Why don't more people use Steady Aim?

Demon Hunter
It's all about what you give up or gain with SA.

Considering you have 3 slots for passives, it's about what could be in that space vs the value you're getting out of steady aim.

Could Vengeance be giving you more hatred and disc, therefore more damage through that way?

Could archery be giving you more consistent damage regardless of mobs teleporting on top of you?

Could perfectionist be giving you cheaper disc abilities and more survivability?

Could tactical advantage provide more mobility and faster runs through that?

You get the point. It's more about opportunity cost for me. Sometimes steady aim wins, but that's generally when i play with a good freeze mage.

You sum up the of the issues I have with using it, it's hard to sacrifice the mobility of tactical advantage for steady aim. I also typically run with it in parties.
03/05/2013 04:35 PMPosted by Kingki
steady aim = fake dps
killing a monster faster = fake killing speed

you either benchmark your time to kill things
it was a gain, or it was a loss
no opinion about it
Passive Hipsters.

First it was Sharpshooter, now it's Steady Aim.

If you can stutter step your attack speed, and your attack speed is fast, then the passive can be maintained. Even better with Caltrops.

Every DH doesn't play the same way, when people look down on other options in this game, it says more about them with their refusal to understand this.
Burning is right 100%. If you can stutter-step you are gold.
I really love how well it combines with windforce, and I rarely have trouble when using it solo.

Only really have trouble when playing with others, who tend to drag things right on top of me.

For steady aim you really need some way to control space, either with a slow, freeze, or knockback. Just stutter stepping or vaulting can only get you so far if you're against a melee fast pack.
Steady aim is good if you can keep your distance I'm able to on mp5 With the various builds we have. But I don't use it when I'm on mp10 face tank farming
Stutter stepping doesn't work very well with echoing blast, unless you are using an effective slow or stun ability. I'm not really into any of our slow or stun abilities.

When I use other builds it's a play style issue for me. I just don't like stutter stepping too much. Prefer vaulting around in melee, avoiding !@#$, picking up health globes, herding the monsters and so on. Having to also think about distance all the time wouldn't be fun.

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