PVP league EU and US

There is a pvp league on www.d3cl.com and the matches are all controlled and must have proof. Currently the most populated league is on EU and the first 2 ranks are WD. I think all the pvp masters should go there and have undisputed reputation as opposed to all the talking here so far. I think barbs and monks cause serious threat to WD but maybe not as much to the top ranked one. Stop the talking and join the league.
The US league is a bit dead with under 40 participants of the which some players don't even check the challenges and don't respond. I already posted my opinions on the silly rules they plan to implement for pvp balancing on their forums.
Well it was an idea to put some order in things, but I dont know if its gonna work.. Problem is that people dont like to be tied with responsibilites which would come from having to periodically check in to the site in order to respond to the challenges. I just liked the idea to really see the efficiency of each class by actual results instead of self proclamations as best players and false bragging rights.

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