can also reach me via email through my YouTube Channel.

Good job.

Cheers 0/

RTG Sibcoe
Thank you Travis Day for replying.

THIS POST QUENCH the thirst from even A HATER like ME!
Making every legendary have game changing mechanics is GREAT!!!!
Finally we will have BUILDS based on ITEMS...


Travis Day = Diablo 3 prophet of salvation.

AND why is this not stickied yet.
This needs to be stickied!
Everyone should hear this good news.
We're in perfect agreement then.I don't think cooldowns should be removed entirely. You just can't have uber powerful abilities without factoring in cooldowns in some form. I am simply in favor of avoiding cooldowns when other methods of "restriction" are possible. Frankly, I think that roughly 95% of the cooldowns in this game should either be removed entirely or drastically reduced.

Cooldowns are fine the way they are. If you really want them to be removed, then they would have to be replaced by a much bigger "resource" cost. Spells like frost nova, teleport, spirit walk, diamond skin would have to use like 75% of your resource pool, then in that case you would have the same end result of not being able to use it continuously in a short amount of time. Cooldowns are the best way because by using cooldowns instead of making them take a huge resource cost you are delaying the re-use of only that skill, as opposed to having it use 75% of your mana/spirit/arcane and then you're not able to cast anything else. Your "other methods of restriction" is flawed, as I've just shown. The only two logical choices are cooldowns or resource usage, and resource usage cripples the use of your other skills while cooldowns only delay the use of one skill.


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