Ubers MP5. Have two. Looking for two more.

Looking for an ubers group. Bring 3 machines. Have barb and WD with 80K unbuffed each. Send request to Faking#6849 if interested.
I have three machines and did my first ever Act I MP4 Keyrun just a few moments ago and did pretty good. I bought a really good Skorn for Uber because I was finally able to get my 3 machines. I've never done them before, do you think I'm ready? I want to be sure I can contribute reasonably well.
Have three at the moment online. Looking for one more.
I'd like to join if you still have an opening
one guy had to leave.....so still looking for one more
Ubers have been run.....6 hellfire rings between us.
I got a machine, add me
That was ridiculously fun! Look forward to doing it again! :)
I'm never going to find a group

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