So I just had a huge lag spike...server side

So me and Arions were just 2 manning in MP2 act 3 when a huge lag spike happened. Both of us were effected and it lasted more than 30 seconds before we both chose to force the program to shut down.

On a side note this seems to have happened at the same time everyones profiles updated. I remember getting huge lag in WoW when the servers would update every morning reseting daily quests and such. If this is gonna be an everyday thing they need to let us know.

Edit: I dont know if everyones profile reset or if it was just mine.I know its supposed to reset anytime you log out but for the past few days it hasnt been doing that for me.
it isn't just you, however, even though it wasn't severe as yours, my dh took about 8 seconds to walk to keeps entrance when it normally take 3 seconds. an enemy should up (normal mob) but didn't notice but my enchantress took care of it half way.

Im just glad it wasn't elite. tread carefully
I experienced it as well. Luckily I just happened to be playing my level 47 monk at the time.
Yeah, I think you might be on to something with some process on Blizzards side. As per my own one I had posted about earlier:

Again, my network monitoring software shows the packet loss isn't related to my ISP with the recent spikes I've been seeing but I also can't tell if it's AT&T's network (where the gaming servers are hosted) since their routers drop ICMP ping requests.

LSU, profiles have been buggy lately. It seems to be both a web API issue (like when profiles disappear completely) as well as a backend process (like when stats don't get updated).

Anyway, stay safe folks. I'm thinking of just taking a D3 break at this point before one of these actually does take me out.
Be careful folks!
Lagtency 3000!!!! I couldn't even walk out of the portal.
Lost my lvl20 dh. So lucky that I didn't play may p.38 monk lol.

I am a victim of this as well, just lost my para 12 barb. Pretty mad about this, because I honestly wasnt playing stupid and my gear was nice. I will fully admit that my first barb death was my fault because I was farming depths 2 and got wrecked by some fallen maniacs (shouldnt have been in there) but this time I died in crater 2, with pretty awesome gear for HC standards. My comp just cant hold up, for whatever reason I get way worse video lag on HC versus SC, not sure I can ever go back to HC, its a real shame because I was really starting to enjoy D3 again..... HC was a lot of fun, I just wish DC deaths werent an issue.

Best of luck to all!


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