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Hey all,

so i recently bought the game and made my account standard edition now instead of starter. Now that i have its still showing im in the starter edition and ive gotten the confirmation saying im fully active now so i was jw what could be wrong? please help

If you just purchased it online then it will take up to 72 hours for all the restrictions to lift. Basically, it depends on how fast your bank actually gets the money to Blizzard (not just how fast they authorize it and remove it from your account). Leveling restrictions and content restrictions should have lifted immediately though!

If you purchased the game at a brick and mortar store, or if 72 hours are already up, then put in a ticket to have the team look into your account status.
ahh rgr. i bought about 26hrs ago. i figured since i got the email sayin my account is active that it would be completely up and running correctly
Sometimes that is true, sometimes it takes closer to the full 72 hours. Something else you can do if you got that email, is to change your password. It forces a data refresh on your account. IF the transaction really is done, then that can give it the kick it needs to remove the restrictions.

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