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Look, I cant afford another computer. I want to play this game on the one I have. Is there no way you can make this game compatible with what I got.
What GPU do you have?
I'm having the same issue. When I click play I get a message that reads "We have detected that your video card is not supported by Diablo III. Operating System: Windows 7; Video Card: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter"

Now, I don't know how this works, but I get the feeling it is telling me what Hardware I have on my Laptop Computer. That said, the video card it says is not even the same brand as the video card that is actually on my Computer. The video card I have is an Nvidia GeForce, somewhere in the 7800 series. I may be mistaken, but I was under the impression all a computer needs to run Diablo III is roughly 2 Gigs of RAM (My laptop has 4) and a video card with roughly 2 Gigs on itself as well (My laptop's video card has somewhere around 3.9 Gigs of its own RAM).

Long story short, my computer's Hardware IS up to snuff as far as being able to run Diablo 3, but apparently the name of my video card is not on the list of video cards Diablo 3 supports, and/or Diablo 3 does not see the actual name of my video card. Is it possible to change the name that Diablo 3 reads when it checks the graphics card (so that it will see the actual card I have) or do I need to get an equally powerful video card with a special name to replace the video card I have?
It is also possible that your PC is defaulting to the onboard graphics instead of to the card you have. That has been an issue with some models and, bluntly, most onboard cards don't handle D3 well. You are going to have to look into finding a way to get your PC to default to the proper card most likely. There are other threads like this around for different cards but I am not sure how easy it will be to find them :/
Tell me if you all can see a problem with an older model number of a video card with at least 1GB and that model is unsupported vs. a newer model with less and is supported.
Is there something wrong with this picture?
I mean as long as the card is able to run the game at a decent speed, shouldnt it be supported, older or not? Shouldnt it be economic friendly to players who want to play but cant because someone here deems it unworthy?
You would think so, but no. They seem to have implemented some fairly fancy graphics that are not able to run on older cards. It makes me VERY grumpy because they don't even have options to turn off the fancy stuff like water effects. So...I am stuck.

That said, and as grumpy as I am, I do understand that they can't make D3 work on every PC ever. As new games are released they often drive PC updates for just this reason. Does not mean I like it, but I do understand it.
[quote="80869611574"]and a video card with roughly 2 Gigs on itself as well (My laptop's video card has somewhere around 3.9 Gigs of its own RAM).

I would LOVE to know which laptop you have that you claim apparently has 3.9gb of graphics memory...Ive got an AMD Radeon 7870 in my PC and that is only 2GB...
this is ridiculous..why make a game that basically no average person has the graphic capability to play
The 7800 is an agp card-wondering if that makes a difference in Diablo's reading its power. An agp slot allows the card to use all available memory on a system.
The minimum requirements are said to be a 7800 GT. Typically an Nvidia card with an affix is slightly more powerful than justthe numbered version.

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