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Torpor Inoculation
Legendary Bow


Reduces Multishot cost by 20
Enemies hit by Multishot are slowed
+ 3 Random Affixes


Pyre Flint
Legendary Wand

Fire Damage-Fire Damage

Adds 6% to Fire Damage
All Skills now do Fire Damage only
Chance to cause a DoT for High-High Damage
+2 Random Affixes


Bell Clapper
Legendary 2-Handed Mace


600 to Random Primary Atribute
100 Vit
Critical Hits have a chance to confuse all enemies on-screen for 1 second (doesn't trigger diminishing returns)
2% Crit Chance
40-50% Crit Damage
+1 Random Affix


Tomb Reaver
Legendary Polearm


High–Very High Minimum Damage
High–Very High Maximum Damage
0.5-0.7 Attacks per Second
Chance on hit to spawn a skeleton from a corpse, increased by pickup radius
10-12% Attack Speed
+1 Random Affix
2 Empty Slots


Also, remake all 1h legendary swords. Every single one of them. Azurewrath has a great concept, awful result.
I just have an idea, maybe some other also thought about this, but here it is:
This is kinda a full set, but unique set. So there should be 1 item for every whole in the set, and with not too good stats, but the unique thing would be that, if you equip it, it can play along with other sets and if you wear it with other sets, you get the set bonuses. but with the main stats on the gloves. let say you have IK armor, and you dont like IK gloves, but you like the 2set bonus. You can wear this gloves, with the unique stats, and still get the set bonus. If you wear 2-3 sets on yourself, you could choose which one you would like to buff. Maybe you have innas pants, and you need the set bonus for that with the gloves, just a click...etc. And about the name, maybe like Wrath of God's :)) or something unbeatably :))
before they start making more legendary, let us have the ability to dye them first. so we all can have some individuality
I wouldnt mind something similar to skorn or echoing fury. because its just boring, that everybody has them. all the barbs, same thing for monks, wiz,wd,dh. 2-3 more option instead of manticore, who cares if its similar, but if feels good there is an option at least. I'm a barb...and only option is eh + nice offhand.... no other options.
Mempo of Darkness

same stats as Mempo of Twilight, only difference is slain to rest. with some sort of animation where demons get dragged to hell

2 versions 1 with CC and 1 without and of course the one with CC will be more expensive lol

Manajuma ritual sword

increased poison damage and crit damage is increased to a certain % for multi kills for 3 seconds
mjolnir: Hammer drops epic legendary beam shines up, player is unable to pick it up.

(edit) actually... make it only able to be picked up by paragon 100

or rather, not enough str to pick up
A new pair of boots like Zum Journey but with better with Attack speed 5-9% and 100-300main stat, 12%movement speed, 100-400armor, 2 random. Also when it comes to shoulders, Vile ward seems to be the most used. Another comparable set of shoulders would be nice with some other attractive stats. A new pair of pants/chest with attack speed would be nice to.
I feel the new legendaries should have that wow factor. Just not be items with high affixes. They should have reasons that you even want to keep them long after their usefulness as effective damage dealers is gone.

For example:
- Legendary bows could have an affix for "every arrow is a ghost arrow with 100% pierce"
- Legendary axes could have an affix for "Can now attack corpses to find hidden gold"
- Legendary swords could have an affix for "Can now attack corpses for AoE damage" (mini corpse explosion)
- Legendary armour pieces could have affixes for "casts AoE poison Aura onto enemies" or "increases X elemental damage by Y% and also makes the player take more damage from X element at Y%" or something I don't know.
- Legendary Off hands could have an affix for "every hit will either slow, freeze, stun or burn the enemy". Of cause This would have diminishing returns over time (say 15 seconds) on the same enemy till the effect DR is reset. So it could not be abused.
- Legendary shields could have an affix for "X% chance after each block to become invulnerable to damage for 2 seconds"

I think I made my point. That Legendaries need to be interesting items. Not just high affix items.
Arkaine's Valor : Chest Armor ilvl 63
100-300 (Str,Dex,or INT)
5-20% Life
5-15% Increased Chance to Block with Shield
2-3 Sockets
1 Random properties
Special : Wielding a shield while wearing this armor will increase all dps by 20% as long as the user has a shield equipped.

Gull : Dagger ilvl 62
75-125% Magic Find
75-125% Gold Find
10% Increased Movement Speed
10% Increased Attack Speed
1 Socket
Special : This dagger allows the wielder to go above the Magic find and gold find cap for there character.

Heart of the Oak : Mace ilvl 63
40% increased attack speed
+25-50% increased dmg to demons
40-80 resist all
100-400 replenish life
1 socket
Molten Fist:
(Monk Only Weapon)
Bonus Fire damage (Say 350-500)
150-200 Dex
+5-7% Fire Damage
+20-30% Additional Fire Damage dealt by skills
+2 Random Properties
15-25% Chance that enemies you deal fire damage to will erupt in flame, dealing 30% of your weapon damage as a small aoe explosion (similar to what Retribution last rune does cannot be activated from itself)
2-5% chance that when receiving damage you erupt in flame for 50% weapon damage (like what last rune of Evasion does, cannot chain the above proc)
100% chance on paragon level up to cast Earthquake

Whole point of the above is to promote Fire Monk builds. I envision seeing Monks use Fire rune for sweeping wind, Evasion w/ backlash or maybe instead Conviction with Overawe with the Flame kick. Getting Fire walkers to pair with this would create a chain-reaction sort of monk, enemies exploding constantly.

Holy/Unholy Cross (It's named Holy when the Monk has it, Unholy when DH has with slightly differing art, suggesting a 'ying yang' sort of them to it)
(Monk and Demon Hunter only weapons) (Acts as 1-hand fist for monk, 1-hand Xbow for DH)

+300-450 Holy Damage (Monk Only)
+350-500 Fire Damage (Demon Hunter Only)
+150 - 200 Dex
+10% Attack Speed (Monk Only)
+10% Crit Chance (Demon Hunter Only)
50% Bonus to current Spirit Regen or Hatred
+2 additional properties
-While using this weapon the normal 'Attack' becomes:
Fires Holy Arrows (Long range, single target attack) enemies hit with these receive 100% increased holy damage for 5 seconds (Monk Only)
Delivers Blast Fist, (Short range, Aoe punch) enemies hit with this take 60% additional Fire damage and burn for 4 seconds.
-Nephilim Combo: If allied with another class wielding this weapon besides yourself, you gain 50% of their weapon bonuses as well (+175-250 Fire damage + 5% crit chance (Monk); 150-225 Holy damage + 5% attack speed (Demon Hunter)

The idea of this weapon is 2 fold. A offer class specific weapon for 2 classes that completely changes how the class plays. Makes the Monk into a long-range shooter/caster and gives a big boost to spirit regen and attack speed to support it while making the Demon Hunter into a Melee brusier, all by modifying how the unused 'Attack' skill works. They get the benefit of playing the class differently with an 'additional skill' but give up a normal skill slot to use it and are forced to focus their damage either into Holy (Monk) or Fire (Demon Hunter). Finally the last bonus is that if a Monk and DH are in the same game with the same weapon, they gain additional bonuses, encouraging team play. I feel this could create some very interesting and not often seen builds.

And an armor suggestion:

Celestial Barrier
Chest Armor

+200-250 Vitality
+70-80 All Resist
Reduces damage from Melee/Ranged by 5-6%
Reduces damage from Elites by 5%
Block chance increased 5-7%
Regenerate Health 300-600 per second
-5000/5000 Durability
- When you are struck, there is a 20% chance you will receive 75% less damage after defenses, but this armor will lose 2-10 durability each time this happens.
-Highly increased repair cost (normal repair costs for durability losses up to 500 lost, but after that begins accelerating rapidly in cost to repair)

The idea with this armor is to create a strictly highly defensive armor. This may be useful to classes that strive to get hit less so they activate it less, thus not increasing the cost a ton. It will be less useful to classes who get hit all the time, but may be useful to temporarily switch in to deal with high-spike damage threats. Because the affect has a chance, it may not always work. The idea is to create a possible high-risk reward item. It's certainly safer to have mix on your gear and have a chest piece that gives your main stat, but maybe wearing this armor encourages you to run more damage on your other equipment. Maybe this armor would be useful to someone 'tanking' for his team as well?

My main point is: A) We need stuff that encourages use of skills, not forcing. B) We need stuff that is kinda weird and complicated, but with payoffs for understanding how it works, C) We need stuff that uses the current systems in place. Seriously, why is durability in the game if you don't plan to do something weird or abnormal with it? Make it mean something.
Legendary items that alter skill graphics would be cool?

White ring
+30-60 dmg
+10-20% random element absorb (fire/ice/poison/lightning) *no all resist but absorb!
+ 150-200 main stat
+4.5-6% CC
+7-9% IAS
+1 random

- the CC chance and IAS will make every one valuable but the ones that roll +vit +all res or + CHD will be the nice ones.

A super rare Bind on account ammy with

- allows two runes on (random) skill

This would be something that you find and say, wow ill build a character around that!

Occy Ring

+15-25% weapon dmg
+(random element) does 1-10% more damage
+100-150 int
+50-100 vit
+1 socket
+1 random roll

Barb 2h weapon
1-2500 dmg
1.00 swings per second

+10-50% dmg
+.20-.30 swings per second
1 open sockets (with chance of rolling 2)
+ health globes give +25,000 health
+ 15 yard pickup radius
+ 1% chance on crit for enemy to drop a health globe
+1 random

i liked the idea of items you can build a character around. adding a set where each item increases a specific skills dmg by a small % then when you equip the full set it gives an additional bonus to said skill... or gear that changes what a skill does... like a monk set that changes mantra of healing to a spirit draining aura that provides like 5% health per sec for self and all allies nearby at the cost of like 10 resource per sec. has a 30 sec cooldown and lasts for 20 sec or until out of resource... ofc equiping the item would remove any rune bonuses or other bonus provided by the skill ect.
While the ideas below are not necessarily only for Legendaries, they obviously could fit. As I state in the quote, people need to start thinking of unique affixes... Not the typical ones the devs are trying to move focus away from. Think of new affixes that aren't only about massive power or almost perfect defense. Linear, people... Linear. :)

There needs to be affixes that are more than just straight %+ to damage, resists, +1 to skills, etc.. Not bashing anyone for suggesting those, but they are already ingame.

I think most of the new affixes should be linear type additions, along with being interesting; not just a ball-size war. That way, players aren't stuck on what the devs and players are trying to get away from... Only looking for damage, crit, speed, and resists.

I also think it would be cool if these types of affixes had different roll values.

Ideas (with roll example under each):

Holy Enemy - 3-5 Dodges in a row spawns the Holy Enemy. The apparition will continuously heal you for 300-500 HP every second for 30-45s. At the end of the duration, the Holy Enemy will turn on the player and have a 5-20% chance to be an elite mob.

Holy Enemy roll example: 4 Dodges - 372 Heal - 41 seconds - 9% chance at elite mob


Slow Time - Enemy movement and attacks within 5-10 yard radius slow down by 50-75% for 5-10s - 1-3% proc chance on hit - Affix can stack up to 6%

Slow Time roll example: 8 yard radius - 61% slow for 7 seconds - 1% proc chance


Melt - Affected enemy raises into the air and melts. Any enemy hit by melting flesh has their armor rating lowered by 10%-25% for 5-15s - 1-3% proc chance on hit - Affix can stack up to 6%

Melt roll example: Lowered armor rating to 22% for 13s - 3% proc chance


Black Hole - A dark aura around the player causes a Black Hole which pulls enemies within a 15-30 yard radius into it. Effects lasts 10-25s.

Black Hole roll example: 24 yard radius for 15s.


Hypothermia - 3-5 Blocks in a row causes the player to be encrusted in ice. Any enemy within 1-3 yards takes damage at 2-5% of their total HPs. An individual target can be damaged every 1-3 seconds. Effect lasts for 15-25s. After the duration, every skill with a cooldown 1 minute or under is set at 75-90 seconds. Timers return to normal after that period.

Hypothermia roll example: 3 blocks - 2 yard radius - 4% damage - 2s interval - 19s duration - 81s cooldown penalty


Locust Swarm - Causes enemies outside the range of 10-20 yards to be blinded and unable to attack the player with ranged attacks. Effect lasts 5-10s. 1-2% proc chance on damage taken from ranged attacks. Can stack affix to 4%.

Locust Swarm roll example: Outside 14 yard range - 8s duration - 1% proc chance


Quicksand - Ranged attacks have a 1-3% chance to sink enemies into the ground for 5-10s and they are unable to melee. Once enemies are able to move, their melee damage is decreased by 10-25% for 10-20s.

Quicksand roll example: 2% proc chance - Enemy sinks for 9 seconds - Melee damage decrease of 16% for 14s - Affix can stack up to 6%




I realize that all of these ideas and/or details wouldn't work, but I'm just giving examples of what I think the affixes should start moving towards and there should be a ton of them implemented. Players can start making lots of different choices, which causes more gear to be desired instead of automatically being vendored after ID'ing it.

Now for a new spin on affixes... Cosmetic. They can be in addition to, not in place of, effective affixes. All cosmetic affixes can be turned off per item if desired:

Normal Cloak - Equips character with a normal cloak. (Affix roll would be with regard to color).

Hooded Cloak - Equips character with a hooded cloak. (Affix roll would be with regard to color).

Assassin Hood - Equips character with an assassin hood. (Affix roll would be with regard to color).

Diamond Skin - Player's body and armor is completely encrusted with a layer of diamonds.

Ruby Skin - Player's body and armor is completely encrusted with a layer of rubies.

Emerald Skin - Player's body and armor and is completely encrusted with a layer of emeralds.

Platinum Skin - Player's body and armor is completely encased in a thin layer of platinum.

Gold Skin - Player's body and armor is completely encased in a thin layer of gold.

Silver Skin - Player's body and armor is completely encased in a thin layer of silver.

Ghost - Player takes on a ghostly efffect.

Fire - Player has a fire aura covering body.

Ice - Player has an ice aura covering body.

Earth - Player has an earthly aura covering body.

I already posted some suggestions I came up with in a matter of 30 minutes here:
However since I am really passionate about it I've spent some more time on this topic here I go:

22. More on the shield topic: badass shield affix which gives you a chance (10-50%) for 250% weapon damage _small to medium_ area around your character whenever you block. If this damage is significant people will actually regard helm of command and other % block items as a dps increase in that specific build [when balancing the number that should be a guideline: if a helm of command with 6% crit chance is compared to 6% crit chance mempo of twilight, for the specific person specializing on shield techniques he should have roughly the same dps (not necessarily in char screen since this is proc on hit)]
Also give us more % block items on legendaries and rares!

23. A just-for-fun legendary item that has 10% chance on attack to cast ANY skill you have regardless of resource cost or cooldown. I have the impression devs value the "just for fun" aspect quite a bit. Even tho my personal opinion is items and skills should ALWAYS ALWAYS WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS be useful and be able to outshine every other item as long as they are put in the perfect context, I would really support the idea of completely random skill cast.

24. Item with an aura that damages everything on the screen every second (low-very low % weapon damage 15-25 maybe) or just 18 yards around you [possibly 5 yards+ your pickup range make pickup range useful for all classes that would make it really exciting] but with the smaller range damage increases to 50-100% weapon damage per second. (I've said many times this is NOT overpowered just look at the amounts of damage people are doing with their full combos they are lightyears away from simple 100% dmg per second)
Suggested item type for this affix would be a weapon, fire weapon with fire dmg aura every second!The counterpart to this is another 1 handed weapon with same aura, but this time its frost damage that procs every 3 seconds and slows everything hit by low-medium amount for 1 second.
Also possibly add an amazing set bonus for this frost and blaze symbiosis, maybe whenever a monster gets hit by both auras within 3 seconds they receive 15% more damage (or simply give a third aura granting 15% more damage, silly me). I know it's nothing new fire and ice blades but it surely sounds exciting to me!

25. This is not really an item/affix suggestion but it just came into my mind: items are more exciting when they represent something from the diablo universe known to us: name them after some badass demons we have fought in the past! Also we love to get set bonus stats, the more smaller sets we have the happier we are because we can combine them better and get more at the same time!

26. A very unique kind of weapon for your main hand: looks like a shield (it can be axe or whatever but the picture must include some kind of huge barricade) give % block chance, can have socket crit damage all the usual [and future] stuff you need and it's weapon damage = 15% of your armor. Possibly make it a 2 weapon set as well, the second one being a real shield or maybe same kind of shield-weapon (make it have some real sharp edges thorns razors) with weapon damage = 150% of allresist. Set bonus is you grant another 5% of your armor + 50% of your allresist as weapon damage (average damage).
This is probably a bit confusing (as if all the other things I write arent!) but it could be either 2 1h weapons at least one of which looks rather much like a shield. Or it could be 1h+shield, the shield simply giving average damage based on some of your defensive stats.

27. An item which replaces the first secondary skill of a class with one skill of another class (class rotation not just from random class). This is probably difficult to implement, balance (even tho not that much!) and is generally just too weird but hey, it might inspire someone!

28. When looking at my suggestion #14 (my previous post see link in the beginning) I'm thinking about of some really amazing proc effect: [very low chance once every 20 minutes if you continue to hit things permanently] you slowly realize your screen gets darker and darker suddenly theres darkness everywhere (possibly those tiny shadow spawn things drop out of nowhere) and you hear some quiet, evil yet not too dorky laugh and see some kind of portal appearing right next to you (a bit like the imp portals in kulles dungeon theres this funny effect when they appear out of nowhere) and you realize how terror of diablo (the 2nd phase of the real boss) slowly materializes right where you stand. He immediatly casts his circle of fire. You are free to kill him now. He is slightly tougher than the normal version, but nothing like the ubers, just a casual boss. He has a 25-45% chance to drop a legendary item with guaranteed useful stat for your class (when its an item that can roll 200 str dex int etc, also no dh cloak when you are playing barbarian etc)
Possible name for this item: [ring] Pure essence of evil This ring has a patch of black, blurry energy lingering on top of it. When you look at it you feel as if the very space infront of you will unfold and suck you into an endless stream of blackness.
/weird attempt at lore

29. Chance on hit (once every 60 seconds on average) : You store 20% of all damage you deal over the next 7 seconds. Your next ability releases a nova around you dealing 100% of the stored damage to everything around you (full screen would be nice, or then again make it scale with pickup range).

30. Number 29 with damage taken instead of damage dealt, maybe longer duration (10-15 seconds) and some amplifier so it's worth

31. [low-medium] Chance to spawn one arcane sentry when hitting. The arcane sentry deals 400% weapon damage per tick. (im not exactly sure how arcane sentry works but lets say if you just walk through it's 400% weapon damage but ifyou stand still and it passes over you you take like 800-1200%) Make the sentry be a dark red color, and well call it blood sentry or something.

32. 7% chance to cause a minor earthquake when attacking, stunning all opponents around you (5yrds+pickup range or just some 20 fixed yards) for 1.5 seconds.

33. An item that has a chance to activate a selfbuff on hit (roughly every 60 seconds, maybe use internal cooldown or just adjust the proc chance, it's epic to have 3 amazing buffs proc right after the previous one): damage from element x increased by 70% for the next 12 seconds.

34. [Name: Demonic rite -insert item type-] Chance to turn into one of the demon's the coven acolytes turn into if you don't disrupt them early enough - for 10 seconds you turn into a ravaging beast with 3.0 attacks per second dealing 350% weapon damage with each attack (can only autoattack) You also have the charge skill they usually have and can activate it up to 3 times (3 second cooldown)

35. Affix: turn's all average and elemental damage from your equipment to one single random element. Use this with other single element damage amplyfiers.

36. Has the wizard skill Storm armor while equipped. Random rune. (Would allow for some interesting wizard builds if the item this affix is on makes them sacrifice something large like for example crit damage and crit chance from amulet, but opens up a skill slot for them at the same time)

37. Drops a single spike trap without any rune where you stand every x seconds. x could be 5-15.

38. Your damage is increased by 10% of (all damage done in last x seconds)/(x) - aka your average dps for the last x seconds.

39. Two handed weapon. 0.75 attackspeed. Deals 1950-2350 damage (dps = 2200). 50 vit. No other affixes possible. (balance the numbers so that it can compete with others)

Okay I realize my ideas become more and more weird, less straightforward amazing effects more *interesting* things that are maybe not fitting that well. I'll be stopping for now but if a blue happens to bump again I'll do some more! This post took me some 45 minutes to think of and write.
In my opinion, what really needs improvement is the rune system, there should be another row under the current one making the skill cuztomization a little more ''free of choice'', like elemental damage or whatever.

so the items is just a bonus to the fact that the character it self is already a ''boss''

well anyways, thats the feeling you get when you take the time to listen to all the cinematics, the characters technically survived hell ( diablo 2).

Anyways, you guys are on the right path, you dont really need ideas, you just need to add more variety of the same quality.

edit: thats what the game needs right now, like yesturday ;), but in the future it'll be cool to have new legendary stats, what would be cool is a system where there are already stats on the legendary,and then you id the random stats that comes with the legendary, cool threads!
===========================================Fang of FrozensteinLegendary Wand865.5-1028.9 DPS553.4-(683-916.4) Damage1.40Attacks per Second- +400-(500-600) Cold Damage- +30-40% Damage- Cold Skills Deal 20-25% more damage- +10-20 Maximum Arcane Power (Wizard Only)- +5-8 Arcane Power on hit (Wizard Only)- 30-50% Chance to Freeze targets for 2 seconds on hitO Empty Socket

Too much freeze chance. 20-30% might be a little more reasonable. Freeze is just to overpowering especially if you have a high hit rate.
Ghoom's Severed Gut: (Legendary Belt)
Armor: 265-305. Item Level: 63.

.Increase Chance of Finding a Health Globe By: 25-45%.
.Health Globes and Potions Grant 7500-15000 life.
.Increases Gold and Health Pickup Radius By 15-35 Yards.
.Wearer is Immune to Poison Damage.
.Ghoom's Glutony*.
.Ghoom's Never Ending Famine*1.

Absolutely love this! Maybe numbers are a bit too high but still!

Vampire Gaze
Legendary Helm
797-957 Armor

- +400-500 Armor
- Adds 5-6% to Cold Damage
- 3.50-4.00% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
- One of 5 Properties
------ Increase Fury Regeneration by 2-3 per Second (Barbarian Only)
------ Increase Discipline Regeneration by 1-2 per Second (Demon Hunter Only)
------ Increase Spirit Regeneration by 3-5 per Second (Monk Only)
------ Increase Mana Regeneration by 10-20 per Second (Witch Doctor Only)
------ Increase Arcane Power Regeneration by 10-20 per Second (Wizard Only)
- Reduces Damage from All Attacks by 15-20%
- 5.0-10.0% Chance to Freeze Targets on hit
O Empty Socket

While I love the idea of reintroducing the Vamp Gaze and all of these ideas are awesome, the stats on this particular one would pretty much trivialize the game.

Agree 100%


Remove CD of Zombie Wall so that it only has a 5 second cooldown or so when combined with some other gear. We don't want an invincible WD but using wall of zombies more often would be fun.

This!!! But I would like to be able to reduce the cooldown to 1 second without having to use every possible cd reducing item. (like if cd is 25 now give 4 slots the ability to reduce cd up to 8-10 seconds, also dunno how to deal with the shorter pileup cd, maybe just leave it the way it is nobody uses it anyway if its no cooldown somebody might use it. It's not like its gonna be stronger than 0 cd sacrifice)

I really love the idea of making a triangle around you with zombie wall so stuff cant reach you! and also trap enemies. This would make wd 100% more fun, this change alone!

2-Handed X-bow
RESPECTABLE (but unremarkable) DAMAGE
Increases damage done by 100% when below 20% life.

Very interesting
Legendary Shield

1200-1500 armor
30% extra block chance
71-90 All resistances
+1 Magic attributes.
Has slot
5% CC

Every time you get a succesful block, u have a 25% chance of emiting a sonic wave in a cone in front of you, knocking back and stunning enemies for 1.5 seconds.
Vampire GazeLegendary Helm797-957 Armor- +400-500 Armor- Adds 5-6% to Cold Damage- 3.50-4.00% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life- One of 5 Properties------ Increase Fury Regeneration by 2-3 per Second (Barbarian Only)------ Increase Discipline Regeneration by 1-2 per Second (Demon Hunter Only)------ Increase Spirit Regeneration by 3-5 per Second (Monk Only)------ Increase Mana Regeneration by 10-20 per Second (Witch Doctor Only)------ Increase Arcane Power Regeneration by 10-20 per Second (Wizard Only)- Reduces Damage from All Attacks by 15-20%- 5.0-10.0% Chance to Freeze Targets on hitO Empty Socket

Looks good. Powerful but not over the top.

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