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I'd be keen to hear more Legendary ideas from you guys, as well as opinions on the suggestions that other players have already made.

Let's get creative all up in here! :)

im not a developer though, that's blizzards job, i can give feedback though to tell you how great or bad something is, or how to do something differently, but specifically giving you ideas i think should be left to the people who are being hired to do so, am i wrong?
The new eras of customization through elemental bonus

    Frostburn Gauntlets
    Legendary Gloves
    550–620 Armor

    Adds 5–6% to Cold Damage
    Cold skills deal 15–30% more damage
    +241–265 Armor
    Attack Speed Increased by 8–9%
    One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
  • +170–200 Intelligence
    +170–200 Dexterity
    +170–200 Strength.
  • Reduces damage from Cold attacks by 7–10%
    +1 Random Magic Properties

    Legendary Gloves
    309–355 Armor

    Adds 5–6% to Fire Damage
    Fire skills deal 15–30% more damage
    Attack Speed Increased by 8–9%
    Regenerates 235–342 Life per Second
    One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
  • +170–200 Intelligence
    +170–200 Dexterity
    +170–200 Strength.
  • Reduces damage from Fire attacks by 7–10%.
    +1 Random Magic Properties

Chromatic Sphere
Legendary Source

+(32–130)–(33–484) Damage
+170–200 Intelligence
Critical Hit Chance Increased by 9.0–10.0%
Critical Hits grant 9–10 Arcane Power (Wizard Only)
One of 4 Magic Properties (varies)
  • +All your non-cold spells now inflict cold damage. Cold Spells chill struck enemies.
    +All your non-fire spells now inflict fire damage. Fire Spells will leave fire on the ground, burning nearby units (the damage both depends on your DPS and the spell cast).
    +All your non-lightning spells now inflict lightning damage. The projectile speed is increased by 100%.
    +All your non-arcane spells now inflict arcane damage. Arcane Spells have reduced Arcane Power cost.
  • One of 4 Magic Properties (varies)
  • +Adds 5–6% to Fire Damage
    +Adds 5–6% to Lightning Damage
    +Adds 5–6% to Arcane Damage
    +Adds 5-6 to Cold Damage
  • +1 Random Magic Properties
    Dunno about the values, I'm not a game designer. So I'll just leave them blank. Most of these parody something that exists.

    Fist of Suns - (Fist)
    x% Add Fire Damage
    x% Add Ice Damage
    x% Add Lightning Damage
    x% Add Poison Damage
    x% Add Elemental Damage

    Joke items:

    Fire Poker - (1h sword)
    x% chance to Blind target
    x% chance to cause Confusion

    Moo Moo Cheese - (ring)
    (lots of sockets)
    (vulnerable to fire dmg)
    Tooltip - "One mans food is another mans loot"

    Had some other ideas but they were too silly.
    This could be a fun quest item that might encourage people to make the Infernal Staff of Herding. It could have an ability like the wand that laughs at you when you die; maybe it would neigh any time you kill an elite!

    Pwnie Stick

    850 - 1400 DPS

    + 175 - 300 Strength
    + 12% Movement Speed
    15% Chance to summon a cloud that will attack your enemies
    50% Magic Find
    50% Gold Find
    + 2 Random Properties
    Neigh! Whinny whinny!
    How about some sweet set legendaries for our followers too.
    Ytar's Q-tip Daibo

    1-5% Chance to cast deafening pain crash. (Serenity)
    1-5% Chance to cast ear cleaning. (Breath of Heaven)
    1-5% Chance to Face palm of Ytar. (Exploding palm)
    1-5% Chance to cast Wax explosion. (Wave of light, Exploding light)

    I could prolly think of 1 for every skill but im gonna stop here. Just give Daibos some love.
    Legendary 2h Mighty weapon

    1200-1500 dps
    1.0 attacks per second

    -[whatever the +damage stats are]

    - +250-350 Strength

    -no cooldown on earthquake but reduces to 500% weapon damage over 8 seconds (they can stack)

    - increased crit chance by 2-5% //weapons don't have crit chance right?

    1 of the following:unique properties
    -increased radius on earthquake by 6-12 yards
    -reduced cost of earthquake by 10-15
    -increased damage of earthqake by 5-10% (or rather 25-50% weapon damage)

    1 of the following properties
    -increases fury amount by 10-20 //or however that should be worded
    -increased fury generation by 2-4
    -5-8% life steal

    - 1 empty socket

    The one thing that may be overpowered with this would be The Mountain's Call rune, which eliminates the fury cost and allows it to be spammed; Earthquake is useless the way it is as a 2 minute cooldown: it's damage has never been updated, since rend has been increased to do 700% weapon damage over 5 seconds.

    Meteor Swarm
    Wizard Source

    -[+damage modifier]

    - + 200-300 Intelligence

    -half's the arcane power cost of meteor
    -increases the number of meteors summoned from the meteor shower rune by 1-3
    -gives each meteor a +1-3 second to crater (gives meteor shower crater damage if it doesn't already) //meteor crater damage stacks right?

    1 of the following unique properties
    -increases the radius on the meteor impact by 3-6
    -increases the radius on the meteor crater by 3-6

    1 of the following unique properties
    -increases crater (dot) damage by 10-20%
    -increases impact damage by 5-10%

    Probably a bit biased towards meteor shower, but star pact is practically the only rune used. Still benefits the other runes as well.

    These are two moves I loved back in the beta, with skill reveals. Earthquake was useful in early game, now its crap. I liked meteor shower, and was going to base a build on spectral blades and prodigy thinking each hit from spectral blades would give 4 arcane power (3 attacks, so 12 per enemy) leading to lots of meteors; this would bring truth towards this thought.

    Edit: forgot strength and intelligence respectively
    Hypnotists Handguards
    Legendary Gloves

    One of the following 3 stats
    +130-160 Strength
    +130-160 Agility
    +130-160 Dexterity
    +Attack Speed increased by 8-12%
    +Critical Hit Damage increased by 35-40%
    +20-30 Resistance to all Elements
    +1 Random attributes
    +1-4% Chance to hypnotize a monster when struck

    Hypnotize turns the mob friendly and lets it fight for you, while it loses 3% health every second.
    Limited 3 monsters.

    The important thing to note is that a rare should be able to blow these out of the water with a higher crit damage roll, higher all res roll, vita roll and a better main stat roll. The hypnotize might be a bit overpowered for higher monster powers, but the numbers are just there for suggestion.
    Lightsaber 1h sword

    990-1300 DPS

    Chooses one of the following:

    +170-200 dex
    +170-200 Int
    +170-200 Str

    7% Increased Attack Speed.
    70-100% critical hit damage.
    +350 Lightning Resist.
    2.6% Life Steal

    Stygian Flayer

    1000-1100 DPS
    +170-200 Int
    +70-100 Vit
    2.6% Mana Steal
    2.6% Life Steal
    Occasionally Summons a Stygian Doll that explodes on death dealing 80% Weapon Damage.
    1 Random Property.

    Witch Doctor only.

    Arkaines Valor.

    850-1050 Armor
    +200 All Resistances
    Picks one of the following
    170-200 Str
    170-200 Dex
    170-200 Int
    Doubles life regen affect from all equipped items.
    3 Sockets.

    Hephasto Mauler.

    1350-1750 DPS
    +300 Fire Resist
    'Picks one of the following
    300-500 Str
    300-500 Dex
    300-500 Int
    4-6% Life Steal
    Upon striking enemy, Hellforge shards deal 75% weapon damage to targets in range as aoe.
    150-200 critical hit damage.
    I do like the idea of new legendaries but considering that there are more than 200 legendaries already in the game, shouldn't we give feedback on how to retweak those?

    Also, on a side note, I feel like giving an internal cooldown for an item effect is really a downer. I want to be able to make whole builds centering around a given effect!
    Hey Hello , any body there , blizzard !!! every time when i join public game i just have to go to church and pray to the lord Jesus Christ that i will end up in a good team or i jut have to pray and rejoin another game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what the heck is this !!!! really blizzard , you can't even create a name for the name you make !!! or you can't even pick a game you want to join !!!!!!
    i mean for fuc k sake come on , can you fix this issue please , it been bothering many players , can you allow player to give a name for their game and can you please allow player to pick the game they want to join ..!!! can you do that for us please ......
    Some ppl are just posting OP items

    I think what blizzard is looking for is items that you can make builds around.


    Remove CD of Zombie Wall so that it only has a 5 second cooldown or so when combined with some other gear. We don't want an invincible WD but using wall of zombies more often would be fun.

    a mojo that allows two gargantuan at once would be cool


    monk has a LOT of build potential if you just alter some of the restrictions on his attacks. Most notably spirit cost or cooldown. I think that the ability that has the most room for improvement is Inner Sactuary. Its a really cool skill, and I would love to use it, but it is just so outclassed by serenity that it isn't even funny. Having a Spirit Stone that reduced the cooldown of it to 7 Seconds (7 is the perfect number after all) might help it get some more love out of the monk community.
    Immortal King's Boulder Breaker
    Legendary Mighty Weapon
    1194.3-1678.3 DPS

    1.10-1.11 Attacks per Second

    - +41-50% Damage
    - +350 Strength
    - Increased Attack Speed 10-12%
    - Chance to cast earthquake on target for 5 seconds
    - Ignore Durability Loss
    - +1 Random Magic Properties
    O Empty Socket
    Name: Call to Arms
    2 handed Legendary Sword
    +2 To Melee Skills
    +200% Damage To Demons
    +100% Damage To Undead
    8% Life Stolen Per Hit
    +70% Enhanced Defense
    +20 To Strength
    +7 to Replenish Life
    +65 to all Resistances
    Damage Reduced By 8%
    25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

    See what i did there all you gotta do is reintroduce Rune words and all the trash items that drop will be useful.

    Try thinking inside the box before you think outside :P
    The more legendaries the better. Diversity is best. In games like these, people like to express individuality. I have concepts, concepts, concepts, but I don't get paid enough to fiddle with the numbers.

    2-Handed X-bow
    RESPECTABLE (but unremarkable) DAMAGE
    Increases damage done by 100% when below 20% life.

    Knife of Voodoo
    Increases number of zombie summoned by 2, but decreases their damage by x%.
    (Summoners want to summon more things.)

    Wizard Staff of ... something displacement
    Reduce to Teleport drastically, but increases cost to 60 Arcane Power

    Monk Fist of Thousand Fists
    All hundred fist attacks use the second cycle of the rotation.

    Monk Amulet of Zen
    Gain 3 spirit on successful consecutive dodge. Reduces spirit regen to 0.

    p.s. resist that isn't "resist all" is arbitrary and pointless and should be phased out
    Alkor's Mortar and Pestle

    Legendary Potion/Dye maker

    Once owned by the alchemist in Kurast Docks.
    Paragon Ward
    Legendary Armor

    - +2 Defense per Paragon Level
    - +2 Vitality per Paragon Level
    - +1 Resistance to All Elements per Paragon Level
    - Increases Damage Against Elites by 5-10%
    - Reduces Damage From Elites by 5-10%
    O Empty Socket
    O Empty Socket
    O Empty Socket

    That is just amazing. That is the kind of itemization Blizz should have aimed for in the beginning. + 1 for great ideas!
    I don't care what other stats you add but i want to keep building my "Way of the hundred fists" monk using that as his primary skill and ripping through hordes with lightning vast fists of fury.

    The 100th Fist
    - Increase way of the hundred fists damage by 50%
    - Way of the hundred fists has a 10% chance to shatter enemies as if they were frozen on death
    Bring back an buff the old daiblo 2 legendary s GAZE ? life steal all res attack speed an life
    craft better wepons? GF WF SS are all weak needs a huge buff
    bring back some runes too!! maybe in crafting or something
    ask me ideas i will not make them overpower an their will be one for every class

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