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Well - now that I have gotten all my heroes to level 60 what I am trying to do with my witch doctor (just died recently, rip) is gear all my heroes. Kind of like a hobby. So, thats what I am doing to keep things interesting.

Even if it had meaning back then, and the game wasn't nerfed, and the items/drops weren't improved way too much, with everything about the game staying the same, it would still lose its meaning after so much time. I cleared at #145, but even if the game stayed exactly the same, there would still be thousands by now.

IMO the gear availability lowered the difficulty more than the nerfs to enemies and buffs to classes.

Word. Besides the changes that needed to be made to certain affixes, everything else should've remained the same as far as health and damage are concerned, and no need for MPs. The game should have kept the increased damage when more players joined, too... but with an MP style MF/GF/Exp/Bonus Item/etc boost to discourage solo play(to take less damage).

This is also why Barbs are considered so good, they scale extremely well with gear. If there was an actual ladder reset, DHs would be on top again(in majority minds) while Barbs and Monks struggle. I remember videos back in May where Barbs were running all the way back into Tristram kiting elites with weapons throw lolol I wish I could find one of those youtube videos of exactly that.
i got sick of my WD, so i changed to thing of the deep/grave injustice. it worked well so i invested a bit more into it and found what skills i could use. was getting sick of playing WD but this totally revived it.

i was also still a bit tired of playing WD day in and day out. waiting for people or playing in pubs. so i made a WW barb. perfect for solo and i actually enjoy barb for once XD.

so yes i agree with what youre saying, i plan to make a self found wiz at some point, its a fun class i feel i never got into.

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