Simcity 2013 - The next "Diablo 3" of sequels

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no offline play, smaller map sizes, all in the name of "simplicity" (as well as so many other things wrong with it). The only thing Simcity 2013 has over its predecessors is that you have the option of building roads however you want without being hindered by a grid-based layout, but that's about it.

If this is the future of gaming, I might just not buy anymore games; I really don't want to be apart of it.

PS: The point of this thread is not just to bash Simcity 2013 and Diablo 3 (I'm still playing D3, but I'm definitely not gonna play Simcity 2013). I'd also like to discuss the future of gaming as a whole. It just sucks that strategy based, or roleplaying based games seem to be getting much simpler, all in the name of reaching out to a wider audience (money).

Link to Simcity 2013's inherent problems:
I'm looking forward to the reviews next week, both by fans and critics who get paid to write good reviews.
cant judge until release

NOT pre-ordering for obvious reasons

big simcity fan here, playing for 15+ years
It has happened again. The same feelings all over again. First with Diablo 3 last year, I was so excited to play the successor to my favorite game in history, until launch day. Oh persistent online DRM? Now today with the (stupid) realization that the same fate has befallen Simcity,

I am a HUGE Simcity fan since the first one came out, and played the HELL out of Simcity 4. I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this one. Right now, I can't even install it offline. Though, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to play it anyway due to server overload.

This is a very unfortunate turn of events for many of us "old skool" gamers, who shared games on floppies. However, I tend to wonder about the productivity shift in America and abroad. Many of us can no longer play these games at work.

I would have thought EA would have learned from the shaky launch of Diablo 3, and opted for not doing an online DRM, but I guess they trolled us too. Another company getting $60 from me to "rent" their game. I believe this will be the LAST game I ever buy (at least until the online DRM phase is over). It's a sad day in gaming history (again).
I'm not an old school Simcity player. I dabbled with it on SNES but that's about it. The game was enjoyable for the limited time I got to play it. The horrible day 1 server performance and retarded unlocking/no pre-load method is highly aggravating. I do wish it had an offline mode but I'm sure that'll be a $25 DLC later on. EA loves crapping out those expensive Sims DLCs and it'll probably continue with Simcity.

Luckily Tomb Raider has filled in my gaming desires nicely so I'm not mad about the server performances, just disappointed.
Was planning on getting it, heard about online-only. holding my money, going to just enjoy Tomb Raider and upcoming Resident Evil 6 and HotS and then i'll have another look.
SimCity (or more like SimTown given the small size of the building area) is getting hammered by people on Metacritic (yeah lol, I know). The same thing happened to D3 at launch - people giving low scores for server problems, online DRM, dumbed down game play.
03/05/2013 08:00 PMPosted by Hypersonic
people giving low scores for server problems, online DRM, dumbed down game play.

Do you blame them?
That will always be the trend of games developed by big box companies.

I would strongly recommend looking for games by independent developers, as they are truer to what our generation of games will find entertaining.

Great success stories of LoL and WoT should be proof of viability and enjoyability (Is that a word) of games produced by independents. Recently, PoE (if you browse these forums) came out and really struck it hard with it's niche of players (my included).

And Start Citizen had, so far (at least from projects i have heard about) been the single most successful crowdfunded project ever. Cant wait wait till Alpha.
I am proud of myself by looking my 6day-old post
game is crap and everything simtropolis did for free EA gonna release as small DLCs

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