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No that wasnt my point. I was aiming at the idea of the power that monster's have that increase in partied games. It would be very easy for players to just go solo and kill Diablo and reap the benefits of what I'm implying we should be getting for killing Diablo. But by doing this your going to push players away from playing together and by making it accessed solo will just be to easy and the over all feel would be less rewarding as it would be to group up with players and take on the prime evil together. tougher then he would be solo with increased health it will help promise a more lengthy fight with fellow players with a chance for great rewards.

This should be implemented with all boss fights. But greater with Diablo himself. Fighting Diablo should be for most the main idea of the game. Should it not?
The main point of this post is to add Diablo runs into our end game with all that exists already. More options. If Diablo runs arnt for you... Does that mean others who enjoy it should be stripped of this privilege? You can continue to do what you do and others who greatly enjoyed going in groups to slaughter Diablo and Baal in D2 get the same reward.

Point is... We all ignore the bosses all together. Especially Act 4 and Diablo himself.
Farming the same boss over & over again is boring

yea because farming act3 elites isnt boring....

To this day I find D2 chaos runs with an 8 player party more fun than everything in D3 combined.
Farming the same boss over & over again is boring

yea because farming act3 elites isnt boring....

To this day I find D2 chaos runs with an 8 player party more fun than everything in D3 combined.

This is a subjective view. I am on your side with this view for the most part. there are many elemnts i enjoy about diablo 3. But I'm truely missing going in massive groups to fight Diablo himself and feel the reward of doing so. I'd really love to see this implemented along side everything els we have been offered in Inferno.
at an over all look. Everyone enjoyed partied games to kill diablo and Baal. You cannot dismiss this. The only downside was D2 offered not much els for farming and activities outside of this. But with what we have been offered in D3 in combo with implementing greater rewards with Diablo runs, I feel we could please many of the old fans and still have all the options of what we have now.
03/03/2013 11:03 PMPosted by Kupo
Hmm, I don't remember Diablo being on my farm runs in Diablo 2...

Then you missed out.
I would like to see bosses a bit more worth killing too, I hardly ever kill bosses either considering I don't believe I've ever found 1 if not 2 Legendaries off a boss kill. That and if Blizz made it so we can switch acts in the same game again that would be awesome =D.
I dont think we will see act switching in same game due to matchmaking and mechinical and technical issues of the game. With that being said, I'm also aware I'm no developer and I could possibly be very wrong.

But what I do know is boss battles should be a huge part of this game and they currently are not. I'm surprised that the community isn't pushing this?

That being said, I'm stating that pushing for us to be able to have a rewarding Diablo battle would be an addition to what we are able to do currently. Just another option for end game in addition too.

I enjoy fighting Diablo with a group of players. After killing him though and getting what seems like the same type of drops I would get off an elite pack, it makes it worthless when I can just go to act 3 and kill an elite pack around every corner and increase my chances of good loot. That IMO is terrible. Diablo himself should be a MUCH MORE rewarding battle then an elite pack. (But only in grouped games)
Lol I play solo, apparently the op is a leech that needs a group. If they were to change drops, let them make the boss's tougher but not limit this to group play. Also you need to do the full run to him not just dial him up. I'm not sure if you can get enough nv if you start at the last The Prime Evil.

I'm not a leech. I just greatly enjoy playing with other players. There's nothing wrong with that. I can play solo as well, I just prefer to play with others and honestly sometimes theres nothing wrong with having a leech in your game. They are obv. doing this because they are not yet geared and need the help of fellow players to do so. I enjoy helping other players and giving away free gear that I no longer use for those who need it more than I do. This was a great quality the D2 community had and personally believe the AH ruined that for this game. I've given away gear that i could have sold for even 50 million gold. But I'm aware that other players dont have that kind of gold and I feel its more rewarding to help them then be selfish.

I would like to see this community push more for playing together then being a solo self centered community. I think giving great grouped Diablo runs for players of all skill levels a chance to get ahead in their fight to better their gear and play style is a great idea.
There should be some sort of an incentive to kill an ACT boss in D3...right now there is none (other than the normal drops). If you think about it, they give us incentive to kill Ghom, Cydea, etc (even if is only for a week or so until u find all the new crafting plans etc), but no such thing for Azmo, Diablo, etc.

Maybe there should be a higher chance of a legendary item drop after a 5NV stack has been achieve so it prevents people from just saving the checking point before azmo and killing him over and over every min.

There should be some incentive to include act boss encounters in your farming/xp run either way...right now there is none other than u hope for a drop (as the game doesn't count it different than a random elite pack)
It seems alot of people share this view. Like I said before. A true end game element of a Diablo game should in fact be Diablo himself. (In addition to our current elements for end game) Not just a means to progress to the next Difficulty stage.
In addition too.... If we are seeing improvements in itemization in future patch. Combining this in with Diablo runs would be an OUTSTANDING element and personally I find very exciting.
I miss boss runs too. Its the best battles in the game yet they have the worst drops.
Path of Exile end game is arpg end game done right.
I miss multiple boss runs but for that to work semi decently I should be allowed open world play and not chained to the storyline (aka, access to all the waypoints at once so i can gather NV where I want and farm as I like)

Bosses also need much better drop chances, in D2 the reason you did boss runs is because they had the highest monster lvl and as such had the best drop rates for the highest level items. They also had distinct drop rates for rare/set/unique items that differed from the standard ratio. All of this combined gave you an incentive to take your time and beat what should be a harder enemy.
If we can keep this thread going. My hopes is to get the attention of a Blue or the developers them sefls. This is an outstanding idea and much needed addition to the game,

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