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All these items still have the boring type of attributes in the current D3....

Jay Wilson's Bane
Ceremonial Knife

+150-200 Int
+% damage
+crit whatever
+some other badass stats
Grants the ability to summon 2 un-runed gargantuans
The irie jams of Mob Barley follow in your wake, mon!

*edit copyright
Blood Ring of Deceit

+ 2 rand Affixs (no stat rolls)
+ 150 - 300 vita

Wearers total Dex/Int/Str is removed and added to Vita
All stat perks (Armour/Dodge/AR/Damage) are reduced by 50% and now receved from Vita

Allows wearer to equip any class specific items
Juggernaut's Stand (ilvl 63 legendary boots)

+71-80 Resistance to All Elements
+51-60 Physical Resistance
+241-265 Armor
Reduces damage from melee attacks by 5-6%
Reduces damage from ranged attacks by 5-6%
Reduces duration of control impairing effects by 40-50%
-8~12% Movement speed (yes, MINUS)

+ 2 Random magic property

40-50% CC reduction isn't really OP because they suffer from huge diminishing returns. Note that diminishing returns do not apply if you only have a single source of CC reduction. So if you equip Juggernaut's Stand with 50% CC reduction, you're still guaranteed to have minimum of 50% CC reduction.

Now for theorycrafting - lets say you have:

Juggernaut's Stand (50%)
Barbarian Juggernaut passive (20%)
Gladiator Gauntlets (Max 12%)
Helm (max 14%)
Amulet (max 14%)
x 2 Rings (max 14%)
Inna's Favor (Max 14%)
Shield (Max 14%)

Then the resulting CC reduction is 1-[(1-0.5)(1-0.8)(1-0.88)(1-0.86)^6] = 0.858 = 85.8%

instead of 166%. So like dodge chance, you can never reach 100% CC reduction purely from these gear. It's not even close.

And movement speed reduction... I think it fits the theme. This boots give extreme defense but at the cost of mobility. Otherwise it will be too OP.
These ideas seem really cool, and seem to do a good job at introducing new play without invalidating old play, which is important to me.

These are my suggestions for game changing legends. I'm still updating the post as I get new ideas for legs. The aim's to make at least one for each slot.

What my items are trying to accomplish is that, by not using the common dps and survivability affixes, or applying them into an unusual fashion; builds, underpowered skills, and play-styles can be produced. You could say that these items are intended to provide a new way of looking into the old affixes and/or being good alternatives to current BiS. Item's that you could build your skill's and char around them.
Ghoom's Severed Gut: (Legendary Belt)
Armor: 265-305. Item Level: 63.

.Increase Chance of Finding a Health Globe By: 25-45%.
.Health Globes and Potions Grant 7500-15000 life.
.Increases Gold and Health Pickup Radius By 15-35 Yards.
.Wearer is Immune to Poison Damage.
.Ghoom's Glutony*.
.Ghoom's Never Ending Famine*1.

*. Every time the wearer consumes a health globe and is healed by it there's a 25% of Ghoom's Severed Gut spawning a stationary Poison Cloud of 5 yards. The Cloud deals 1500% weapon damage over 10 secs as Poison damage type. If a creature's killed within the cloud it's spawns an adjacent Cloud with the same properties. Each cannot spawn more then 2 other Clouds in this way. Clouds cannot stack upon each other.

*1. When inside of a Poison Cloud the wearer recieves a 5% movement bonus. Futhermore, every time the wearer consumes a health globe and is healed by it he/she gains 1% movement speed to a maximum of 15%. The bonus last 10 secs and is reset by consuming a health globe. The increased speed of both bonuses is not counted towards the movement cap.

The stench is revolting to my guts; felling it wrapped around my belly, trying to free itself brings an intense chilling to my spine; the sight of it's almost unbearable to my eyes; the sounds that it makes as it consumes my foes is nightmarish, and yet I feel depply attached to it, a viceral feeling; not mentioning I've never been this hungry my whole life.
Arreat's Sacred Striders (Legendary Boots)
Armor: 309-355. Item Level: 63. (The artwork should be that of the astral greaves.)

.10-20% Life.
.10% Chance of Casting Ground Stomp/Wrenching Smash When Hit.
.5% Chance of Casting Earthquake/Chilling Earth When Hit.
.Immune to Frozen and Cold Damage.
.All Creatures In a Radius of 15-20 Yards Have Their Movement Speed Decreased by Half.
.The Sacred Pledge.*

*. Whenever the wearer takes damage equal or more then 15% of his health pool, an Ancient Barbarian Ghost is summoned. The base damage of the Ghost will be 60% of the wearer. It will randomly spawn with 1 out 5 abillities: Weapon Throw/Ricohet; Seismic Slam/Rumble; Rend/Ravage; HoTA/Birthright; Whirlwind/Dust Devils. All abilities damage correspond to that of the skill. The Ghosts last until they're killed. No more then 5 Ghosts can be active simultaenously.
[The Ghosts share the same traits as a Wd Zombie Dog]

The Spirit Clan was the guardian of all the tribes ancestors, the keepers of their souls; forever bounded to Arreat. The leader and most revered amongst them was the elder shaman. Whevever great peril approached the mountain, he would travel around Arreat, his footsteps awakening the tribes spirits to the coming battle, after all Death was nothing compared to their oath.
The Shadow Matrix (Legendary Tiara)
Armor:397-457. Item Level: 63. (Artwork: A small black stone attached to the wearer's forehead.)

.12-24% Movement Speed.
.025-050 Attacks per Second.
.Increases Damage Against Elites by 25-50%
.Slippery Shadow.*
.Shadow Infusion.*1
.Shadow Blood.*2

*. Whenever the wearer is subject to a control impairing effect or curse there's 25% chance that it will be negated. When it happens the wearer also gains a 50% movement speed boost for 2 seconds.

*1. Whenever the wearer is hit there's a 5% chance of the shadow infusion to be activated. For 15 secs. the wearer gains immunity to physical damage and 25% resistance to other damage types. Every attack has 10% chance to kill any non-elite/rare monster it hits, regardless of the damage. Whenever a creature's killed that way it explodes dealing 180% weapon damage to everyone in 15 yard radius. The Shadow Infusion ability cannot be activated more then once every 45 seconds.
[the wearer's appearance become similar to Shadow Power/Gloom but without the green wings].

*2. Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage bonuses provided by: Gear, Passives and Skills, aren't applied to the wearer's overall damage. All bonuses provided by the Wearer's Gear are instead, converted as following: All Critical Hit Chance in gear is converted to Min-Max Damage on ratio of 1%=1-10 damage. And critical Hit Damage in gear is converted on the ratio of 50%=150 life regeneration, 100 armor, 10 all resistance.
[Critical Hit % still applies to crit calculating effects such as BF:ItF, Vengeance, Critical Mass, etc...]

The Shadow, The Darkness, The Abyss. All different names to the same Entity. It isn't necessarily evil as The Light isn't necessarily good. They are just parts of this universe's Creation, one feeding the other, in the never ending cycle we call Life. It's way, The Shadow Way, of 'loving' those that embrace it is to infuse it's very essence onto them. Therefore to choose that path, that love, is to become par of the Shadow itself. Choose carefully, young one, but choose with your soul. For there's no coming back after you've choosen.


M'avina's Deflectors (Legendary Bracers)
Armor: 220-253. Item Level: 63.

.15% Chance to Dodge. (Not subject to diminishing returns).
.400-750 Armor.
.Increases Gold and Health Pickup Radius 20-25 Yards.
.M'avina's Strategical Retreat.*
.M'avina's Counter-Attack.*1
.M'avina's Deflection.*2

*. Whenever the wearer takes damage that would otherwise kill he/she, that damage is negated and the wearer backflips 20 yards. After the flip the wearer gains invulnerability for 2 secs. That effect cannot be triggered more then once per minute.

*1. Whenever the wearer dodge's a melee attack there's a 10% chance that a counter-attack will be iniciated. If the monster is not an elite/boss/rare it's automaticaly killed. Elites/Bosses/Rares that are hit take 100% weapon damage and are stunned for 2 secs.

*2. Whenever the wearer is subject to a ranged attack and dodge's it the projectile is thrown back at the attacker. The maximum reach of the counter attack's determined by your pickup radius.

Instead of blabbering about how many arrows per minute you can shoot, or how far can you throw your javelin young one, know that, in combat, the first rule's to stay alive. A dead Amazon can't kill anything.

These ideas seem really cool, and seem to do a good job at introducing new play without invalidating old play, which is important to me.
Sorcerer's Barbarian Blade
Legendary 2H-Sword
1078.3–1558.6 DPS

(729–990)–(1053–1563) Damage
1.21–1.22 Attacks per Second

- +143–286 Minimum Damage
- +191–381 Maximum Damage
- +41–50% Damage
- +208-360 Intelligence
- Increases Attack Speed by 10–11%
- +10-20 Maximum Arcane Power (Wizard Only)
- +20-30 Arcane Power on Crit (Wizard Only)
- Chance to summon a Barbarian Horde on Crit
- Sword glows and flairs when returning Arcane Power
- +2 Random Magic Properties

The basic idea here is to make a 2H Sword that's really viable for Wizards at a higher level of play. The very high AP On Crit is to make up for not having the multiple proc chances that a source and main-hand would normally give. The "Barbarian Horde" is meant to be between say, 5 and 10 generic Barbarian spirits that can take a bit of damage and deal a little out, basically something to stand between you and the enemy for at least a few seconds. Less damage than even Zombie Dogs but not by too much.

The back-story I made up for this weapon is that in the distant past a wandering Sorcerer saved a Barbarian's life from a marauding Demon and in recognition of the debt owed the Barbarian gave him his prized blade which the Sorcerer used on his adventures as a sign of respect and it picked up traces of his power over time.


Set Idea

Tools of the Bloodletter

Orb of Blood
Set Source

- + (80-130)-(250-484) Damage
- +180-260 Intelligence
- +8.0-12.0% Critical Hit Chance
- +80-100% Chance to inflict Bleed for (5000-8000)-(12,000-15,000) over 5 seconds
- +Reduces Physical Resistance by 10-20%
- Leave a trail of blood in your path (could be purely cosmetic or could slow and damage enemies)
- +2 Random Affixes

Personally I picture this Source as a blood-red orb that, instead of the eye theme of the Occulus and Tal Rasha's orbs has a gaping mouth and appears to be dripping with blood. This is meant as a very offensive item that loves to inflict pain and spill blood, even that of it's user!

Blood Drinking Wand
Set Wand
-1.53-1.56 Attacks Per Second

- + (200-296) Minimum Damage
- + (300-400) Maximum Damage
- +40-50% Damage
- + 150-200 Intelligence
- + 50-100 Vitality
- + 15-20 Arcane Power on Inflict Bleed
- + 9-11% Increased Attack Speed
- 10-20% Chance to inflict Bleed on the Wielder for (500-800)-(900-1,200) Damage over 5 seconds
+1 Random Affix
O Empty Socket

-This curiously sharp wand seems to lash out at those around and wounds caused by the weapon seem to seep blood.

Set Bonus
2 Pieces

- When Striking a Bleeding enemy has a 5% chance (modified by proc coefficient) to cause them to drop a health globe
- +20 Pickup Radius

Thought this made for a rather interesting set of trade offs with a cool synergy between the orb and the set, the extra physical damage could be countered by use of the Blur passive and the chance to drop Health Globes and extra pickup radius make for a more involved Sustain mechanic than "hit things a lot" and the lack of sustain naturally occurring in the set makes for a potentially extremely valuable affix while having to decide between that and Crit Damage on the weapon.


Hat of the Third Eye
Legendary Wizard Hat (Wizard Only)
360-414 Armor

+ 5-6% Arcane Damage
+ 150-200 Intelligence
+ 9-10 Arcane Power on Crit (Wizard Only)
+ 10-15 Maximum Arcane Power (Wizard Only)
+ 5-6% Critical Hit Chance
+ 15-25% Damage to Channeled Spells
Reduce Duration of Control Impairing Effects by 15-20%
While casting a Channeled Spell your Intelligence is added to your Dexterity for determining your Dodge Chance.
O Empty Socket

This mystical hat emblazoned with an ancient sigil grants gifted wearers the ability to see a few seconds into the future while channeling the energy of a spell.
The Brimstone
Legendary Amulet

Meelee attackers take 980-1454 damage per hit.
+ 1972-2878 Life after Each kill.
Health Globes and Potions grant 5978-12794 life
Reduces duration of control impairing effects by 12%
1 random affix

Sorry can't resist...
for Monk

Chance to cast all 3 strikes of Fists of Thunder at once.
Monk Class (2 piece set)

Jared Cains' Amulet

Armor: 200
+ 150-230 Dexterity
+ 150-230 Vitality
+ Increase Pickup Radiup by 5-7 yards
+ 1 Random Affix

Jared Cains' Espadrille (Boots)

8%-12% Movement Speed Increase
+ 5 Random Affix

Set Bonus(2)
+ 35% Chance to "Phase" out of existance for 3-5 seconds. (Players are free to move through enemies and walls without resistance)
+ Creates a continues Blinding Light Aura (particle effect) around the player causing a 5-15% Chance to Blind enemies within a 10 yard radius (proc rate 1 sec)
+ 1-160 All resist (Based on Paragon Level)
+ 1-160 Dexterity (Based on Paragon Level)
+ 1-160 Vitality (Based on Paragon Level)
+ 1.00-5.00 Spirit Regeneration
+ 25% Chance to Cast Blinding Light upon hit

Wizards Class (5 piece set)

Nor Tirajs' Lost Journal (Source)

+ 5% to Poison Damage
+ 150-230 Intelligence
+ 150-230 Vitality
+ 20 to Maximum Arcane Power
+ 7-10 Arcane Power on Critical Hit

Nor Tirajs' (Shoulder)

+ 5% to Fire Damage
+ 350 to Armor
+ 150-230 Intelligence
+ 150-230 Vitality
+ Increased Pickup Radius by 5-7 Yards

Nor Tirajs' Cinture (Belt)

+ 5% to Lightning Damage
+ 150-230 Intelligence
+ 5-9% Increased Attack Speed
+ 2 Random Affix

Nor Tirajs's Enchanted Sapphire

+ 5% to Cold Damage
+ 150-230 Intelligence
+ 50-100 Critical Hit Damage
+ 2 Random Affixes

Nor Tirajs' Enigma Ring

+ 5% to Arcane Damage
+ 150-230 Intelligence
+ 4.0-6.0 Critical Hit Chance
+ 3 seconds to Skillrune Wormhole
+ 2 Random Affixes

Set Bonus(4)
+ 'X' All resist based on Arcane Power Level
+ 'X' to Intelligence Based on Arcane Power Level
+ 'X' to Vitality basid on Arcane Power Level
+ 5%' to all Elemental Damage

Set Bonus(5)
+ Creates a constant aura of Arcane energy that emits from the character causing a 3.5 Arcane Regeneration per second
+ 35% Chance to transform into Archon form on hit, but retaining current skill selection and not the abilities of Archon Form

If you like please thumb up :)
Chancey Feast
+whatever stats whatever
Your pets crave the delicious animal protein of Chancey Feast, giving them a 2% chance to increase their damage by 20% after each strike

+(xx) to (Fury • Hatred and Discipline • Spirit • Mana • Arcane Power)
Regenerate (Fury • Hatred and Discipline • Spirit • Mana • Arcane Power) +30%
All Resistances +5
+1 to Pickup Radius
This is my rendition of a pet master set items for the Witch Doctor and I think these would be build defining and fun!

Libanza The Pack Master
Off hand:
• +(28-110)-(29-405)
• +170-200 Vit
• Critical Hit Chance 8-8.5%
• One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
- Regenerates 350-535 Life per Second
- Reflect Damage affix (only if they fix it to be viable)
• 2 of Three Magic Properties
- Increases the maximum number of zombie dogs by 1-2, (max 6 using zombie handler)
- 2 Gargantuans are summoned instead of one but their damage is decreased by 50-65% (I give credit to the person who came up with this idea I read it in a thread a while ago on the WD forum but can’t remember who posted it but I really liked it so thanks!)
- Fetishes fight by your side for 25-35 seconds instead of 20 seconds and grants them Force Armor and AoE damage reduction (same as zombie dogs), for fetishes summoned by Fetish Sycophants and Gidbinn, they only receive the Force Armor and AoE damage reduction(the time they last stays the same.)
• + 1 Random Magic Property

Libanza's Bestial Rage
Voodoo Mask:
• +65-80 Resistance to All Elements
• One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
+ 170-200 Intelligence
+90-120 Intelligence
• One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
- Regenerates 350-535 Life per Second
- Reflect Damage Affix ( only if they fix it to be viable)
• Increases Damage Done by Summons by 35-50% but Decreases the Damage Done by your skills by 35-50%(not sure of the numbers)
• + 1 Random Magic Properties
• Empty Socket

Libanza's Wrath
Set bonus:
(2) Set:
+130 Vitality
There is a chance that your summons will infect your enemy with the plague that will spread to nearby enemies and deals 120% weapon damage over 8 seconds
Note: Chance of proc would be around 5% max, it would be nice to see it activate approximately every 10-15sec on average but of course you would go through dry streaks as well as good streaks and would work like Locust Swam.

Additional comments:
The Summon Damage bonus is a straight 35-50%, for example your zombie dogs would do 44%-59% weapon damage instead of 9%, whereas your skills do 35-50% less so for example for zombie bears each bear would do 200% x 0.65= 133.25% weapon damage , with the 35% damage reduction to your skills. It is important that the decrease is to the % of weapon damage your skills do and not to your actual DPS due to the fact that your summons damage scales off of your DPS. Of course these numbers I have for the decrease and increase to damage might not be balanced but I want it to be that you can deal some damage yourself but the bulk of your damage comes from your summons, you should play more of the support role to you pets.

Gargantuan Damage, with perfect rolls on the Voodoo mask and offhand deals 150% and if you have 2 Gargantuans their max damage would be 75% weapon damage ( with no rune)
- With Humongoind Rune Max damage would be 180%, but with 2 Gargantuans it would be 90%
- With Big Stinker Rune it would do the 150% per attack and then the poison cloud deals 15%+(50 x .15)=22.5%
Zombie Dogs, with perfect rolls
- With 6 dogs out they would be doing a combined DPS of 354% weapon damage
- Burning Dogs rune damage calculated the same as Big stinker rune
- Leeching Beast Rune, the life steal would have to be scaled back to account for the additional damage to balance out to what s was with them just doing 9% weapon damage

Fetish Damage, again with perfect roll on the voodoo mask they would do 70% weapon damage
- The force armour and AOE reductions would work exactly like zombie dogs(edit thanks for the idea Umbra!)

I chose Vitality for the main stat on the off hand and set bonus instead of Intelligence for better summon survivability. The life regeneration is for more survivability or reflect damage is for some more damage. One note about the reflect damage is that it should only be included if that affix is fixed. One idea that I have read to fix reflect damage was that it should work similar to how the reflect damage affix that elites have so basically reflects a % of any damage done back so it scales with MP.

EDIT: changed it so fetishes get force armour and AOE reduction rather than more health
Legendary Crossbow
740-1030 DPS
1.30-1.34 attacks per second
  • +(101-209)-(276-584)Cold Damage
  • Increases Attack Speed 9-12%
  • +185-220 Dexterity
  • One of 2 magic properties (varies)
    • Increase hatred regen by 1.15-1.39 per second
      Increase max disc by 6-9

  • Every second while in combat, fires rockets that deal 20% damage as Fire Damage
  • +1 Random Magic Property
  • O Empty Socket

    You're a daisy if you do
    Tireal's Set (yes that is the spelling, think Alucart)
    3 part set
    * each piece reduces damage dealt by x% (yes it makes you weaker), and has x% chance to cause random status ailments to the wearer when hit - things like poisoned, fear, immobilized, silenced, potions use cooldown, blind, maybe Iron Maiden
    * full set bonus grants +(stupidly high number) MF, entirely separate from other MF gear and goes above the 300 hard cap AND +(very high) exp gained
    I'd like to see the King's Sword of Haste make a reappearance, in all of its former glory. I sure do miss that sword, takes me back to my college days every time I think about it.

    Give me items that I can strive for to build around, a centerpiece per se', much like a sports franchise builds around their star player. Those "centerpiece" items could lead to very different build possibilities in order to maximize their effectiveness.

    Think of it like the NBA, NFL, or MLB, they have centerpieces, quality, and complements. The AH is kinda like free agency and the draft combined. Oh my, what would something like a salary cap do to things here? That would be an interesting twist.
    Yamata no Orochi
    Lengendary Ring

    Increases Hydra duration to 45 Second.
    You can now have up to 8 Hydras active at a time.
    Hydras will now follow you (like d2 druid vines)
    +150-200 Int
    +3 random magic properties
    Saw this on reddit, thought it was awesome!!!!

    "Please create a Legendary for each Diablo 2 Rune Words Items!
    I play DH as main and would like to see more diversity in 2h xbows, so:
    2 Handed Crossbow
    800-1200 dps
    1.20 atk speed
  • +(143–286)–(334–667) Fire Damage
  • Critical Hit Damage Increased by 66-100%
  • One of 2 Magic Properties (varies):
    • +80–100 Dexterity
      +120–200 Dexterity

  • 15% chance to unleash a rain of fire arrows when you attack
  • Enemies killed within 3 seconds of being struck explode on death
  • 1 Random Magic Properties
  • 1 Open Socket
  • The art style would be a demon head with 4 barrels coming out of its mouth and the horns are the lath.

    Maybe some flavor text:
    "The fires fell swiftly; enigmatic heat upon them. A burning wasteland is born."

    What I wanted with this crossbow is a firm competitor to the Manticore. Destruction is the key theme, so the enemies exploding on death should trigger the exploding debuff in a chain reaction. The rain of fire arrows would be similar to Rain of Vengeance, maybe with the dark cloud ruin. We swap atk speed for the proc but it can still come in as a random roll, so the chance that this is better than a 1-socket Manticore exists. I kept the crit damage because that's one of the key features to a good weapon.
    03/08/2013 03:12 PMPosted by SocknBoppers
    Spike Thorn

    Thorns just has no place in the fast pace world of diablo 3. Should be removed in first place.
    An Armor piece (amulet, ring, chest, etc). Can only equip one (in case this is ring)

    -> remove an active skill slot, replace it with a passive skill slot when the said legendary is equipped.

    Reason 1, as a WD I sometimes feel I don't need the 4th skill slot. As most of the skill consumes mana, it is best to only chose few (2 offensive, 1 survival, 1 pet) and the last of the slot is almost useless. Making the useless slot to passive skill would be revolutionary to many new possible builds.

    Reason 2, as a DH, passive skill such as Archery + Cull of the weak or Take Aim or Perfectionist or Night Stalker are almost irreplaceable. It is not that other passive is not appealing, it's just that they are not as necessary as those passive skills listed above. To be honest all skill slot in DH is important, but sacrificing one for a passive skill slot might worth it for special type build.

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