What builds will synergize a group of 4 players ?

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The question that should be answered is : What are the builds for each class, that will synergize with the whole team in order to farm better ?

For example, my friends and me often play together. We are :
1 witch doctor (zombie bears build, he takes Big Bad Voodoo (with Slam dance + 30% damage) and a Gargantua.
1 witch doctor (me, play as proctor with Azurwrath, I froz everything and use this passive Bad Medicine (-20% damage reduction for mobs when hit by poison)
1 barbarian (use its skill that enhance armor and another that pull all the mobs to him for the WD to use Acid Rain/Zombie Bears)
1 demon hunter ( DPS ^^)

For this kind of team, what should we do ?

To you, what woul be the best team with the best synergie ?

(I was unable to find a topic about that...i know its like a solo game with auction house, but I definitly find it more fun to play with friends.)
up ? no one has seen a topic about that elsewhere ?
Not exactly sure what you would do in that group. I know if your a monk taking cyclone strike is pretty awesome for your team though. Especially with CM Wizards and WW barbs.
The Barb play with Ground Stomp (with rune Wrenching Smash) that cause ennemy to be pulled together. It helps us to fire a good Acid Rain on them (and froze them) then damage this little stack of mobs.

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