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Hi, I have a quick question for those more knowledgabel than I.

Is it still worthwhile trying to level in mp1 or 2 games quickly, or is it now better to try and level in higher MP games given the vast increase in experience since 1.0.7 ?

My barb can easily do MP 1 and 2, lots slower on MP 5 and 6, and cant do 7 at all (well, it takes 10 minutes per mob so ....)

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if you do the same run on different MP levels and divide the XP gained by the time played. better if you do mp0 5 runs, then mp1 5 runs, mp2... you'll know very fast where you make more XP per minute. for most players it's mp0/1. myself it's MP0.
As b4rm4ley stated for most it's better on mp0-1 but it all depends on you gear. He has given you the means. Just try the equation and you should be fine but for the most part MP0-1 is the best for most.
Been wondering this too. Does it make a difference what level you are. I used to run x0 fast and it was better xp / time I tried public and took a lot longer to get the same xp. A few level ups and i started running x3 quite quickly. then the patch cam out. I Have been running x5 now for a while and things have slowed down I guess due to my level. What are the latest strategies for levelling post level 80. I have been running Act 3 x5 and only certain levels is this still the best way to level?
MP0 or MP1 is NOT the fastest experience. it makes you fall asleep and you gain no xp while sleeping.
One strategy is to farm Act 1 in the highest MP you can. The idea being that Act 1 is the easiest of all acts meaning if you are at your limit in Act 3 MPn, then you should be able to do Act 1 MPn+1. The most popular run in Act 1 is Crypt of the Ancients because you get an elite pack and lots of white trash all in a small room along with a checkpoint for repeating your run.

To do this run: start in Act 1.6 The Broken Blade, and select the Talk to Alaric quest; take Drowned Temple way point, talk to Alaric, go to Festering Woods and head straight for CoTA, which is the crypt on the right-hand side of the map; enter, kill all, go back to town; remake your game and go through portal to CoTA to start again; rinse and repeat. There are other runs, but I haven't really tried them that much.

But, to repeat what everyone has said already, it's all about the fastest kill times on the highest MP you can manage using the formula of xp/min or xp/hour to guide you. And, of course, you should be doing this with bonus xp gear.
Im Para 31 and it takes me about 3 hours of play to level up, so i do it over 2 days ish. I play MP5 key runs as a lot of people are doing them and it is great when you find a crew to run with in public games that arent just selfish and run off and do theyre own thing, fight as a team and you fly through the levels. good luck.

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