1.07 to build system is the source of evil...

1.07 gloves talisman Bracers scapular breastplate gloves can create things that fall was badly now more auction house lost its original meaning, make the system fully depends on luck, luck millions can make attribute a cattle and equipment, let the set to lose the original meaning, some money to buy equipment now only cry, really people, PK occupation with unbalanced, auction house bug error 0 error has not been resolved! And there's something not bid showed 0 map and the monster has not updated, the plot is short, many game player complain a problem left over by history more than advice please adopt, Diablo 3 sad ah.
how do you read this? is this an output of a translator?

Crafting can produce good results, but so are the items in AH. It is not at all a bad thing to the general public. It just gives players more option. If you have enough time but no gold, go craft. If you have enough gold (or real money) but no time, go buy it in AH.

Of course this will result in decrease in price for the items of the said slots in AH as demand decreases. Basically means you will only be hurting if you pay a big price for these items before. In the long run crafting will benefit the community.

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