error 28010 (retrieving achievements)

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Just started this morning (5 Mar '13). Looking over notes and past posts I see it is probably a network issue. Hope it is solved soon. With this error condition does this also mean new achievements accomplished are not being logged or counted?
I got this error message this morning as well (was about to post on it until I saw this thread). I'm in Unique-hunting mode right now, but I don't want to run the risk of a 1:10,000 encounter not giving me a checked box because of a server glitch.
Not sure if this is a network or server error, but I know I accomplished at least one achievement and hoping it was recorded even the error 28010 is preventing me from seeing it.
Getting the error as well. Just started playing the Diablo 3 and know I am completing achievements in both Act 1 Challenges and Campaigns. Hope this is resolved ... sooner than later, esp if achievements are not being counted (I know there are multiple opportunities to complete the easier/beginning achievements, so not that worried). Just annoyed.
I won't be playing until this is fixed. Also don't want to take a chance of not receiving the check from unique hunting.
I also just started this morning 3/5/2013 and when i went to check my achievements I got an error 28010. I kept playing to see if it fixed itself later on. After defeating Diablo with a character I have never beat the game with. no achievement completions showed up. Hopefully once this is fixed they are still saved.
Same thing. When I join a game it says "Achievements are currently unavailable."
Same problem. Error #28010. Shows all my achievements gone. Hope it gets fixed soon.
made a topic but its gone but i got this is morning and have 0 achievements. notice this when i made a game ."Achievements are currently unavailable"so i hit y and got "There was an error retreving achievement data.(Error 28010)"
I also have no achievements... Hope ya'll fix this soon =)
The devs are aware of the issue (error 28010) and investigating it now. I have no additional information at this time nor do I have an ETA as to when it will be resolved.
Thank you for the update!
Yes, thank you for acknowledging the issue.
Okay, the problem is resolved ... not quite.

Whilst was having this problem I achieved level 60 with my second Wiizard and of course was not awarded the achievement.

According to online support "Customer Support cannot award or alter achievements in Diablo III. If an achievement is not awarded and you feel that it should be, please attempt the achievement’s criteria again."

Don't you think it ludicrous to ask a player to advance a hero from level 1 to level 60 again just because your technicians made an error?

I am not happy with this solution. Isn't there some way you can at least revert my charactrer back to level 59 instead of asking me to start all over again?

I'm 73 years old ... I may not have that much time left!

I'm making inquiries on your behalf, but I don't want to get your hopes up. If I hear anything back, I'll update you in this thread or if needed, send you an email.
yah i had the same issue i finnaly hit 60 on hardcore and didnt get achievement, and it was my 2nd level 60 monk and didnt get that achievement. anything we can do to get those achievements
I saw it a couple of days ago on my account, but thought it just couldn't retrieve them because of the maintainace. I finished up the last two quests on act one, and missed out on about five achieves. Is there any way we can get that without losing my current progress?

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