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Hello, I have a question that I'm having a hard time finding any information on. I just upgraded to windows 7 from vista business 64 bit. I install all games and any media on a separate drive than what my operating system is on, just to keep things better organized and in case I need to re-install windows etc. Since I do this, most of my games don't need to be downloaded again or re-installed, unless I need a different version for a new operating system. I can open and run Diablo 3 as it is right now, with some twitches and fps drops (which is a problem I've always had and one reason for switching to win7), but I'm wondering if it could run better if I re-download it. I don't know if Diablo 3 has a different client for xp/vista/7 or if it's all the same and just detects what OS you have at the start of installing, and adjusts settings accordingly. My internet sucks, so if downloading it again won't change anything, then I would like to save myself the time and hassle. Thanks for any help.

windows 7 and vista run the same kind of client. i doubt redownloading will do anything for you.
more likely to help you is making sure that you keep your computer defragmented and maintained. on a game drive (especially games that access the hard drive frequently) the drive can become very fragmented very quickly so its important to run a program that has automatic deframenting so that it will continue to watch your drive for you and defragment it when your computer is idle.

try these programs: (both free)
Advanced System Care
Smart Defrag
I didnt have to download again, i got the same HDD setup (64gb ssd for windows, 2TB for Games/Downloads/ect) I went from XP to Win 7. D3 won't install, no startmenu or Desktop shorcuts, not in add/remove proggys, BUT the old install PLAYS fine, so you should be fine. I, personally, am leery of programs that say stuff like "Your Ultimate Solution for PC Speedup
Boost Your PC & Internet Up to 300%" This one has some good reviews, but windows does EVERYTHING it does.
TRY THIS for FPS improvement: goto C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Diablo III. open D3Prefs.txt, change MaxForegroundFPS to "60"; DisableTrilinearFiltering to "1"; and i changed HardwareClass to "1". THIS setting is debateable, if u got a GOOD pc, leave it unchanged. if you've got a minimum requirements system, try changing it to "1". I got this info from, credit to WRAIN, not me.

IMO a re-download would be a waste of time and bandwidth.

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