First HC death; RIP lvl 60 (1) wizard

I had beaten inferno diablo for the first time on my barb, and so I made a wizard for some extra challenge. I made my way through the game up to hell without much trouble, leveling up to 60 and finally making it in inferno act 1. I didn't have much gold so I bought the gear I could with what I had. Mobs and elites were dieing rather easily despite my defenses and gear being rather mediocre.

I had just beaten the spider queen and as I was making my way forward the butcher, I encountered 2 vicious elite packs. The first one was composed of those huge four legged beasts that charge you for a lot of damage, and the second were goat men throwing spears. Instantly the first pack prepared to charge at me so I started running around them, dodging their attacks. I placed my hydra in the middle and set a time bubble, starting shooting mah lazerz at them. Their extra life affix made it longer then it should have and they were coming dangerously close. There was plague everywhere around me, forcing me to move east where the goat men were waiting for me with a trap. As spears hit me, arcanes appeared all around me and I was suddenly jailed. I activated my diamond skin and was able to take in some damage, but then the events happened to quickly. Arcane beams and plagues were everywhere, the huge beasts had begun charging me again, inflicting a lot of damage and stunning me and spears were hitting me. I desperately hit my frost nova but it was to late, I was already dead... My biggest mistake was to challenge such enemies while being unprepared...

Well, anyway, not sure what to make next, another wizard or a monk?

Hope you build a stronger wiz next time.

Make a monk :)

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