CM Wizard slowly upgrading. need advice

i am almost certain that my next big move is my helm. i plan to get a mempo w/ atleast 4.5CC and 175int. and since i only have 70m and nothing to sell really is there something i can upgrade before that till i can scrounge some gold?
I think I would not be worth it for you to get a mempo, just for the extra attack speed. You would probably be better off with some APoC. Maybe you should get an unwavering glare or oculus with meteor cost reduction. You shouldn't need to use both explosive blast and meteor. This should let you switch EB to diamond skin or something else.

You seem to have invested in a fair amount of magic find; you should start phasing this out for more useful stats. With MF from monster power, nephalem valor, and paragon levels, MF on gear is much less effective than you might think. In fact, MF from gear + paragon levels + follower is capped at 300%. You're over the cap already.
Why not get Chantodo's Will? That's probably cheaper than Mempos and will probably help you more. You get set bonus, faster attack speed (1.61 to 1.65), APoC, and you can either go open socket, lifesteal, or IAS.

FWIW, I paid 110 mill for my Chantodo's Will, and a little over 200 mill for my 4% CC mempo.
you're using blades?
03/03/2013 09:20 PMPosted by Ryoka
you're using blades?

He's right to use spectral blades with his current gear. No APoC means he can't continue to cast ww. Living lightning wont return any AP either, and spectral blades does more damage so it will return more health from life steal.

OP, your gear looks like it's better suited to a cm meteor LL build, since it doesn't need as much attack speed as standard cm/ww. If you do want to build a standard cm/ww though, a crit mempo might be a good idea after a chantodo's will, like destroyer said.

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