What inspired your Diablo III character name?

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ByCrom - Reference to Crom , Conan's deity : "Conan more invokes in exclamations than formal worship, such as by saying "By Crom!" in times of danger."

My top 5:

Cromfury - same reason above - my first char
Antaemnekht - egyptian - "Anaïtis in Her Strength." The name of the favourite hound of Ramesis II. who accompanied his master in his battles.
Dechtere - Celtic/Arthurian legend name - dawn-goddess
Haruka - japanese - meaning "distance" ?
Quetzalcoatl - aztec/maya mythology- "feathered serpent"
I named all my characters after a few bands I'm fond of, But my first character I made was a "Monk" cuz i just thought martial art stuff sounded cool. I named him "Elysian" A band that's actually from Australia. Just thought that named sounded...Alright with the monk, and the way the album cover is.
Monk-Gr8Hornytoad [Greathornytoads] =Quote from Yosimite Sam

Wizard- Milamber = wizard in Raymond Feist Books

Witchdoctor-TwelveLetMax = Wanted to put something cool in there but not enough room, ticked me off so put this for name.

But only after Pug was captured by the Tsurani. He sure was powerful though.
Hansel, from Hansel & Gretel , the fairy tale. . .
03/09/2013 06:32 PMPosted by Risen
Dude you're so deep, i can't even see you anymore... nice nicks though xD

I like Risen too - as you have explained - it has a deep meaning
well dazeddd is my username because I enjoy psychedelics such as DMT and mushrooms :p

and Loki is my wizards name for obvious reasons hes just a bad !@# character in the avengers and the trickster god in norse mythology which I always found key for any wizard to be a trickster in the art of deception ;) hence moves like teleport,slow time,mirror image :p all of which i'm not actually using at the moment lol
My character is a male Demon Hunter named Dante who fights with two hand crossbows.

I guess it's quite obvious that the idea came from Devil May Cry.

Also plan on creating a hardcore DH called Sylvanas anytime soon.

Abriss: I opened the German dictionary and picked a name that seemed cool. It means "demolition".

Vayne: A character on "League of Legends".

Átila: Portuguese name for Attila the Hun.

Iansã: African spirit entity (Orisha) of the wind, tempest and hurricanes.

Aang]: A character on "Avatar: The Legend of Aang".


Olossá: On the Yoruba mythology is the Orisha of the lagoons.

Korra: A character on "Avatar: The Legend of Korra".

Odin: Nordic god, father of Loki and Thor.

Luna: Princess Luna, a character on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic".

Natalya: Due to the Natalya set.

Fallen Heroes:

Celestia: Princess Celestia, a character on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic".

Natalya: Again, due to the Natalya set.
My main character names April Fuel, since I find girls name April interesting and "April Fuel" sounds somewhat like April Fool - something for Blizzard fans to look forward to.

However, in Diablo III specific characters' names are barely displayed, I should talk about my Battle tag name instead I suppose. Aragorn from Tokien's Lord of the Rings, when rising to power was called "King Elessar" which means "elfstone" in Elven tongue.
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar

My avatar's name was Icealen. Ah, the days of virtues; I miss them.
My character names are just what I imagine would be if I were writing them in a story based on the Diablo 3 world.
My fiance has a "Perfect "Faith" in God, so I called my character that to remember her while I played. It also fits very well with a Monk.

My Barbarian is more just for bone crunching. ;)
My name came from the state of your servers which i knew in advance wouldn't be upto the demand.

Also because i knew you wouldn't support every region like you do America/Europe/Asia, that the lowest latency i could achieve in Oceania to any server wouldn't be good enough.

I was right of course, very predictable.
My Wizard is named Sorceress -- because, I like everything about the Wizard except her "I'm exceptional, I'm too cool for school, I don't have to listen to my teachers and can study the Dark Arts anytime I want" attitude (seriously: this girl is just _asking_ to be slapped around by the assassin). So, I have a nice, self-disciplined, listens to her teachers Sorceress, instead.

My Monk is named Anla'Shok (no ', but you get the idea) after another group of elite, bald-headed warriors of a spiritual bent (and they even used staves a lot!) Google the reference, you non-B5 fans ...

My Witch Doctor is named G'Tosh (again, no ' -- I really wish you let us have apostrophes, D3!!) after the esteemed Gabriel Tosh, who apparently shaved his head and lost a great deal of weight before crash landing in Sanctuary. Poor ol' Gabe really isn't looking well these days ... but the voodoo mask helps.
It's from a movie....if only I could actually see it in-game on my character portrait instead of my battletag.

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