Can't figure out Barb, am I missing something

Greetings all.

I've equipped my Barb with gear I've found + a few "tester" pieces from the AH, and I can't seem to do much past MP1. I've rolled with what I believe to be lesser geared Barbs and they are just killing it, so I'm lead to believe I either a) suck, b) suck at gearing, or c) don't know Barb like I think I do. Probably a mix of all three.

I know the gear isn't even considered entry level Inferno gear, but I literally die to all but the most basic elite packs. Should I concentrate on CC? ASI? DPS? Res? Most guides out there are pre-1.0.6 so I hope a few of you can give contemporary advice. I'm currently playing the WW build.

Thanks in advanced.
ur dps too low for LS, try LOH on ur off hand.
Will do. Thanks, that was one of the things I was suspecting.
Hehe your gear is silly, but we all start someplace :P Ok so you're having some issues hitting hard enough with EF on your mainhand, and a slow offhand. That's kinda the opposite of what you're going for with barb. That EF would be fine on your offhand, if you could find a MH with high damage (clarify - RAW damage, not DPS) and either LOH or LS you'd be way better off.

Your resists are definitely a bit low - try getting a helm with all resist. An all resist mempo isn't too expensive.

Also your crit chance is a little low. You're probably having issues maintaining wotb, and fury in general. One of your rings is really really bad, you could replace that for less than a million with a huge upgrade.

Generally you have a lot of health, but low damage, cc, and resists. If you could get your resists up a bit (start with helm), then you could drop war cry for overpower killing spree (+10% CC), and you'd likely have more luck maintain wotb.

put your EF in offhand and try to get a high damage axe for mainhand, that'll give ya 10% crit due to your passive. get a cheap str vile ward, it'll add alot of armor, str and resists to what your wearing. Sure they are ugly, but its better than what ya got. A mempo is another good idea, as previously stated.
I was afraid that the Barb forum would be as rife with ridicule as the DH forum, but you guys are awesome! I will try all these tips and report back, much appreciated!
Hello Nephalem brian,

If you want to mainhand EF and go for higher BP on offhand, I think you should be able to hit
2.5/2.86 BP w/ a sword and 9/9/9/8 IAS

Otherwise, if you offhand the EF,

03/05/2013 11:54 AMPosted by Gillars
That EF would be fine on your offhand, if you could find a MH with high damage (clarify - RAW damage, not DPS)

Mace's will likely give the biggest raw dmg range although it just depends on what you find. (Mace/Axe for CC from Weap Master).

If you can add 1% IAS on that 7% ring to 8%, you can drop IAS altogether from the other ring and stack CC/CD.

Also, Non-Vit IK belts (seeing as you have a lot of Vit) w/ 170+ Strength are very cheap and likely an easy and inexpensive upgrade.

You guys are all very helpful and awesome.

I picked up a few new pieces just to test, and I was able to hit MP8 without too much difficulty. It was about 1/10th the price of gearing my DH who can barely do MP8, which was surprising.

My concern is that with certain packs, arcane and molten specifically, I get very close to dying, having to use pots often. I can keep WotB up pretty much full-time, and if it expires because of lack of enemies, it's already off cooldown. Still, arcane and molten pose a problem.

Unbuffed, my res is at 570 low/610 high, armor at 6k, HP is at 44k, life steal is 5.10%, DPS 133k. My attack speed is 2.10 on my MH and 2.25 OH.

I have a ring/amulet/pants that I still need to shop for. I was thinking that if I went the Inna's route, I'd need some mitigation since I'll have to choose between Vit/AR. My Lacunis were a drop so I'm using them in the meantime - could go AR Strongarms with low KB or a high STR/Vit/AR/6%cc rare. Then I'd probably get some non-MS high roll Ice Climbers.

The rings/ammy I'll hopefully figure out. I got the cheap Litany to hold me over, plus I needed the AR.

The EF was a drop, I know it's not terribly good. Should I stick with an EF with better stats?

Thanks again for all the advice everyone, it's already helped tremendously.
Nephalem brian,

Congrats w/ the upgrades!

Primary Issues:
I would like to point out you aren't at 2.5/2.5 BP. You will need 34 IAS on gear with +.24 APS to get both hands to 2.5. You are 31 IAS and are 3 IAS short. Since you have axe MH, you make the BP on MH but mace OH isn't quite there.

Possible Solutions:
You are currently only getting IK 3 set bonus but have 4 IK pieces. Perhaps looking into dropping the IK gloves for rares/crafted w/ IAS and CC (or trifecta if you can afford) will help you with a slot of IAS. Make sure it's either 8% or 9% because if you get one with 7%, you force 9% IAS in all other slots. Under 7% and you won't make it in less than 4 slots.

That'll also open up your ammy slot for stacking MANLY CC/CD!

If you bump the IAS on rare ring (8% or 9% depending on gloves), you should clear your BP.

Other opinions:

Make of it what you will.

Easy place for you to add EHP (specifically HP) is shoulders and maybe rare pants w/ sockets (AR/big 200 vit/some base strength + sockets for strength). If you are looking to push for Inna's, probably either shoring up bigger EHP on shoulder or chest will help. Rare shoulders (and crafted) can have bigger Vit/life% than those viles. Of course changing these slots will require you to sacrifice strength for HP. Changes worth considering but not hard suggestions.

Crafted gloves/shoulders are definitely viable routes for you to solve these issues.


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