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What is missing actually is good legendary gloves :

Stats :

+ 150 allstats
+ 5% critical chance
+ 5% attack speed
+ 4 random affixes
So it can roll something like +15% crit chance, 14% ias, 50% crit dmg and really good mainstats

It would be interesting to give malus for really powerful items like :
- reduce by 10% your movement speed
Amulet of a Thousand Suns

+1 to light radius
How about...


Chance to explode for 15% damage blocked in a 12 yard radius (random element?)

Chance to throw a projectile (energy disk) for 30% weapon damage in a straight line.


Nullify knockback

Freeze the ground you walk on (would help when being chased)


"Don't touch my helmet" Chance to knock back on hit

For armor,I hope they have cool visual affects like a helmet with glowing fire hair,or armor that billows smoke.
OKAY !!!!!

You should add a NPC in act 4 ( or any act ) that can :
- Socket items
- Re-roll stats on a particular Legendary item ( so basically it's like you get a new item )
- Gamble unidentified Rare items

The prices should be outrageous for these procedures ... Perhaps the services should cost "materials" as well as massive amounts of gold
Tyrael’s Heart (Barbarian set):

Tyrael’s Might (armor):

3 sockets
80 – 300 Strength
200 – 300 Vitality
50 – 70 all resistance
10% More damage against elites
15% IAS
10% to Holy Damage

Tyrael’s Justice (2 handed sword):

150 to 220 strength
25% IAS
10% to Holy Damage
200% - 300% CD
10% - 15% CC
15 to max fury
1 open socket

Tyrael’s Wings (shoulders)

80 – 100 Strength
80 – 150 Vitality
10% movement speed
500 – 600 Life Regeneration
Increase gold/health globe pick up by 25 yards
10% to holy damage

Set bonuses:
2 items
100 to strength
100 to vitality

Full set bonus:
250 to strength
250 to vitality
150 all resistance
75% IAS
50% to holy damage
50% more damage to elites
Generates 3 fury per second

This set is so OP I don't even know where to start.

Yes. We need more items with +300str/+barb. Barbs are so weak and lacking in item diversity.

Also we need to create more items with -1000dex or int/ -1000 all res/ -100 000 armor/ -1,000,000 damage for the other classes to be on par with the barbarian in terms of farming speed and efficiency.
Lidless Wall

+30%-50% Block
5700-6700 Block Amount

+170-200 Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence/Vitality
+60-80 All Resist
+20% Block
+0.15-0.25 Attacks Per second
+10-25% Chance to block 100% Damage on hit
+20 Fury/Discipline/Spirit/Arcane Power
+Blocks all forms of attacks including elemental damage

You see even a low end shield will be great!

Shield of Spikes


+20%-40% Block
5700-6700 Block Amount

+170-200 Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence/Vitality
+60-80 All Resist
+20% Block
+500-1500 Life On Hit - Procs on Thorns
+100,000 Damage Reflected Back at attackers - Including elemental
+50% Thorns Damage
+Blocks all forms of attacks including elemental damage

Barbarian Set of Frenzy

Helm of Frenzy
+70-100 Strength
+3-6% Critical Chance
+60-80 All Resistance
+Attack Speed 8-9%
+Each stack of Frenzy Grants additional 3% Attack Speed

Amulet of Frenzy
+100-200 Strength
+5-10% Critical Chance
+5-9% Attack speed
+1 Random Affix
+Frenzy Damage Increased by 10-15%

Gloves of Frenzy
+50-100 Strength
+50-100 Vitality
+15-25% All Resist
+0.15-0.25 Attacks per Second
+Critical Chance of Frenzy Increased by 5-10%

Ring of Frenzy
+50-150 Strength
+50-150 Vitality
+15-25% All resist
+Frenzy Damage Increased by 10-15%
+Critical Chance of Frenzy Increased by 5-10%
+Gain 50 Life per fury spent

Barbarians of Frenzy

Helm of Frenzy
Amulet of Frenzy
Gloves of Frenzy
Ring of Frenzy

(2) Set:
+30% All Resistance
(3) Set:
+Reduces all damage taken within 15 yards by 10%
(4) Set:
+Converts Frenzy Skill into Fury Spender
+Gain 100 Life per fury Spent
+Increases Frenzy Damage by 200%
+Critical hits from frenzy have a chance to increase Frenzy Damage by 200%
+Movement Speed Increased by 12%
+Surrounding Enemies take 50% Damage from main target
Blind Faith
Fist Weapon
xxx - xxxx DPS

Holy skills deal 10~15% more damage.
150~200 Dexterity
+10~15% chance to Block xxxx-xxxx damage
10~15% chance to Blind
Deal 22~28% more damage against Blinded monsters
2 random properties
Cheat death every once in a while.
"Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for the dust we are... and to the dust we shall return." - Ely the Blind

-The chance to block makes this weapon work like a shield even if you don't have one.
-The last property, automatically gives you Near Death Experience. It doesn't stack with the passive NDE and would be redundant, go on cooldown the same time the same way etc.
Ring of Bloodletting
5 Random
5% on hit to cause enemy to drop a health globe.

Ring of the Necromancer
4 random
You cannot spend resource.
10% Chance on kill to summon a Skeleton. The skeleton has 15% of your life and does 10% of your weapon damage.

Amulet of Transgression
3 Random
You cannot use potions.
10% Chance on hit to bleed the enemy and reduce their damage by 10%.
Immune to Plague.

Amulet of the Gambler
You lose half of your life.
Magic find and gold find cap increases by 100.
Cannot critical Hit.

Blade Rush (Unique Gem)
Allows you to select a new skill on the skill selection panel.
Continuously attack enemies while dashing forward. 20% weapon damage
Generates primary resource (scale it for each class).
Must have a sword equipped.
Sockets a weapon

The Devourer (Amulet)
0/500 Stats distributed by player's choice
To increase stats consume (an option can be given for this) a weapon or armor piece. This destroys the item. Each item allows stat selection by 1 (can only be done at the blacksmith).
4 Random (cannot be stats)

The Blood God's Laughter (Helm)
5 Random
100% chance on kill to explode enemy....gruesomely.
10% chance to increase attack speed (by 5%) and movement speed (5%) on kill. Lasts 10 seconds.Increases gore. Stacks (5).

Honor of the Righteous (Helm)
5 Random
100% chance on kill to annihilate enemy (they will disappear in a flash of light when killed).
10% chance on kill to increase attack speed by 3% and movement speed by 3% and Reduces damage taken by 1% (Stacks 5) Lasts 10 seconds.

Concentration (Shield) (looks like a book)
100% experience gain (extra)
Cannot block attacks
Cannot use potions
4 random
Description: I'm sorry. Did I break your concentration?

Ring of the Acrobat
Grants the ability of backflip (cooldown 5 seconds) Charges 10. (hehe gold sink)
2 random

The Sword of Ill omen
6 Random
100% chance on kill Gain a soul (increase graphic effect for each soul you have captured). Grants 1% movement speed for every 10 souls (max = 100)

Hope Dasher (Feet)
5 Random
Lose half of your health.
20% movement speed.
Immune to plague, molten, arcane turrets.

The Hero's Way
6 Random
Every Primary Boss killed grants 25% magic find (can break mf limit). Stacks.
Stopped by these forums to check em out. Quit diablo 3 a few months back due too its lack of anything fun to do after 500+ hours.

Take a look at D2 and PoE legendarys and items pl0x. Talent trees. Save this game cuz u guys really ruined it.
Cow King Revenge

3 Sockets
- 10% damage to elites
- 70-80 Resit All
- +400 - 500 Strength
- 7% chance to summon a dual wielding cow to fight by your side when dealing critical damage
- 2% change to auto ressurect when killed by and elite
- 500 - 700 Armor
- 2 random properties
"From one of Cain's old mangled journals, descriptions of legends old, emerged, to tell of long forgotten artifacts. So, stay awhile, and listen!"

Undead crown

Armour: 245-255

5% Life Steal
130-200 Vit.
Life Regen 200-450
+Armour 150-220
2 Random magic Properties

Thinking Cap (Wizard only)

Armour: 110-190

Adds 5-6% Damage as Arcane
Wizard Spellcost reduced 25%
150-200 INT
2 Random Magic Properties

Scavenger Carapace

Boneweave hauberk, Armour: 225-247

Reduce Damage from melee 6-9%
Reduce Damage from Ranged 6-9%
One of 3 magic properties;
120-165 INT
120-165 DEX
120-165 VIT
5% Chance for enemies to drop health globe when they take damage.
+2 Random magic properties
Mira's Waistband
Legendary Belt

502-629 Armor
+300 Armor
+200-250 Intelligence
+5% Spell Crit (Chance to crit stacks only with spells, not physical attacks)
+3-8% Prismatic Damage (adds x% cold, fire, lightning, arcane, and holy damage)
+1 Random property
Kakiro [Witch Doctor Set]

Kakiro's Spirit (Amulet)
3.00 life leech
100-250 Vitality
2 random properties

Kakiro's Trail (Boots)
30+ Mana
12% Movement Speed
Pick-up radius +20
2 random properties

Kakiro's Prophet (Ring)
200-280 Intelligence
2-5 Critical Hit Chance
2 random properties

Set bonus
2: +80 All Res
3: Spirits have 25% chance to raise from the ground, dealing 1300 burning damage for 5 seconds.
Staff of Zura
Legendary Staff

502-690 1253-1675 damage
2-7% life leech
5-12% Attack Speed Increase
Adds 5-10% Fire Damage
Adds 5-10% Cold Damage
Adds 5-10% Lightning Damage
Adds 5-10% Arcane Damage
1 Socket

Grants use of Whirlwind skill to any class equipping this weapon.
Leah [Set Items]

Leah's Garnet [Ring]
40-80 Damage
20% chance to blind target
50-80 All Resistance
2 Random properties

Leah's Last Horadric [Amulet]
100-180 vitality
4-10% Attack Speed
2.00-2.80 thorns
2 Random properties

Set bonus
18% chance to reflect damage
Theres like NO DH xbows. SO to make 2 1-h xbows better:

Judgement: Legendary 1-H Xbow
(68–72)–(388–413) Damage
1.85 Attacks per Second
+41–50% Damage
Increases Attack Speed by 0.25
Adds one of Two:
+160-200 Dex
+230-300 Dex
Adds 60-100 Critical Hit Damage
+1 Random propterties
Fires Homing Arrows: Cannot escape judgement. OR:
Fired projectiles move twice as fast, again Cannot escape judgement

This can help the attack speed of the offhand/mainhand xbow, and finally make 2 1-H xbows possibly viable again. There is NO real reason to dual wield at the moment!
I would like to see a sword that is relevant in inferno, anyone have any good ideas for swords?
Consider bringing back the appearance change that full class sets would give you in D2 (The glow/ghoul transformation) For people who don't like it give them the option to turn it off.
Diablo's Lighter
unlimited flamethrower

Ring of Anti Virginity
will burn your hard disk on proc
Deleting your internet life

Covetous Cheng's Calculator
will flip for you

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