How to Play like a D2/LoD Frenzy Barb

So, this is the first/main post I've made in the "name your build" thread, and I thought it might get more eye balls as an independent thread (due to incredible wall of text with fairly bad grammar and punctuation).

I hope this brings some diablo 2 frenzy barbs the enjoyment they once had while playing the style they felt in D2/LoD... so with out further a due: my post from the name your build

My favorite class in Diablo 2 was the barbarian, and I would like to think I was one of the first people to use frenzy as a main attack, and was capable of becoming a very effective PVP player, and solo uber barb in LOD with the help of EBOTDZ's (and several other zerker runewords). The first character (and character I've played the most since launch) that is my primary is my barbarian, named "TooFast" in homage to my Diablo 2 and LOD barb Too_Fast.

Build: Frenzy Barb of Old!YZh!ccYbbc

LC: Frenzy; Maniac
RC: Hammer of the ancients; Birthright
SS1: Battle rage; Into the fray
SS2: Sprint; Marathon
SS3: War Cry; Invigorate
SS4: WOTB; Thrive on chaos
Passives: Weapons Master; Ruthless, Unforgiving

The goal with this build is to feel like my frenzy barb did in D2... which means, running up to mobs, and 1 or two hitting the mob with a frenzy (or at times I played with double swing as my left click in D2 because I maxed it out for the synergy; so it's attack speed was insane and had 0 mana cost).

The right click for me if it was frenzy, or not, would have hot keyed "Berserk" that dropped armor down, in order to convert all damage to magic (in order to deal with pesky physical immune monsters IE: Wraiths) So for that replacement, I feel that Hammer of the ancients is a good right click, high DPS, really great vs Elites for burst damage to make for efficient farming. I choose birthright for more drops as I've been using this as my farming build, but all rune variation will be discussed at the end of my post

Battle Rage; Into the fray. I know this seems a bit cliche at this point, to be used with WOTB; Thrive on chaos, but in this build it doesn't have the same boring effect spin to win, perma wrath... you have to play very well in order to be "perma wrath" with this build, and the rare occasions when you can it makes it feel really special and awesome, much more rewarding IMO.

Sprint; Marathon, this is the bread and butter of the build for me, at least how I play it. I wish I could capture my play-style on video, but words will have to do it justice. This is my constantly spammable key, I'm hitting it as often as I need to to keep this up, this is really what gives me the nostalgic effect of playing my "frenzy barb of old" in the prime of my diablo playing, rushing up to a mob (or a player in PVP) and just going crazy with fast hits for high damage (which at the time in D2 was 14-16K!!). I love that this gets me away from the double WW/bash w/ instigation effect that has me shift clicking (well hot-keyed to space bar clicking) mobs to build fury, to then hold down right click and spam what ever sprint w/ run like the wind is keyed to. I love clicking like a mad man on each new individual target and running into giant mobs (typically playing on MP3 and lower) and just slicing them to pieces 1 shotting each one, and dropping an occasional hammer for massive DPS and dropped multiple targets or a high armor/HP taget. (NOTE; This may legit activate carpal tunnel! very click heavy build, active clicking)

War Cry; Invigorate... I use this mainly because I have low HP and my all resist are fine in lower MP's, but, I'll discuss though how/why I feel this is the most adaptable skill as far as rune selection goes for this build.

WOTB; Thrive on chaos. I like thrive on chaos because it pushes me to keep generating fury, so I am more rewarded for spamming sprint and giving my self that feel of the rush I get from flying up to things, dropping them and continuing on. Plus I go for max (well 24%) MS on gear, plus marathon is (obviously) the fastest of the sprint modifying runes, as well as the longest lasting, making the build a bit more viable and desirable, comboed with the MS gained in WOTB, this was the DREAM build for me coming into d3 being a frenzy barb in d2/LOD. So staying in WOTB w/ thrive on chaos, as said before, may be cliche and cookie cutter, but it's more for the MS/attack speed to make you feel god like how you may have once felt in Diablo 2 with your old frenzy barbs.

Passives. I choose 2 damage passives, and unforgiving. Unforgiving to me works just a bit better than animosity. I feel frenzy using maniac just can't cut building enough fury to maintain sprint with a healthy amount of hammers, or keep wrath up as well when war cry is on cool down. These are largely gear dependent however, some may need the 3% LS from bloodthirst, or the armor/defensive passives of tough as nails, nerves of steel, superstition or even juggernaut. Alternatives that are gimicky for damage would be brawler, since for packs of mobs, you are typically going to have more then enough mobs around to give you that juicy damage bonus available while smacking the first few mobs and building damage and attack speed with frenzy stacks. Inspiring presence is also one that can be used very effectively, if you prefer.

An alternative passive that is worth noting before I go into rune variability, is a passive that completely alters the build. If you use berserker rage, and change your main attack to frenzy with vanguard (for speed effect from frenzy) and drop HOTA and sprint and replace them with non fury spenders, it is a less viable/efficient, but still pretty fun way to play this "speed oriented" frenzy main attack style build.

Alternative Runes Options!

I'm long winded so i'll try to be brief here. These are all viable options, the one I have in the link is/may not be the most efficient, I'm still testing, and changing runes every day and it depends on your gear and monster power. The build is designed specifically to be played on MP0 so any MP's higher than this will require a pretty good amount of gear, but can be done efficiently with it.

Left Click: Frenzy rune options. Vangaurd; Ultimate speed build... what I originally used for the build, but the added damage from manaic makes it being the main damage dealer seem a bit more comfortable.... the build is very fast as is, and if you use vanguard, you may have a tendancy to feel like this is a more hammer of the ancients build... which it isn't intended to be... it is meant to use frenzy on nearly every mob, with HOTA sparingly used on elites, or tough mobs and rarely a big pack just for the "wow" factor it brings. Smite; cool if you are under-geared... good to stun an enemy to avoid taking damage, can really pick apart packs that have big slow swings, and is good in PVP. Triumph, is good if you are having trouble keeping life up or don't want to waste potions, and don't really need any other effects like stun or damage. Side arm is best for damage to group, it works packs down the fastest, but to me falls short of the allure of maniacs big damage that gives you the feel of ripping through things with each stack you build up.

Right click: I am a big fan of seismic slam for this as well, and any of it's rune variants, just because the occasional big boom really gives the "WOW" factor, that at times repeated multiple frenzy kills may not give you, so consider the skill change as an option. For more serious farming, I know on mp2-3 with HOTA with strike, combo'd w/ extra damage to elites using hammer, criting big can really drop elites, INSANELY fast. I use birthright for drops, and dump fury on elites with it, but rolling thunder is okay, but for me again it makes this feel like more of a HOTA primary build, which the point of this build is to avoid. The stun/slow runes to me aren't very desirable in this build... initially I liked the slow, because they can't run away, but with play you realize your so damn fast even the crap that normally does run stands no chance and their retreats are futile whether they are slowed or not. The stun is good for under geared barbs when clearing elites.

Skill Slot 1: Battle Rage; Into the fray. For keeping sprint up, the viability of this is just so hard to pass on... I know it is cookie cutter, but the skill combo I've posted in the main build is very fluid and works well to farm and have a ton of fun. With out this, the constant speed from sprint and chance to keep perma wrath are almost non existent. I like marauder rage as a second choice. damage is fun, then it changes the wrath combo to being insanity, for huge damage in bursts. At 5 stacks w/ marauder rage, and wrath insanity I think I've seen my damage gauge read over 400k, and seen some really huge crits (with frenzy damage from belt and ring). ferocity is a joke to me, since in wrath you'll spam BR to dump fury and even when not it's very easy to keep up. swords of ploughshares seems like it'd help under-geared folks, but the dmg/fury buff of the other two is an easy trump. Blood shed is REALLY COOL to use with WOTB with slaughter... makes packs of mobs melt, literally instantly

Skill Slot 2: Sprint; Marathon... for this build this is non-negotiable. If playing in group, the only rune I see as being okay is forced march, so allies can keep up with you easier.

Skill Slot 3: Warcry... I put invigorate because I have good enough resist in low MP's but low HP, so the HP buff actually is quite satisfying. I really truly believe every rune is AMAZING. everyone knows impunity is good for all resist, so I won't beat the dead horse on that. Dodge bonus is very underrated, as well as armor bonus. My second most used/almost interchangeable rune is Charge! I like the huge fury buff you get, allows you to keep sprint up non stop easily, and good starter for the run, hit it and you have a battle rage and a sprint ready. This one the rune to me truly doesn't matter though, I'd say pick the one that has your favorite color, as they are all so great.

Skill Slot 4: WOTB; Thrive on chaos. I really like thrive on chaos as previously mentioned, because the difference between this and a double WW build, it's incredibly challenging to keep perma/infinite wrath up, so if you hold it for a minute or so it feels incredibly rewarding!! I find this has a few runes that I interchange, most frequently when changing monster powers. I like to use slaughter combo'd with bloodshed on BR for slaying packs instantly, really fun when focusing down elites when you drop a few crits and see everything else around just dying to the pulses. I also find that using insanity, combo'd with marauder rage makes a fun 15 seconds of pure power and dominance, where you can truly see some high "on paper" damage numbers if you pull up your character screen in combat, when you have 5 stacks of frenzy maniac, marauder rage, and WOTB with insanity, your damage will be quite impressive. Striding giant can be good combo'd w/ war cry veterans warning to push for higher MP's with not as good gear, for survivability... arreats wail is an absolute waste of time if you ask me.

I already touched on passives when discussing why to choose each one, but those are really truly the most up to you, as many of them have no or little effect on how the build plays..

I already know this wall of text is TL;DR for most everyone so...

use this skill set up, or vary some runes for some badass combo's.. but this is mainly to farm, more so gear than paragons, big idea is to have frenzy as main attack, spam sprint ALWAYS and throw in a few HOTA's here and there to keep things interesting; BUT DON'T MAKE THAT YOUR MAIN DAMAGE DEALER. This will feel like a D2/LOD frenzy barb if done right... at least it has for me, and really brings that nostalgic feeling to you as a Diablo player
So essentially a HotA barb with frenzy.
I'm afraid you've missed the entire point of the build
I wish there were better weapons to compliment this build. Affixes like poison nova, smite, heck some new ones would be great, chance to cast meteor or blizzard on hit.
I miss my uber fast frenzy barb from D2, thing just ate through mobs like they were melting butter:)

Have you tried replacing Warcry with something like revenge?
No I didn't miss anything, lets call a spade a spade here.

Now of you wanted a pure frenzy barb than try dropping HoTA for Bash- Punish. Then at least you'll get a huge DPS spike from bash-3 stacks and frenzy-5stacks.

You've currently explained a low end HOTA barb.
HoTA isn't used as a main attack, it's only there for the sake of getting more loot, not really dealing damage on a regular basis, but if it being there in your eyes changes the whole classification of a build, you can use ground stomp, or leap or ancient spear, or anything in that slot that has a cooldown that isn't a damage dealer
...okay bash and frenzy are fury generators so you can use your main damage skill, which in this build is HotA.

All HotA as WW barbs use frenzy/bash.

I think you need to change your perspective because you obviously don't understand. You've listed a HotA build and called it frenzy because you use the frenzy more than HotA...which is silly because HotA gives so much more dmg.
Using only frenzy costs you lots f DPS but if you like the feel rather than killing go right ahead.
I still can't get over that you actually use the HOTA rune "Birthright" for loot drops... LOL Why that rune is still in the game is beyond me! But hey, to each his own, I guess?
03/08/2013 08:15 AMPosted by Knightmare
I still can't get over that you actually use the HOTA rune "Birthright" for loot drops... LOL Why that rune is still in the game is beyond me! But hey, to each his own, I guess?
It's probably for the extra health globes.
Props to OP for this build, pretty creative.
Might try it out later on
Just a quick update... due to the critical perspective of MWgrun (which I appreciate.. I've never played a HoTA build before, just spin to win prior as I talked about) so I wasn't aware honestly how similar it is to a HoTA build (just much, MUCH crappier).

In lieu of MWgrun's feedback, I've actually changed up the build a bit.

Here is the new build, if you folks try it out, I'm sure you'll find it's just as nostalgic (a little bit less efficient for farming, but more fun IMHO)!ZYh!cYYbYc

So you'll notice a few things. First off, the right click skill is still a damage dealer.

I choose overpower because I remember back when I tried to make a throw barb with The three hundredth spear, I used killing spree for crits to generate more fury. I am sure this will be credited by some as "The main damage dealer of the build" and "this isn't frenzy, it's an overpower build"... but what ever.

I choose to use momentum, out of seeing it generated fury, so I figured it'd be a bit easier to keep up WOTB when using a set with Thrive on chaos and battle rage with into the fray. I think a few runes are feasible here for this build, the aforementioned Killing spree rune looks appealing, due to increased crit chance by 10% for 6 seconds after dropping it, would put me (when in wrath) to 73% crit chance... which is pretty absurd when I drop it for damage sake. The last rune that would work well with this build, IMO is the Revel rune... it is good as a survivability tool, because I think i'm pretty fairly geared, and this build is still only really effective in MP0-1, and 2 is pushing it for me right now, to the point i'll have deaths (to those pesky banelings... i mean fallen maniacs*)

which brings me to the next change in the build!

If you noticed (probably didn't) the War cry is now set to Veterans warning rune. In the original post I discussed how I thought War cry's rune variants are some of the most interchangeable, and I still feel this way. I found/find that even with more life, the fallen maniacs at higher mp (having 45-50k hp) can drop me pretty easy if a few of them hit in rapid succession. I find that raising the dodge chance by 15% is pretty damn significant for survivability... (I realize this more and more each time I play pvp, when I use this I rarely/never regret it).

Everything else stays the same: Just a few comments on this new style of the build

It may be difficult to single out elites, with other junk mobs around, I find it doesn't matter what you go for first, it's what ever is closest... I actually prefer to wipe the white mobs as fast as possible so there are less things attacking you and you'll be at 5 stacks and premium damage for when the battle vs the elite begins.

I will note, that now with momentum on overpower, using the unforgiving passive, as well as Into the fray rune on battle rage, it makes staying in wrath of the berserker, MUCH MUCH MUCH easier. It almost is trivial now to the point you may not get that same satisfaction you got with the original build posted when keeping it up. I have managed to beat the cooldown a few times (in high density areas) most often in keep depths 2, but it is much easier to do now, in return, you slay mobs quite a bit faster with the attack speed bonus from WOTB, and you clear the area at about the same rate you would when using HoTA and being out of Wrath.... The tradeoff is you don't have the big huge damage to 1 or 2 shot an elite, but at the same time you are in wrath, and with that movement speed, with sprint marathon, this build feels really special... at least to me it does.

I am still playing it, I'm not committed to any 1 style 100% but I'm having a lot of fun playing around with this now, and I hope you will join me, leave some feed back on ways to improve it or change it, and make it more viable at higher monster powers, or just different skills you may throw in.

To me, frenzy, and sprint marathon are the only 2 skills that are mandatory. Passives, and all the other skills are interchangeable... which makes there be so much potential for this build in my opinion. I have messed around using ignore pain, dropped wrath completely, and focused more on consistent damage and lower cooldowns. You can even work weapon throw into the build if you get creative.

Try this build out, let me know what you think, how it works for you, and how you think it can be improved!

Thanks to MWGrun for the critique, sorry if I came across as maybe taking it "personal" at first I was just being a noob cake! ^_^

enjoi folks!
A few things I forgot to mention.

Because you'll be gaining fury much faster (this may be common knowledge to some people) but instead of just spamming the sprint marathon key, it is almost mandatory to re-buff your battle rage just to dump fury, to stay below max fury so you can continue to keep gaining more fury to stay in WOTB.

ALSO!!! If you are interested in getting a little bit more out of this build, I strongly recommend at least 1 item.

The IK Belt can roll frenzy damage bonus (I believe 14% is max) but any bit helps, and will definitely increase efficiency, and this is a great item, if you have any other set parts the bonus's are great, and this really can't hurt you at all or set you back too much, as this can be used with any build due to having Life steal, high strength and all resist. Only arguably better belt for a barb in my opinion is a witching hour, but this is much more affordable.

And if you're like me (or so rich it doesn't matter) you may want to look into a stone of jordan (SOJ) with frenzy damage. Mine drops my damage overall on the in game gauge on the character screen from my unity or my hellfire, or pretty much any other decent/good unique, set or rare ring. BUT The bonus damage vs elites is pretty awesome, on top of the heavy frenzy damage bonus it gives... If you want an example feel free to check out my barb (TooFast) and he may be wearing one depending on when you check. But they are a bit pricey, but in my opinion well worth it. I shred through elites as fast as some high health/defense white mobs, it is really incredible.

Also, don't be too concerned about the damage drops you see on your character gauge... the bonus damage vs elites/and the frenzy damage % will show when your playing... if you have the damage numbers pop up when you play, I lost about 15k on the gauge but my damage on normal hits and crits was actually reading much higher then when I used another ring. My belt just happens to be my belt for any build, so there is no loss there for me.

anyways, just thought I'd add a bit more too this already ridiculously long WALL O TEXT style thread!
I wish there were better weapons to compliment this build. Affixes like poison nova, smite, heck some new ones would be great, chance to cast meteor or blizzard on hit.
I miss my uber fast frenzy barb from D2, thing just ate through mobs like they were melting butter:)

Have you tried replacing Warcry with something like revenge?

Sorry I completely skimmed over your post!

I have not tried this yet, but I am definitely going to take this into consideration!

I feel the reason I haven't tried it yet may be that I feel this is the main damage dealer (similar to my days as a sword and board 'tanky' build you can see on my barb "NumberTwo")

I wanted the main damage dealer to be frenzy, but this could really help for higher MP's because I find when I get in trouble, is when I am surrounded and just can't attack fast enough to chew through big mobs surrounding me, and sometimes I get pinned in and can't rely on the sprint to run, regroup, get cool-downs situated etc... this is something I will definitely look into.

Now as to if it will replace War cry is another question.. I think it'd be inclined to even drop maybe wrath, or now overpower and try it. If I dropped WOTB, I'd change battle rage to marauder rage for bigger damage that's a bit more consistent then the long cooldown of WOTB

But again to answer your question, I have not tried this, But I can't wait too now!

thanks so much for your input
Just an update... more of a DOH! moment in my own eyes, as The skill I overlooked as a right click, is one of my favorite skills in the game!

Leap ; iron impact...

I used to use this rune a lot in the sword and board days for survivability, now it is nice for mobility, change of elevation in certain runs (ie stonefort) and just really awesome right click.... won't feel like a damage dealer, makes survivability much better, it's fun to do it going into a mob, and it's effective.

As far as staying in WoTB goes, it's not the best right click skill for beating the cool-down, but if done well it works

if you're a leap fan, this will elevate the enjoyment of the build quite a bit... it has mine at least!

hope you enjoy the build, try it out and leave feedback!
03/06/2013 01:24 PMPosted by MWGrun
So essentially a HotA barb with frenzy.

You sir, are an idiot... He clearly explains why he uses HOTA, for magic find. Which is quite frankly brilliant for lower monster power levels, which is where magic finding is most efficient. While it is true that higher monster power = more drops, it also means much slower runs. So no, this is not a HOTA barb at all, rather HOTA is used simply as a means of increasing drops on lower more efficient runs.
Although I still would recommend adding Threatening Shout for more drops as well, you should not need War Cry in lower MP's. But you already heard that from me in person bro.
i cant get over the fact that some of you read the whole thing
03/09/2013 10:37 AMPosted by gridluk
i cant get over the fact that some of you read the whole thing

I understand it may be a bit of an overwhelming wall of text, and I apologize. Having everything available to us in the technology era makes anything over 2-3 minutes (that is free to see like a youtube video or blog post) that we aren't financially or socially invested in longer than average "internet attention span"

I personally find a lot of enjoyment in reading and writing forum posts or blogs that are of great length in between play, or in my free time.

For others who read my stuff, I feel they are doing similar... The game it's self (unless your goal is AHing and flipping for profit) should in many people's opinion be to entertain, and pass time. For some a long "well thought out" or 'interesting' post is exciting and time well spent.

I respect your opinion to not read any or the entire thing, as I know not everything is for everyone.

To me all this (and other things like watching starcraft casts or streams of other RPG's etc) fulfill there role perfectly and bring enjoyment to a large community of people who have been ostracized by society and often even their own parents or families for enjoying a new or non traditional form of entertainment.

Thanks for the free up, I hope it helps others to see this forum post, and inspires them to try to create and articulate their own special builds/specs for others to try
Never before has so much been said about so little.
Yeah remove HOTA, it doesn't fit in the concept and add berserker passive as this build will have no fury dump. I had an attempt to make D2 Frenzy Barb during the early patch of D3 with the setup below. It was totally a no brainer game play with classic frenzy + Leap & 13 sec defense.

Btw get Sever, people said it supposes to work final blow with bloodshed but i never was sure if it does, may be someone can confirm!YZX!accabb

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