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After reading this post...
...I was inspired to comment...
I have an idea of how to take the focus away from the auction house...

...if you win the item in battle it has a special additional stat (in other words an character bound stat). If you give the item to another of your characters the bonus stat is inactive. If you sell the item that stat is gone.

This bonus stat does not need to be an important one. It could be just a visual bonus (eg. the sword looks unique when held by your character), or a random chance to turn enemies into chickens, etc.
It should be something fun or handy that makes battling for items worthwhile.

I was then encouraged to post this as a suggestion, so that is what this is (I hope this is the right place to put it).

JasonBourne 13 hours ago
@glenhawx: I like it, perhaps added bonus if all your items are self-found?

Gotmog 11 hours ago
@glenhawx: Would just like to bump this up. I really like the idea. Stats don't even have to change much/at all tbh, just visuals would be game changing.

Bumping in hopes blizzard reads this.
P.S. Would be great if you posted this on suggestion forums as well.
This is essentially a mini BoA idea. While I hate the idea of introducing any more useful BoA items, I really think the idea of asthetic BoA is a WONDERFUL idea. Perhaps rather than calling it a hellrack, it'd be glenhawx's hellrack and leave a faint trail of light behind you as you move. Aesthetic changes, you're a genius. Mechanics changes, I hate you forever if this gets implemented.

Or even give us the choice to name the item ourselves, as long as it's ours. Goes back to default on the AH of course.
Sorry, BoA?

Edit: oh bind on account!
Yes it is a little like that but I think BoC (bind on character) would be better if possible.

Another thread discussing the same idea:
03/06/2013 09:04 PMPosted by DeadRu
Just another lame idea. Items that can change like that is like leaving a window open for dupers.

... There are words there, but to the best of my knowledge there's no meaning to them...

Also, I'm not huge fan of the BoC thing, just doesn't make sense. Running my WD and I find a buriza, can't very well use it on my WD, so what am I supposed to do with it?

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