Help with my ww/sprint Barb!

So I just recently started playing again so im not very wealthy, anyways I am saving up 5m and want to spend it on my barb to make him better!

Right now with this setup I can run inferno mp1 but I dont think it is as efficient for me to do this so i run on MP0 anyways my question is what should i upgrade once i get 5m to get the most bang for my buck??

any ideas?
What sort of trouble are you running into ?

Fury regen ? Life Steal/LOH issues ?
Also just looking at your items you're probably running into the above.

Get a mighty weapon with life steal open socket and some stats~ (should be pretty cheap).
Toss the Echoing Fury on the off hand
get Crit hit chance + attackspeed rings and amulet Get some boots with 12movement speed + AR and str. (IK boots are a quick example cheap and gets the job done you also bonus since your'e wearing belt + gloves.)
03/05/2013 02:00 PMPosted by Matt
any ideas?

add me in game i can assist u in building a set for 5m
Okay i Added you nived =) thanks

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