Any point to continue crafting shoulders?

I crafted my current shoulders in about 10 tries but after 30 more all I got was junk. There is some room for improvement(increase intel, life%, life regen, etc) but is it really worthwhile? Is it not worthwhile to try to get better stats or do I still have a lot left to improve?
probably not worthwhile to keep crafting.. what would you try to to get 30 more in vit or int? instead of the 18% gold or poison resist .. that or life %?
That depends on what else you'd do with DE, or if you'd just forget about DE and farm KD2 for legendaries.

There's still room for improvement. There's no str roll for extra extra armor, the vit roll could be higher, and you could still get over 300 Int. Or you can get pickup radius, if you're interested in that stat (I love it for Archon).

If I rolled those, I'd be switching to bracers since I use rare bracers for both CMWW and Archon. I have a similar pair but with 220 Int so I'm still crafting shoulders.

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