Melee Demon Hunters: ASSEMBLE

Demon Hunter
Bout to start working on mine. Thinking grenades + low cost impale, grenades + spike trap, or 0 cost chakram + somtin.

Wondering what some of the other successful melee DH's have done.

The reason for making a melee DH?

1). The only character with a cape. Let's be real. This is the only reason needed. They are bad !@# tanks too though.
I can tank or kite, whatever works best for the monster at hand.
There you go.

oh what. I had no idea about sever + m4d, grim reaper. This just became even more intriguing o.o
Could also check out this build i'm messing with, bringing the tank DH back!
me tooooo.. just love tanking all kinds of elites :D i use a calamity & stormshield though wen i am in group play MP10. love it wen m the last one standing even when barbs n monks kiss the floor :D

Just wish cluster grenades could do more damage thou :(
You don't need massive dmg if you can stand in fire/poison tanking elite mobs+white mobs at the same time. Just need to outlast ;P
Yea, I've been trying out several melee builds in order: a Strafe build (Because everyone loves tornadoes), a Razor Disk Primary (To try emulating a Hammerdin, har har didn't work out that well.), and now a Grenadier.

Loved it after seeing the amount of achievable Damage Reduction.

I don't actually know how effective the damage is, but you can, while spamming Cluster Grenades, throw down 1 Anathema, 2 Guardian Turrets, 3 Echoing Blasts and 5 Jagged Spikes.
Well the build i currently use can face tank mp10 even on my gear level.

cluster grenade gives perma gloom
guardian turret for damage/tankyness
shurikens cloud... well im in their face and it snapshot gloom (it also keep me alive when i get frozen by accident since it keep leaching)
EB well with my current hatred regen only spender i can really use
gloom... kinda obvious
and i use vault to get out of sticky situation.

you could also swap one for jagged spike you should regen enough disc to maintain both gloom and jagged spike, i don't because i love the added mobility from vault.

my stats with all my gear on (its not atm)

is 202k dps
62k hp
4.5k armor
450 ar (800arcane... yea its also my monk gear)

I can face tank most stuff on mp10 just gotta be careful of over stacked plague and standing on top of an arcane sentry.

tbh its the most viable facetank build i came up with without sacrificing dps for survivability. Its major drawback is stuff that run away from you (mostly fat mages in A3 can be a pain) since everything you do is mostly melee range or require the mobs to stay in one place.

edit: sorry for my English it is my secondary language.
edit: i dont use it on a melee dh but i think all of those skill work with a melee weapon.
I've been playing TankDH since 1.03; that was way back July/August last year.
I stopped playing D3 when 1.04 was released; 1.04 destroyed TankDH spec when Jagged Spikes no longer procs LoH, does not proc nightstalker crits but resets SS, does not proc Marked for Death but I get hurt when I encounter elites with Thorns!! It was really stupid of Blizzard to do this!

I left D3 for more than 6 months but last week I checked AuctionHouse and found many of the uber items were affordable and I went on to upgrade my DH.

My current skill sets are what I used back in 1.04:
Main: Cluster Grenades. Grenades do AreaDamage. It procs nightstalker and is best for LoH.
Main: Strafe Bombardment - good for moving around and doing damage at the same time. You can also drop Jagged Spikes while Strafing. Couple this with Shuriken Cloud, I do damage and kill just like a WW barb.

1: Jagged Spike (for the damage)
2. Marked for Death (for the extra damage bonus)
3. Shuriken Cloud (procs LoH)..
4. Echoing Blast (3 blast is very cost effective). I previously used LFB but I can only unload 2 after filling up hatred pool - in the end, it was not doing enough damage vs time or vs hatred cost.

Right now, my only problems are elites with Thorns! In this situation, I would switch to Danette's weapons for more LoH and lesser damage. Likewise, I'd stop dropping JS as well... If only I have Gloom... but I figured doing damage is more useful.
I'm playing a version of Sever Grim Reaper. I made a vid:

I'm lovin it!
I've always wanted to try one of these. She looks like a complete badass when holding a one-handed sword.
any thoughts on my build?
later on today I'll put my true tank setup on ... I know it is over 1k resist all with boar/perfecitonist. something like 1200-1500 LoH and I think 75k-85k HP (can't remember off the top of my head).

I can probably increase my DPS quite a bit now since my tank build was some time ago and I may have gear upgrades for it already in my stash.

Build also has very low DPS as it was built so the character was basically a BOULDER in the way and wasn't created for DPS. that being said it can tank about anything on any MP level out there. but doesn't kill fast....

will be good to dust off that gear
Chakram - Shuriken Cloud, Companion - Boar Companion, or Rain of Vengeance - Anathema...

Well, basically all the other skill slots are set in stone for me, but this is where I have a bit of trouble thinking about it. It's really only between Shuriken Cloud and Anathema for now though, since Boar dies too easily in elite fights and has that annoying cooldown.

If Azualwrath ever gets better, I would like to switch to that.

Sword and Board Tanking Melee Demon Hunter. Azualwrath with Critical Hit Chance Lidless Wall. Makes up for some of the attack speed I'll lose from not using Calamity with Dead Man's Legacy. Freezing and Shielding Proc for ultra-tank.

If Jagged Spikes ever procced again, I'll be...
I consider myself a Tank, just love tanking, after so many months of kiting I got bored of it and decided I was gonna stand next to them and kill them that way.

Skills in order for my build to work are Bola with Thunder (Stunlock), EB, Gloom and Boar.

I can tank pretty much anything, from plagued to Arcane Sentries (Standing right in the middle doesnt count, thats pretty much death for anyone in a matter of seconds, however I do have enough time to move out of it), etc...

I think once you reach around 90% mitigation with Gloom and Boar it's hard to find a mob that actually has a chance at taking you down.

Tanking is so much more effective than kiting in MP10.
I've always wanted to try one of these. She looks like a complete badass when holding a one-handed sword.

I agree, I went with a sword and board as well. Its a riot playing like that!

Grenades, spike traps, guardian turrets and a free melee attack.

I was leveling a barb but then i just could not get into it at all and went back to my trusty tank DH.

Going to work on more upgrades now! Forget those alts.

Tank DH's FTW.
I guess i'll be a little less subtle about my build

caltrops jagged spikes
vault toc
and maybe(haven't tested completely)
smoke screen choking gas

all scale with critical hit chance but don't trigger sharpshooter
I thought I commented on that, but I guess I didn't. I tried something similar, but I had trouble getting a constant stream of disciple to spend.

Btw, do you know if Chain of Torment works with chc & chd?

Well, if it works, it'll be good, since you can drop chc from your gear and effectively cut gear cost to a tenth.

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