[Suggestion] Allow waypoints to move through all acts.

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It appears that the shifting landscape of Blizzard's philosophy about this game makes it appropriate to bring this up again. I know the BLUEs are out there. It would be nice to see an updated response to this idea. I haven't played the game in a while outside of seeing what recent updates look like. I would love to want to play it more.

I know this has been mentioned before. I'm not sure what the definitive reason for this not being in the game is. I know it was something about story, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. We experience the story after the first play through, three times.

I know most people just farm A3 because of the mob density, and perhaps the density can be increased for other acts at some point. For me however, it is more about variety, or killing what I want to kill. At this point, there should be NO reason why this can't be possible. NV now persists through acts. If the proposed idea of increased drop chances on a certain boss for a certain legendary (Butcher's carver example in journal post) make it into the game, it would be even more satisfying to pick the choose the bosses I want to kill.

I would put a TLDR, but this isn't that long. Please give my post a chance and read it. If you agree and support this, please bump in support.

THIS WOULD BE FUN. Let us move through any act with waypoints!
Agreed, i'm not sure why the did away with this, but I would love to see it return.
would be a great way to mix up the acts, I usually stay in A3, depending on time I may travel to A4.
I rarely leave game and give up my stacks. (OCD thing)

Waypoint to your favorite areas would be good, across all acts.
03/06/2013 04:46 PMPosted by DeadRu
Agreed, i'm not sure why the did away with this, but I would love to see it return.

Because it was abused to death in d2 by the botters,hackers,and exploiters.

You're saying that this game isn't being abused by the same people? I'm pretty sure that argument also makes no sense.
I think this is something that deals with the core game code, with the way games are created and run on the Blizzard servers.

It will likely come in the Expansion, along with a more open world. I bet on it.
Question from Reddit Q/A session with dev's shortly after release.

Is there any plan to add a "free play" mode after clearing an act/difficulty where all bosses are alive, all way points are up, and no quests are required? I find the forced repeat of the story adds a great deal of tedium and diminishes replay value.

J.Wilson - Response/Reason .
No plans for this currently. We wanted the game to have a greater focus on story, and so decided to have a linear quest flow so we could advance plot and world changes. Creating a free play mode would be a major reworking of all our content.

I'm not opposed to us adding a 'auto-skip' cut scenes option at some point

reddit original q/a source

The cut-scenes auto-skip should have already been implemented. As for the WP system rework to be used to travel between acts. I just don't see why not. I'd like an updated answer to these 2 items as well.

Because it was abused to death in d2 by the botters,hackers,and exploiters.


Im not following you at all with that reason, care to elaborate?

If this would be implemented I don't see how it would contribute to exploitation or botters anymore than the current wp system. Wasn't the point of "always online" to help combat hacking, exploits, botting? With that in place, Why not change it if that is in fact the true reason behind not doing it? It's really no different than farming an area, leaving a game, and starting a new game back up in another act, rinse, repeat. The difference is you don't have to back out and create a new game.

I think having a linear world, static maps, and minimal randomized zones/dungeons is a design that contributes far more to bot's, hacking, exploitative behavior than the free flow wp system would.. I guess coupled with the current map design there could be an exploitative issue due to the minimal randomization and static map areas. Who knows?.. I still don't buy that reason.
Yup, that reddit topic is where I remember the focus on story being mentioned. Just a nonsensical point with no justification to support Wilson's philosophy. I don't understand how it would mean "reworking" everything. Hopefully with him gone, the developers can address what is fun and not arbitrary for the sake of one person's ideal.

Just trying to get this back to the top for people to see it. I feel like there are a lot of us that are wishing it was here.
From what I understand, due to the linear design it'd be a lot of work for Blizzard to allow us to just skip between any act/wp at will.....or at least thats the excuse we've been given.

I personally feel a great solution to this is simply to create 3 Game Modes you pick between upon logging into D3.

1 - Story Mode - The game plays exactly as it is right now, nothing is any different except maybe a few small UI improvements to make the public games a bit more friendly.

2 - Free Roam - The game has 80% of all WP's active (those right before a boss are disabled) and players can roam between acts and WP's at will. This mode could be locked by default similar to hardcore and is only unlocked after the game is beaten at least once or players hit level 60.

3 - PvP - Here you are initially prompted for random brawling public games but once the PvP patch is released you can pick between brawling and arenas/whatever else is added to the patch.

I think this would make all players happy for a minimal amount of development work.
Amarth, I really like your idea and would love to see your free roam idea implemented. It could be something along the lines of the checkbox that enables monster power selection. I can see it being a minimal amount of development that is sure to improve the game along with the upcoming monster density changes.
There was a previously created topic about this which I posted the following in:


While the suggestion comes up occasionally, what I've found is that generally amongst this community, the idea lacks any large scale form of traction (else all of these past threads would have a larger amount chiming in, up voting those particular topics, etc to the point where it isn't easy to ignore. The link in my quote below (an open world/free roam mode) only garnered a handful of responses (mostly favorable except for one known troll who unsurprisingly made an appearance in this thread) though which basically amounted to a waste of time.

I posted the following proposal back in January which included some value-added propositions with regards to open travel across waypoints/acts.


After the announcement of D3 on the Playstation, I now understand why Jay Wilson said the following during the Reddit Q&A when someone had asked about a free play mode (aka open world, aka open waypoints across acts).

No plans for this currently. We wanted the game to have a greater focus on story, and so decided to have a linear quest flow so we could advance plot and world changes. Creating a free play mode would be a major reworking of all our content.

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/uoooj/i_am_we_are_wyatt_cheng_andrew_chambers_and_jay/c4x6w7d

I realize the PR spin regarding the fact that D3 was created with the PC in mind first. That may be true of the user interface and controls but not necessarily with the content/gaming world; the whole linear feeling of the game belies this notion and seems to fit well within the context of a console.

What doesn't make sense is how a free play mode entails a major reworking of all their content. Basically, the last quest in each act already has all waypoints within that act open and you can basically travel to any location within that act. The major thing you do not get are the mini-bosses. Re-purposing them elsewhere should not be a major reworking of said content because these exact same bosses were utilized for ubers (so it is not like they are tied in any static way to a particular locale). Thus it should not be a major problem to re-insert them in their respective chambers. The only key issues are removing the last quest/quest givers and linking waypoints across acts (and I sort of covered some of the technical reasons for why Blizzard may not want to do that in my original proposal).

With D3 coming to a console, I no longer have much hope that we'll see a truly open/free roam mode in Diablo III anytime soon.
Add this with the ability to name your own games and I imagine you would see a game window that looks like:


There would be more freedom with runs, but some very obvious "best runs" would also emerge... and I think that they are trying to avoid that. If they can fix the mob density issue then I don't see why they wouldn't allow players to move from WP to WP across acts - assuming the player has cleared that difficulty completely to unlock free roam.
I don't think you can really avoid "best runs" unless you address the density like you, and most of us are saying. Right now, the ONLY runs that can be considered worth it, let alone best, are A3 runs of some variety. If the density is addressed, than you can allow more freedom, and people can develop whatever "best run" they like based on the monsters they like to kill (especially if the "X monster has higher chance to drop Y item" mechanic gets implemented). I think that would really space out what people are doing since certain classes will choose to farm in certain places, instead of just A3.

And of course, there is the issue of this being brought up without any blue input. Like I mentioned in my OP, I feel like with the shifting philosophy in the way the game is being developed should bring some attention to this idea.

Come on blues, I know you're out there. Could we at least know if this is being talked about, or is it totally off the table?

Im 100% with you. I don't understand how this would require an entire "rework of content". That explanation seems like some serious b.s. to me. I'm no programmer but it doesn't make sense to me that this would take any extensive or unreasonable amount of coding, rework, or resources. I feel that way because essentially everything is already in the game for this to work.
This is one feature i'd love to see added in, +1

I have been waiting for this for a long time, frankly instead of mulling around with monster density they should really allow this to happen so people can hop around to the most dense areas in each act and call it a run.

That story driven content crap? I don't care about the story, after i have beat the game (4 times no less!!) all I want is to be able to kill what I want when I want to... I dont want to be forced story just because, i dont want to waste my time doing quests that i have already done before, I don't care if i already killed diablo and yet im able to find him again for some reason.

This would also bring back boss runs (at least somewhat), granted that in this system all bosses spawn and are active in a single game.

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