DH - Ubbers MP10 (no leg Nats, no fast kill)

Demon Hunter
TL;DR First of all, i'm not a rapper. Second, it's not a fast kill. Just a humble personal gaming achievement.

Hi, I wanted to share with you what for me is a goal achieved with Diablo 3, a game that I've been playing since beta whenever i have sometime between work, university and wife. Although I left the game after the disaster of 1.03 selling everything for real money, I returned at 1.05 and started over to have some new fun. When I reached 80 paragon, I realized that I was bored of Paragon leveling and decided to go for the ubbers mp10 alone, without glorious clothes and without legacy natalyas but trying to not enrage bosses. What I recorded was my first time in ubbers mp10 and meant a lot to me because I have no great clothes and I haven't had much luck in the drops in all my near 1000 hours played (just a chantodos will sold for 145m). Ready for the battle, I started to try different builds and ways to play. Being the most light class in Diablo III, my purpouse was to tank as much as posible trying to not avoid the beatiful gamestyle of the ranged Demon Hunter. In the end, I did this and it's the most entertainment thing I can do in the game rigth now as the Paragon Leveling does not attract me because it has no difficulty and is ultimately alienating. Hopefully I can do it faster in the future, although I do not keep playing for now cause i have beaten this humble personal achievement.

This is not a "look how long my *@%@#%## is" thread, it's just a reminder to those players who don't use RMAH, don't play 12 hours a day, don't have a lot of luck with drops and are tired of mindless paragoning that you can reach specifics goals just focusing on them. This kind of achievement pays more and keeps the game alive a little bit more for you.

Anyways, if you go for it and want to watch it, go to make you a coffee cause its gonna take a bit.


thanks for reading/watching, Donstroke#1772 from Argentina.

Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/donstroke-1772/hero/3917522
Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#WQVgkh!fXV!ZacYcb
Diablo Progress: http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/donstroke-1772/Enthernamero/3917522
No NV stacks :/
I've made 4281490124912401 hellrings. No !@#$s givens. Read: No fast kill. :D

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